The Young and The Restless Cliffhanger Friday: 06/12/15 Jack Abbott Can’t Be Dead!

YR Cf 06 12 15What a shocker, Joe blackmails Avery to sleep with him. In the ‘”I didn’t see that coming” category, Avery mocks Joe, gets drunk and pretends to come on to him. If you ask me, getting her to rip her blouse open was the lame writer’s attempt to get a last look at her fabulous you-know-whats. When Joe grabs her, Avery remembers that Joe abused her; I guess because she repressed it (although they never bothered to explain that). She tells him to leave. He tells her he’s not the only one who made a mistake. This dude is so sinister, I’m starting to think he should have played Adam.

The police show up and arrest Mariah for the fake “GC Buzz” post. Turns out they’re great a busting meddling kids, but not serial killers. Paul and Harding let Kevin and Mariah in on the real plan. Kevin tells them they should go public to put the killer on his heels. Paul releases them and tells them to back off or else. I’m starting to think that Kevin should be promoted to lead detective. Paul goes public with a press, lies and says the police have a tablet from Austin with all the evidence to smoke the killer out.

Cane and Lauren say the kiss was a mistake and it won’t happen again. Michael tells her he saw the kiss with Cane. Lauren blasts him for making her unloved and unwanted. Michael yells, “Divorce me!”

Lilly apologizes to Cane and says she trusts him. Lauren finds Cane and tells him Michael saw them. Cane says he has to tell Lilly first, but it’s too late. Lilly finds Michael and he says enough for her to know Cane has done something wrong.

Ashley collapses at the lab. Stitch tries to find out from the doctor what’s wrong with Ashley and says he’s observed things with her and the doctor should run more test. The doctor shuts him down and then calls Ashley to tell her. Dr. Shelby tells her he wants to run more test. Ashley busts Stitch for snooping and blasts him. Ashley starts berating Stitch, but then has a seizure.


After pressing Dr. Shelby, Stitch tells Ashley that he guessed that she has an aneurysm at the base of her brain and she needs surgery to save her life.

Phyllis asks the now walking Joe if he moved out of Avery’s place, and Joe tells her he did. Before Phyllis arrives at the AC, Fake Jack gets a text saying he should wire the money today. The captain texts Fake Jack, asking if he wants Jack dead or alive. The Captain tells Jack the highest bidder chose to have him put to death. Fake Jack asks Kyle to wire money for him to a secret account. He dupes the poor dimwitted lad by telling him it’s toward securing the future of their company, blah, blah, blah, and Kyle goes along with it.

Jack has to tell Marissa that he is Jack Abbott and not Fake Jack. She realizes that things didn’t add up and thinks she can get them out of it.

Joe goes to Summer to explain himself and says that Avery threw him out. Sharon busts Joe for lying to Avery and then Dylan shows up. Joe tells Dylan he can walk and leaves. Sharon is afraid Avery will reach out to Dylan, but he reassures her.

Phyllis and Summer arrive at Avery’s and find a ceramic bowl with blood all over it. They find her phone, and the last number dialed is Dylan’s. Phyllis calls Dylan to see if he’s seen Avery. They tell him about the bowl. He tells them to call the police and takes off.

Sharon questions Joe but he said he would never hurt Avery. Paul arrives at Avery’s. Dylan shows up and says her car is missing. Phyllis and Summer tell Paul their story and realize Joe is a suspect. Paul tells them they found her car at the lake, but there is no sign of Avery.  Dylan finds Joe at the AC and asks him what he did to Avery. Things get heated and Dylan slugs Joe. What a shocker, more punches thrown.


Paul said they are going over the car, but there were no signs of foul play.

Ashley is told she needs the surgery or she’ll die. Now scared, Ashley agrees to the surgery. Everyone comes together to wish Ashley well on her surgery. Billy and Vicki talk about their feelings as Mr. Moustache watches on. Stitch tells everyone the surgery went well.

Victor tells Victoria he thinks Jack will double cross them. He says he heard Jack was inquiring about taking money out of the company. Later, Fake Jack tells Kyle and Billy it’s time to overthrow Victor. Vicki sees them, and she and Victor know Jack is up to something.

Jack is able to free himself; Marissa gets the captain drunk and gets away. Marissa tells Jack that the captain was getting texts from area code 262. Jack tells her that’s where he’s from. The captain tells Marissa that the buyer now wants Jack alive. Jack starts a fire on the boat. He knocks out the captain, and he and Marissa escape before the ship blows up.

Paul questions Joe, and he lies and tells him that he gave Avery some space.  Miraculously, Avery shows up and the coffee shop and talks to Dylan. Sharon sees them embrace. Avery tells Dylan that her car broke down and says that she and Joe fought and he threatened to tell the police that she pushed him off the balcony at the AC on purpose. Dylan sees the bruise on Avery’s arm and she tells him Joe was violent once before when they were married. Dylan says he will keep her safe, but Avery says that she has to keep herself safe and is leaving town because she’s not safe around Joe. Sharon shows up and tells them that Avery is alive.


