Young and The Restless Cliffhanger Friday, Week of January 12th-16th, 2015

CF 01 1615Hello, my name is Casey Steven Hutchison. This is my second week for recapping “The Young and the Restless,” for So, let’s take a look back at the trials and tribulations that Genoa City faced, this week.

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Episode Number: 10,760

When Victor arrived home, Nikki tried to hide a bottle of vodka that she was drinking. After she hid it, the two clashed again about The Warehouse District. Nick quizzed Gabriel (Adam) about their past at boarding school. Lauren encouraged Michael to open up about his diagnoses to Christine (Cricket) and Paul at lunch. However, Christine (Cricket) revealed she was pregnant. Michael and Lauren chose not to disclose his diagnosis.

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Episode Number: 10,761

Hillary and Devon planned a secret meeting. Ashley warned Stich about Victoria. Phyllis planned a surprise for Jack at The Genoa City Athletic Club. Kelly overheard Lily and Phyllis discussing the surprise. The GCAC bartender gave Jack the key to room 802. He went to the room, got undressed, put a blind-fold on, and went into bed. Kelly came out and rubbed a rose across his chest. However, when Kelly kissed him, Jack, believing he had been tricked by Kelly, took off the blind-fold. The two had a falling out, during which Phyllis entered. Neil also discovered that Hillary didn’t throw away her birth control pills.

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Episode Number: 10,762

Neil and Hillary had a small falling out about Hillary keeping a package of birth control pills. When Neil asked what they were for, Hillary claimed that they were an extra package in case she forgot to take her pill in the mornings. Later, Neil went to the doctor about regaining his vision. Cane told Neil he thinks it is a good time to tell Hillary, but Neil still wants to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, at the GCAC, Phyllis, Kelly, and Jack had a falling out. Kelly kept insisting that it was Phyllis who pulled the strings to get Jack in room 802. Before Phyllis could do something physical to Kelly, Jack managed to pull her away. Downstairs, Lily brought over the bartender who had given Jack the note, and received the phone call about which room Jack should go to. Phyllis questioned the bartender. Unfortunately, the bartender said he didn’t know who the woman on the phone was. When the bartender walked off, so did Phyllis to get her things from upstairs. Kelly handed Jack a card with the phone number of the florist who had delivered the flowers. The florist said that Phyllis had called. At the GCAC gym, Austin admitted to Summer that Joe had hired him for a commercial job. Summer told Avery, and Avery said she was happy for Austin. Avery came face to face with Joe. They had a fight about the Warehouse District. Dylan received an offer from Victor at Crimson Lights. According to Victor, the offer was a VERY healthy amount. Dylan refused the offer. As Dylan and Victor quarreled over the offer, Victor threatened Avery. Later, two masked men showed up at Crimson Lights. When Dylan tried to defend himself, the robbers got the upper hand. They ran off with the money from the cash register. Dylan was left on the floor unconscious.

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Episode Number: 10,763

Avery went back to Crimson Lights after her workout. When she entered, she discovered the place had been destroyed. She found Dylan on the floor, unconscious. Back at the GCAC workout room, Joe and Cane discussed Chancellor Industries. Cane said that once The Warehouse District deal goes down in flames that Victor will give up the company. Victor overheard and issued a stern warning to Cane. Paul went over to the Ranch and told Nikki about Dylan. As they left for the hospital, he still had his suspicions about Nikki drinking. At the hospital, the doctor revealed that Dylan has a concussion. While Nikki and Dylan had a heart-to-heart, Avery went to the GCAC. There she confronted Joe. Joe kissed Avery. She gave him a slap across the face in return. Meanwhile, Paul went back to the Ranch and accused Victor of setting up Dylan’s attack. Paul gave Victor a warning before he left. Sage showed up at The Underground to pull information out of Nick for Adam. At Jabot, Gabriel (Adam) had Billy and Chelsea show him around. Billy was still on edge about Gabriel’s personality. Gabriel later went to The Underground. Sage revealed that she did get more information about Nick and Gabriel’s time at boarding school. Phyllis and Jack arrived back at Abbott Manor. Jack had the florist reveal what color hair the woman had. The florist revealed that the hair color of the woman was blonde. As Jack and Phyllis went upstairs to make love, the camera zoomed in on Phyllis’ bag. Hanging out of the bag was a blonde wig.

