The Young And The Restless Cliffhanger Friday 08/28/15: Companies, Babies, and Lovers

rp_YRCFPost-300x195.pngMONDAY – 8/24/2015

EPISODE 10,739

The DEADLY showdown on the rooftop of the Genoa City Athletic Club concluded with Harding being shot. Sharon, Noah, Mariah, Kevin, Kyle, and Summer were absolutely thrilled that it wasn’t Paul or Dylan. However, they were shocked that it was Harding who was shot, and who was the killer. Kevin, Noah, and Kyle decided to go to the GCAC to get more answers on what was going on. The ladies decided to follow. Before Sharon left the GCPD with the rest of the girls, she felt a strange pain in her stomach. Meanwhile back at the GCAC, Abby told Stitch that she didn’t need a bodyguard anymore, and that she would be returning to her house alone. After much deliberation, and much talk about their past relations, they made the decision that they would move in together. Back on the rooftop, before Dylan could get a confession on whom Harding’s boss was, Harding slipped away. At the Abbott Cabin, Victor, Marisa, and Phyllis convinced Jack not to kill Marco. Then, Marco talked about the story of the switch, and Victor’s involvement. Later, Victor had some men fuel a helicopter and take Marco back to prison in Peru. In the middle of a confrontation on what to do with Marisa, Victor got a text that said, “It’s done.” He assured Jack and Phyllis that if Marco ever tried anything, they could tell it was he. It was revealed that Victor had had his men cut off Marco’s left ear. Also, Marisa said that she would never tell a soul about the tale of two Jack Abbott’s. At Crimson Lights, Kevin still had questions about the surveillance of Jack in the park. Everyone thought that these suspicions should stop, but Mariah backed Kevin up on them. In Paul’s office, Paul told Christine that he envisioned the night of Ricky’s death at the club, during the shootout on the rooftop. Christine comforted him. Later, they questioned whom Harding’s boss was. All roads kept leading back to Marco. Meanwhile, at Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Sharon was told that she had miscarried her and Dylan’s baby, but could have another one in quick time, because her health was great. Sharon let the tears flow, as the doctor walked off. When Sharon returned to her home, she was greeted by flowers and Dylan. Dylan told her that he isn’t going through with the police force. Sharon told him not to make any rash choices, but he said he wanted to protect her and the baby. Later, Dylan proposed to Sharon. She was reluctant at first, but later accepted. Sharon still hid that she had miscarried.


TUESDAY – 8/25/2015

EPISODE 10,740

Lily and Michael showed up at the honeymoon suite to help Devon find Hillary. As Michael was going over the last place Hillary was seen with an officer, Lily Devon some questions. Lily came to the conclusion that maybe Colin told Hillary about Devon and the call girl, so Hillary probably ran off. Devon said she wouldn’t do that. So Lily called Cane and asked him if he had seen his father. Cane said, “Yeah, he is actually right in front of me.” When asked by Cane what is wrong, Lily said she would fill him in later. After the phone call with Cane, Lily called Colin. She asked if he told Hillary about the bachelor party’s call girl. Colin denied it. After much talk with Lily, Michael returned to the hotel room. Before he could tell them what happened, Devon revealed that he had slept with a hooker. Neil returned to Genoa City. Nikki asked him how his trip went, and Neil couldn’t wait to tell her how freeing it was. Lauren and Cane came up to the table, and they talked about Hillary’s disappearance. Neil pretended to act shocked. With everyone still at the table, Neil called Devon. He offered to fly out there, but Devon didn’t want him too. Later at the bar, Neil and Colin had a conversation about Hillary, which prompted Neil to have a flashback. The flashback was Neil picking his phone up off the ground, and hearing a woman scream in the distance. He then looked down at the ocean. At Sage’s baby shower, Summer, Marisa, and Noah discussed Marco. Sharon and Dylan revealed that they were getting married. Dylan said he can’t wait to have his baby shower. Sharon continued to hide her miscarriage, even though Noah comforted her in the park, as she cried. Abby revealed to Victoria and Kyle that she and Stitch were having a rocky time. Later, at Chancellor Park, Sharon told Noah that she deserved to be happy. Back at the baby shower, Kevin enjoyed being Mariah’s date. All the guests played a game where they each wrote nice things down about Sage’s future as a mother. Meanwhile, at the GCPD, Paul questioned Victor if he had ever seen Marco. He denied it. At the end of the questioning, Paul and Victor shook hands. Victor told him to drop the Marco case and move on.


