Young & The Restless Cliffhanger Friday, Week of January 26th-30th, 2015


hqdefault (1)Hello, my name is Casey Steven Hutchison. This is my fourth week for recapping “The Young and the Restless,” for So, let’s take a look back at the trials and tribulations that Genoa City faced, this week.

Monday, 1/26/2015

Episode Number: 10,770

Sharon decided to use Sage’s being undressed at Nick’s in the courtroom. Adam kissed Sage to distract attention from himself. This attention was due to Billy and Chelsea’s suspicions. Dylan issued a death threat to Joe.

Tuesday, 1/27/2015

Episode Number: 10,771

Jack took Phyllis to the hospital for a therapy session. She revealed her true feelings about Kelly. Cane gut suspicious about Colin’s getting money for the Chancellor Industries sale. He questioned Devon, when Devon revealed his money was tied up. Neil came clean to Hillary, about his experimental treatment to regain his vision.-

Wednesday, 1/28/2015

Episode Number: 10,772

Victor sent agents to raid Ashley’s lab. Ashley was mad about this, and ran off to Victor’s office, so she could give him a peace of her mind. Sage told Nick about her marriage to Adam for Constance’s inheritance. When Ashley questioned Victor about the formula, it Victor revealed he had a sample. Victoria showed up and continued Victor’s lie. Ashley stormed out of the office. Victoria and Stich later had a falling out about this subject. Victoria later banned Victor from Katie’s christening.

Thursday, 1/29/2015

Episode Number: 10,773

Nikki and Victor had a falling out about the way Victor has been acting. Victor stormed out later, and Nikki took a drink of vodka, while talking to Katherine‘s photo on Victor’s desk. Katie’s christening took place at the church. Before it started, Nikki heard others discussing what Victor has done to them. Victor decided to show up. The christening went off well. Kevin put a wire on Avery, so she could meet with Joe and record their interaction. Joe and Avery had a tense meeting before she decided to leave. Phyllis enacted a plan to leave Jack. She wanted answers about what happened with Kelly. Christine and Paul showed up at the Abbott Manor to investigate the charges against Phyllis. They found an old can of anti-freeze. Nikki offered to take Katie during a family photo. In a drunken stupor, before the picture was taken, Nikki almost dropped the baby. Billy was there to save baby Katie. Jack found Phyllis. They had a heart-to-heart, and Phyllis decided to come home.

Friday, 1/30/2015

Episode Number: 10,774

Nikki claimed that dropping the baby was due to a bad M.S. flare up. Nick drove her home, and she scheduled a doctor’s appointment. Later, Victoria invited Ben to move in with her.

Gabriel (Adam) revealed to Sage that he had bought a house. It was revealed that Adam and Sage were next door to Billy and Chelsea. Jack and Phyllis got home. Cricket (Christine) and Paul revealed they had a warrant for Phyllis’ arrest. Phyllis was arrested for the attempted murder of Kelly Andrews.



What do you think will happen at Nick and Sharon’s custody battle?

How do you think Phyllis will get out of jail?

Do you think Avery still loves Joe?

Who do you think Adam will reveal himself to next?

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