Welcome to letstalkaboutsoaps.com! Call us LTAS for short. :)

We have been soap fans for a collective one-hundred plus years! We want to celebrate, uplift, and revel in all things soaps. But in addition to that, we want to do our part to preserve and celebrate a beleaguered genre, one that is an indelible and invaluable part of American cultural history and the individual histories of so very many of us, passed down, as soaps are, from one generation to the next. It is a genre whose stories are both our stories and those whose stories we might never hear were it not for soaps—and sometimes even stories that might never even happen (yet), whose casts and crews are the hardest-working and most deserving of acknowledgment in all of show business, whose stories recount in fabulous, moving, fun, suspenseful ways, the drama of the human experience and are irresistible to anyone with a heart and a soul. Think of us as a bridge between the soap industry and soap fans. Come on in and have a look, enjoy, subscribe (in the upper-right hand corner of any page), comment, and take a journey through a land that has survived the comings and goings of people, governments, social movements, technologies, fads, triumphs, and tragedies during more than sixty years of American national life and will for countless more, a land where fans, characters, and the actors who play the characters form a bonded triumvirate, cemented over decades, that is akin to the bonds fans form in “real life” with “real people” (characters are “real people” too!), and a land that will never end—the land of the soap opera!

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