WEDNESDAY – 8/26/2015

EPISODE 10,741

In Paris, Adam talked to a woman named Margo about buying the house that he and Chelsea want. Margo said in order to do this, Chelsea and Adam need to talk to the previous owner, so she could see if they were a fit. Later in meeting with the previous owner, Chelsea and Adam revealed that they were looking for a place where they could raise their family, where they could live out their years. The previous owner decided that they were perfect, and they got their dream home. At Crimson Lights, Sharon had a quick, and secretive chat with her doctor over the phone. She wondered how long it could be before she got pregnant again. She was shocked at how long it truly does take. Dylan wondered what the call was about. Sharon said she has just been feeling tired, and that it was nothing to worry about. At the Underground, Sage and Nick revealed to Noah and Marisa that they were getting married…TONIGHT! But, they said, they didn’t want a BIG Newman blowout. They just wanted them, and Nick’s kids. Noah and Marisa agreed to plan it all. One trouble they had was finding a minister. Then, Kyle revealed that he was an ordained minister. Later, back at Crimson Lights, Noah told Sharon about the wedding news. Sharon was upset, because she is tired of everyone treating her like she could blow up any minute. She ran off. Dylan tried to tell Noah that his mother is just tired of being treated like she could blow up, and not to worry about it. Sharon said to Marisa not to worry about her bipolar condition, because she is taking her medication. In Victor’s Office, Victor called a meeting. In attendance were, Kyle, Abby, Ashley, Jack, Billy, and Victoria. Victor wanted to start without Nicholas, because they had a lot to discuss. Jack said that everyone would leave the merger, with what they came in with. Victor revealed other plans. Then, they started splitting things piece by piece. First came the thought of where Abby would go. To the Abbott’s surprise, Abby chose Newman. At the rooftop, Ashley and Abby talked over margaritas. Abby revealed to Ashley that she and Stitch were going to move in together, but were still having rocky times. Abby also revealed that she chose Newman, because she thought she had more power there. Back at Victor’s Office, Nick showed up. Then, they began to fight over who would get Chelsea’s fashion line. Jack said that Jabot has poured MILLIONS into the line, and the line’s name is Chelsea by Jabot. Then Victor brought up that Connor is a Newman. Billy said that this should be Chelsea’s choice. The rest of them agreed. Outside Victor’s office, Billy made a call to Chelsea. He said that she might want to come home. When asked why, Billy revealed that Victor is trying to take her line as part of the merger splitting up. Chelsea was angered and shocked by all of this. She revealed to Adam that she has to go home to Genoa City. At Sharon’s Tack House, while sleeping Sharon awoke from a nightmare about her and Dylan’s baby disappearing during feeding time. Dylan comforted her, and said everything will be okay. At the GCAC, Jack told Phyllis that he was planning on stepping down for a little while from Jabot, but Phyllis convinced him to stay on for a little while. They then agreed to forget all about what happened, even the imposter, and begin a whole new start.


THURSDAY – 8/27/2015

EPISODE 10,742

At the Underground, Kyle and Summer were discussing how shocking it still is that Harding was the killer. Sage entered with her wedding dress. She said there was a problem with the fit. So, Summer helped her fix it. At Chancellor Park, Marisa and Noah were setting up the wedding. Marisa revealed that she has never been to a wedding, given her life on the run. A talk between Nick and Noah solved that issue, and Marisa got to stay for the wedding. At the honeymoon suite, Lily and Michael discussed their next actions. But, Devon went off the rails, and said he had to find Hillary. Michael said he was making plans to get Devon back to Genoa City. Lily thought that would be a good idea, but Devon wouldn’t hear of it. He tried to storm out of the hotel room, but an officer was blocking his way. Then, Devon pushed the officer out of the way, and was arrested for assaulting a police officer. At the GCAC, Victor told Neil that he would have his men all over finding Hillary. Nikki thought that might be a good idea, but Neil brushed it off. Later, Victor and Nikki discussed the problem. Nikki wondered if Neil might have had something to do with Hillary’s disappearance. In Paris, Chelsea and Adam discussed the fashion line. They agreed that they would go back to Genoa City for two days. Then, they would come back to Paris and live their lives, never to be heard from or seen in Genoa City again. After much talk on the matter, Adam agreed. In Chancellor Park, Sage and Nick’s wedding began. The two said their vows. Kyle then had the two put their vows in a box. Kyle proceeded to put wine and two glasses in the box. Once Sage and Nick shut, and locked the box, Kyle said that on their 50th anniversary, they need to open the box and say their vows. They also need to drink the wine. After that, Sage and Nick were pronounced husband and wife. After the wedding, Sharon and Mariah talked in the park. Sharon revealed to Mariah that she had miscarried the baby. Tears rolled down their faces, as the two hug. In Sage and Nick’s hotel room, Sage and Nick made love on their wedding night.


