Young and The Restless Cliffhanger Friday, Week of January 19th-24th, 2015

yr-spoilers174Hello, my name is Casey Steven Hutchison. This is my third week  recapping “The Young and the Restless,” for So, let’s take a look back at the trials and tribulations that Genoa City faced this week.

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Episode Number: 10,765

Jack confronted Phyllis about the information Dr. Coutler supplied about Phyllis and other patients not acting as they once they did after they went through his coma trial. Gabriel (Adam) and Chelsea discussed Adam. Joe tried to justify the Warehouse Dostrict to Avery. At the GCAC Phyllis and Kelly had a talk over tea about Jack. Later, when Phyllis left, Kelly was sitting with Ben. As Kelly continued to drink the tea, she passed out.

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Episode Number: 10,766

Fen upset Summer by saying she shouldn’t be with Austin. Kevin comforted Mariah after she and Summer fought about Austin. At the hospital, Ben told Kelly she was poisoned.

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Episode Number: 10,767

Lauren confided in Jill about Michael’s diagnoses. Jack and Phyllis their falling out continued. Devon and Hillary met up at Hillary and Lily’s spa weekend. When Lily returned from her massage, Devon hid. Hillary broke down and was comforted by Lily as a cover up. Faith met Sage and was very uneasy. Later, as Faith drank hot chocolate in her room Sage and Nick discussed Nick’s boarding school past. Sage accidently ended up spilling water from a vase all over her. Nick had to give her his robe, while her clothes dried. Faith secretly called Sharon and said she had a stomachache. Sharon rushed to Nick’s home. Later, at the Tack House, Faith told Sharon that Sage had her clothes off, at Nick’s request. The episode ended with Kelly entering Jack’s house, and saying Phyllis poisoned her.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Episode Number: 10,768

Phyllis confronted Kelly, and Jack was left to choose sides. Kelly showed Jack proof she was at the hospital, but Jack asked her to leave after their fight was over. Jill visited Victor and asked him about Newman/Chancellor. Colin found a way to get more money from Devon for the Chancellor takeover. Ashley tried to one-up Victor. Joe pleaded his innocence at Crimson Lights to Dylan and Avery. Later, Joe met a guy in the park congratulating him on Dylan’s mugging.

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Episode Number: 10,769

Jack confronted Phyllis about the poison. Phyllis threw a vase down in anger. She cut herself. While Jack was bandaging her hand, they had a heart-to-heart. Devon agreed to give Colin the money, but wanted him to really think about what he was doing to Neil. Dylan revealed to Avery that he had a gun. He also revealed that he would take matters into his own hands with Joe. Hillary got nervous about her secret. At the GCAC, Colin surprised Jill with the monetary amount that Victor had requested for Chancellor. Devon revealed to Cane and Lily that his money was tied up. Avery went to Joe’s hotel room to lay down the law about the sale. She told him that if he doesn’t stop, someone will get killed. The episode ended with Dylan kicking open Joe’s door.



Do you think Hillary will tell Neil the truth?

Do you think Kelly poisoned herself?

What do you think will happen next with Joe/Avery/Dylan?

Do you think Sharon will use Sage and Nick’s growing relations in the custody battle?


  1. Carla says

    A. I think Neil will learn the truth BEFORE Hilary has a chance to tell the truth.
    B. Kelly poisoned herself (and slapped herself).
    C. Who cares-just get rid of Ms. Cupcakes, and let Joe’s hair dry out. Keep Dylan!
    D. Sharon is already using Faith & her son against Nick; why not bring up a simple friendship as if it’s something dirty! I can’t stand how manipulative Sharon is, always using her illness as the reason for every horrible thing she’s done. ENOUGH!

  2. Cindy Clark says

    Hillary will not tell Neil and I think Neil will give up on her then
    No, I think Phyllis did it and she ran Cricket over years ago. She may have a split personality from the treatment.

    Knowing Avery she will leave Dylan to save him from Joe.

    I hope Sharon does bring it up because Nick has jump from relationship to relationship all their time together.He doesn’t get over one he jumps to another over and over.

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