Lilly tricks Lauren into spilling the beans about her kiss with Cane, and sparks fly. Cane runs into Michael at the Underground. Cane asks, “Do you want me to sleep with your wife.” Michael says he’d be helping Lauren by sleeping with her. Cane tells him not to trash his marriage to Lilly because Michael has problems in his own marriage.

Lilly confronts Cane about the kiss. Lauren shows up after Lilly leaves, and Cane asks her why she told Lilly about the kiss. Lauren says she tricked him, and then Lilly comes back and rips both of them and walks off.

Joe demands an apology from Phyllis after Sharon confirms Avery is alive. She apologizes for slapping him, and Joe says, “You didn’t slap me.” Phyllis winds up and slaps him. How many times has Joe been hit? LOL. Joe tries to bait Sharon into doing something rash.

Dylan asks Avery if she was trying to set Joe up for her murder. Avery is offended and denies it. Dylan says they can go to the cops and get a restraining order. Avery eventually agrees with Dylan that they should bring Joe down. Joe arrives and accuses Avery of trying to seduce him to get Dylan riled up. At that point a cop arrives and Joe accuses Paul of having a bias in this case. Dylan shows Paul pictures of the bruises on Avery. Joe says things got out of control when she was coming on to him. Avery tells Paul that Joe hit her when they are married.

Dylan tells Sharon he’s committed to her and not Avery.

Michael tells Phyllis that he took action to make sure Lauren will be all right, but others were hurt in the process.

Cane is about to tell Lauren what Michael wanted him to do when Michael shows up, after seeing that he hinted to Lilly she asks him, “Who are you anymore?” and walks away.

Lilly runs into Joe at the Underground and she asks him if he thinks she is attractive. Joe tells her yes and Lilly abruptly gets up and says she is going home to be with her kids.


Victor tells Sage he arranged a fully staffed house for her near the ranch. He explains this because she’s carrying his grandchild. Sage eventually shuts “The Moustache” down. Once alone, Victor reveals he’s impressed that Sage turned him down. When Nick asks if was a test, Victor plays the old “keeping my family safe, card.” Only we know there is truth to it with Fake Jack, the psychopath, running around. Sage learns that all tests show that she and the baby are okay. After Nick tells Sage a place she was interested in was sold, he asks her to move in with him.

After Phyllis tells Fake Jack that she had a dream that he died, he reassures her by telling her that he’s indestructible. To us, that says that he’ll be Y&R’s next Sheila Carter. LOL After that, he gets a call from a guy trailing the ship that it blew up and Jack Abbott is dead. Fake Jack is furious with his contact and says he wants his money back. After coming back from making the call Phyllis asks Fake Jack who died. Luckily for him, she’s still confused from her all to real dream. Ha ha ha. That clever fake-out by the writer almost got us (wink wink).

Chelsea and Gabe play grown-up sleepover and she tells him Jack called a top-secret meeting.

Kyle and Billy act so suspicious when talking about the same meeting, the lame excuse they give Victoria makes her suspicious. Eventually even Summer tells Phyllis that Victoria thinks Fake Jack, Kyle and Billy are up to something.

Later Chelsea wants to know what Gabe is talking to Fake Jack about. He lies to her and says they were talking about Billy.

Cliffhanger #1

Billy shows up at Chelsea’s place for the secret meeting and sees shirtless Gabe there, and it gets all kinds of awkward. Billy tries to find out if it’s a sleepover or permanent, and Chelsea reminds him he wasn’t invited. Fake Jack shows up and tells them that they bought a shipping company for $10 million. He wants them all to funnel money from their departments into a dummy account they’ll set up for Victor, so that it looks like Victor’s embezzling money. (Really, is that the best plan for a coup you could write, CP?) The idea is so sinister (also stupid) that Gabe loves it. Fake Jack tells her to use the family charm to keep Victoria off the trail when he refuses to lie to her, and Victor tells her she is the one who can get the info out of Billy. I wonder who will crack first?

Will Victoria figure out what the Abbott’s are up to?


Cliffhanger #2

Fake Jack eventually tells Victor that Jack Abbott is dead. Victor is enraged and tells him he never wanted Jack dead.  He calls Fake Jack a stupid son-of-a-bitch and reminds him for the 13th time that he got him out of that Peruvian jail. Fake Jack gets the best line when he says, “…what did you think was going to happen? That this guy and the whack job you left him on the island with was going to live happily every after?” When things get heated and Victor is yelling that Jack can’t be dead, Phyllis walks in and wants to know what’s going on.


Will Phyllis find out what Fake Jack and Victor are talking about?

Will Sage move in with Nick?

Will anyone believe the real Jack’s story?

Will Cane and Lilly’s marriage weather Michael’s puppetry?

Will Cane sleep with Lauren?

Where the hell are Devon and Hilary?

Will Ashley be a different character after her surgery?



By Paul Kendall!



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