FRIDAY – 8/28/2015

EPISODE 10,743

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea was sitting down with a woman. The woman was revealed to be a saleswoman for Chelsea’s penthouse. Then, Bill showed up, and Billy wondered how Chelsea and Adam (Gabriel) were doing. Chelsea said that Gabriel was a wonderful man to Connor, and loves them very much. On the rooftop, Ashley and Abby got into it over Newman Enterprises. Stitch revealed to Ashley that she might want to think twice about using Abby to bring down Victor. Jack and Adam talked at the GCAC about bringing Victor down. Jack wondered if Adam wanted to bring Victor down as himself and not Gabriel. Mariah said to Sharon that she might have to come clean to Dylan about the miscarriage. Sharon said it isn’t a good idea. Dylan entered and wondered what the two were talking about. Victoria and Victor talked about the line. Victor said that he would do anything to keep that line. Victoria said he wants Chelsea to stay because of Connor. Victor wanted her to remember that Connor is a Newman. At the Underground, Kyle, Summer, Noah, and Marisa were shocked to see Sage and Nick. They thought that Sage and Nick would take the day off. Sage and Nick revealed that they couldn’t stay away. Then, Nick went off to discuss some things with Victoria and Victor. Nick revealed to Victoria and Victor that they should drop Chelsea’s line. But, Victor wouldn’t hear of it. Back at the GCAC, Adam said that he had already heard everything he needed, and that he didn’t need to take down Victor. Sharon said that she continued to feel tired and thought Dylan should take the day off of work, but Dylan was still suspicious on why Sharon didn’t come out with that. Sharon said she was embarrassed to ask him. Dylan said not to worry about it. Mariah was still kind of angry that Sharon didn’t reveal her secret. At the Underground, Marisa brought up Adam in secret to Sage. Sage was wondering why she would do that. Nick started to think about Victor’s grooming the next generation of the Newman’s. Victor said he built the empire for them. Nick and Victor got into it, before Victor got a phone call. Then, the Abbott family entered the office. Abby entered as well. Gabriel and Chelsea entered. Gabriel revealed that Victor lost the fight told hold onto Chelsea’s line. Victor wondered what he was doing there. Mariah revealed to Sharon that she was worried for Sharon. Sharon said don’t worry about it, that she would get pregnant again, and Dylan would never know that she had lost the baby. Sage and Marisa discussed Adam. Marisa said she would never hold that over Sage’s head. Marisa revealed she was jealous of her and Nick. They then went on to talk about their love lives. Victor told about his past with Gabriel (Adam). But the meeting went on. Chelsea revealed that she was moving to Paris with Gabriel (Adam), that she was going to stay with Jabot, and design in Paris. Victor tried to convince Chelsea to stay. But, Chelsea made her choice final. Victor said “I’m afraid it is not.” The Newman family revealed that any disputes between divisions would result in both companies writing down anonymous bids. Newman Enterprises revealed that they already put in their bid. The Abbott family went to work on their bid. Dylan revealed to Stitch that something still feels off about Sharon. Stitch said, “It’s best to keep an eye on her.” Mariah revealed to Sharon that it isn’t a good idea to go through with this plan. Sharon wanted Mariah to keep quiet. Mariah revealed that she might have to tell Dylan. Sharon revealed to Mariah that Dylan had said that he couldn’t live without this baby. The companies fought over the bid, as Chelsea and Gabriel decided which one to pick. Later, Chelsea revealed that she had picked her bid. Summer wondered how serious Noah and Marisa were. Noah revealed that he wants to see where their relationship goes. Summer and Noah talked about the future with their loves. Marisa and Sage wondered how this whole Adam thing would go. Sage said coming forward is not a good idea. They agreed that they would keep the secret between them. Chelsea revealed that her bid would go to Newman Enterprises. The Abbotts, Chelsea, and Gabriel were all in shock. Jack said to the Newmans, “This isn’t over.” Victor welcomed Chelsea to Newman Enterprises. Sharon closed Crimson Lights to take some personal time with Dylan. Summer and Noah invited the Newmans and Abbott’s to celebrate Nick and Sage’s marriage. Ashley wondered if she was too stuck in her ways. Jack said that she is amazing, and has gotten everything from dad. Then, Jack made Ashley Co-CEO of Jabot. Gabriel and Chelsea said that they would find a way out of this. Chelsea was going to leave, but Chelsea signed a clause, that would give Victor full control of Chelsea By Jabot. Chelsea was without a doubt STUNNED.


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By Casey Hutchinson


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