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Episode Number: 10,764

At the GCAC gym, Gabriel and Nick had a discussion about the Juliet Boat incident. Nick was thrown for a loop when Gabriel (Adam) couldn’t seem to remember the whole incident. Nick was wondering why Gabriel said Constance bailed him out. Meanwhile, upstairs in the main dining room, Victoria and Sage had a polite conversation about Sage and Nick. Victoria was shocked to know that Sage and Nick had gotten closer. Afterwards, Victoria and Billy worked out together. Billy mentioned Katie’s christening, when Victoria hurt his hand. He said, “I hope my hand feels better before Katie’s christening.” Victoria asked if Chelsea was coming. Billy talked about Chelsea’s being nervous. At Chelsea’s place of work Sharon was getting fit for a new dress. Then Sharon received a call from her lawyer, David Sherman. David told her that the custody case is rapidly approaching. Chelsea brought up her custody past with Adam and Connor. Chelsea asked Sharon what lengths she was willing to go to. Sharon said, “I don’t want to damage my daughter’s life.” Chelsea continued on about herself and Adam finding their way back to each other, and saving Connor a custody feud. Then, Gabriel entered. Sharon then left. Later, Chelsea’s phone rang and she went off to answer it. As she was taking care of the call, Gabriel (Adam) bonded with Connor. When Chelsea came back she wanted to know what Gabriel was doing. Meanwhile, at Genoa City Memorial, Michael was getting some routine tests done. Phyllis heard the word oncologist as Michael opened the hospital room door. Michael then told Phyllis he has prostate cancer. Phyllis and Michael then went on to have a heart-to-heart, and discuss Kelly. In Kelly’s office Jack confronted her about the roses. Kelly was still caught off guard. She claimed she still had no idea what Jack was talking about. Once Jack left, Kelly looked at a photo, and said, “This isn’t over yet.” At the end of the episode, as Jack finally arrived back at the mansion, he found the blonde wig. Phyllis entered, and she asked, “What is that?” Jack wasn’t happy.



What do you think of Hillary/Devon?

Are you liking the psycho Kelly?

What do you think Victor is really up to?

Do you think Adam will be revealed soon?


Thanks to Casey for another excellent Y&R Cliffhanger Friday recap and some great questions to get discussion started. I, your Editor-In-Chief would like to issue a warning and a request about Y&R, however. Charles Pratt, Jr. is taking over as executive producer as many of you know. Unfortunately  Jill F. Phelps is still there, and Charles Pratt, Jr is taking over as Executive Producer. He was once called “The Cancer of ‘All My Children, (AMC)’” where the fans got together and wrote a petition to get him fired as executive producer! Let’s write to CBS now and let TPTB there know that we do not want him to ruin Genoa City, make the characters unrecognizable to us and even the actors who play them, like he did at AMC! Here’s another telling and deeply disturbing fact about him: he is good friends with Brian Frons, the man who canceled AMC and One Life to Live (OLTL) at ABC Daytime (and is now fired) hurting so many of us and getting the whole AMC and OLTL mess started in 2011. As always, soap fans, Stay Soapy! –Your Editor-In-Chief, Akbi Khan




  1. Tessa McKenzie says

    Comment through Facebook Beverly Denny:
    Adam is going to tell Sharon who he is….Victor has money problems at the company he owns that is why he wants to sell that property. Victoria wants to bring back the company she started Brass and Sassy. I think Hillary will end up pregnant and not be for sure who the daddy is….Neil will catch Devon and Hillary but will say nothing. This story line would be close to the one done with Neil and Macolm and Drucella.

  2. Tessa McKenzie says

    Comment through Facebook Pam Evans Wrench:
    I don’t like Devon-Hillary story line, nor do I like psyco Kelly. Who knows what Victor is up to. I think Adam will tell Chelsea who he is.

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