The Young and The Restless Cliffhanger Friday: 06/04/15 Hilary and Devon Plan Marriage as Neil Plans Revenge

Devon and Hilary

Thanks for checking out my first entry. Let’s hope the writing on this show gets better. In the meantime direct all hate mail to Charles Pratt Jr. and not yours truly. LOL. Btw, I like long walks by the beach and Lowenbrau in a frosted mug while I watch online episode of “The Edge Of Night.”

By Paul Kendall

After Avery’s strong objection, Sharon is granted one-day custody. Nick is surprisingly happy that Dylan is vouching for her and will act as a guardian when Faith stays over at Sharon’s. Does anyone think it’s strange that Nick hasn’t flinched over Sharon sleeping with yet another brother?

Chelsea begs Gabe to be himself and not try to be like Adam.

Marco tells Victor that Gabe’s father is Jack Abbott. Victor tells him he knows that Gabe is not a Bingham and that he knows who Gabe’s real father is.

Jack meets Marco’s ex-girlfriend Marissa, who thinks he is Marco. She obtains the key that can free him, but has her own question she needs answered.

We get a glimpse of Marissa in a flash back. She is the love that Marco had to leave to keep her safe. Wow, true love — Cartel-style. LOL

Kevin tries to get Paul to open the case to find out who really killed Austin. Paul is sticking to Tobias and says Harding backs it up. He also says he has an FBI-obtained DNA-test link to the killer and it shows the DNA belongs to Tobias. Secretly, Harding agrees with Kevin and he tells Paul. Paul has doubts, but is trying to throw Kevin off. He tells Harding to keep digging quietly. Kevin puts a post on “GC Buzz.” Mariah blurts out that she loves Kevin. Wow, how could she not with all that awkward chemistry (tons of sarcasm). Kevin tells the gang they are being blind and naïve, and that they are in danger. Mariah changes her tune.

Hilary finally has divorce papers. Lilly shows up and plays the gold digger card. Hilary says she wants to apologize, out of respect, when they sign divorce papers. Hilary meets with Neil and apologizes, but he is obsessed with seeking revenge against Devon and Hilary. He wants to take Devon’s fortune or leave her penniless or leave them blind. His wife sleeps with his son right after he marries her and goes blind. Do you think he has a legitimate axe to grind? I’d be worried if he just wanted to be friends. LOL

Faith asks Sharon and Dylan to make her a baby brother or sister.

Nikki makes excuses to her counselor, and he calls her on it. Victor shows up, but the counselor won’t let Victor see her.

Gabe is upset that Jack told Victor the name of his father. Marco reassures Gabe by saying he told Victor that he was Gabe’s father. Jack says he did it because Victor was getting suspicious and that’s why he made Gabe COO of the company. Gabe says he is now a marked man. Gabe says Victor will destroy Jack, and he’ll get caught in the crosshairs.

The drug smuggler tells Jack he will turn him over to one of his enemies for money if he doesn’t give him his cash. He then pistol-whips Jack. Marissa tells Jack the photo has been sent out and he has to give the guy the money or he will die.

Harding brings in a cuffed Kevin. Paul says that forensics is going through his computer to find out who tipped off “GC Buzz.” Kevin calls Michael and tells him he’s in trouble. Michael shows up and reads him the riot act. Paul tells Michael he wants the killer to believe the investigation is over. As they are about to take Kevin away Paul gets a response from the killer on “GC Buzz” saying, “Catch me if you can.” Does anyone find it funny that in order to make Kevin look intrepid, Paul has to appear slow and irritable after being a detective and a cop for 35 screen years? The killer had police access. Personally, I think that Harding is Marco’s inside man. Cops never get two months off at a time!

Sage is having cramps and Nick rushes her to the hospital. She has appendicitis. They have to operate, and the fetus will be at risk. Billy arrives and tells Gabe about the baby, but he takes off to the hospital. Chelsea seems thrown by his reaction. Billy asks Chelsea if she thinks it’s weird that Gabe ran out after hearing about the surgery. Gabe shows up and grills Nick. Nick tells him it’s their baby and he should stay out of it. The doctor says the baby survived the surgery, but it’s a “wait and see” situation. Nick brings Sage up to date on the surgery, but it’s too soon to tell if the baby will make it. Sage cries, “I can’t lose my baby.” Don’t you find it a little funny that Sage announced she was pregnant on April 30 and two weeks later Gabe/Adam thinks he’s the dad? LMAO!

Chelsea asks Gabe if he thinks the baby might be his. Chelsea visits Sage and asks her if Gabe is the father of her child. Sage flips out and denies it just as Gabe shows up. Sage throws her out. Once alone with Sage, Gabe says the baby could be his. Sage says the baby isn’t his. They fight and Sage flips out and has a medical episode as her blood pressure spikes. Nick arrives and she tells him about Chelsea and Gabe showing up. Nick says he will have a talk with Gabe and tell him he can’t come near her or the baby. Sage tells him not to do that and manages to talk him out of it.

Gabe visits Chelsea and says no more lies and he will tell her the truth about Sage’s baby. Chelsea stops him and tells him she doesn’t trust because of her con-artist past. I wonder how long Adam can sit on his giant ego before he feels the need to let everyone know he hit the sheets with Sage and his sperm can swim faster than Nick’s. LOL!

Kevin asks the gang to go public on TV with a documentary to force the police to reopen the case. The gang refuses, and Mariah thinks it’s a bad idea.

Dylan and Sharon tell Faith he will stay over when she stays at Sharon’s. Nick shows up late to pick Faith up and he tells Sharon about Sage’s surgery. Nick flips out and says Sharon is using the crisis to make it about her. Dylan intervenes.

Mariah admits to Kevin that she posted the response on “GC Buzz” to get Kevin out of trouble and is now afraid that the police will find out and she’ll wind up in jail.

Devon asks Hilary to marry him. She’s concerned about Neil and Lilly’s reactions. After Devon reassures her, she says yes.

Lauren tells Cane that Michael has asked for a divorce. Lilly sees them and she goes after Lauren. She tells Lauren to back off and that her husband is off limits. Lilly throws Carmine in Lauren’s face. Cane says she is out of line, and he leaves.

Lilly sees the ring and Devon tells her they are getting married. At this moment, Neil walks in the club. Neil says Hilary is free to do as she pleases and that Devon will always do whatever he wants to do, sometimes at the expense of his family. It seems like Lilly’s only role on the show is to attack people. So sad, and what a waste of talent.

Cane and Lauren see each other in the park and he comforts her. Eventually they share a deep kiss, while guilt-ridden Lilly leaves Cane a message apologizing for mistrusting him.

Victor tells Marco that Jack has escaped. Marco says he’s not giving up the life without a fight. Marco has a log detailing all of Victor’s devious plans on a thumb drive. He says if Jack comes back and anything happens to him the information will go to Ashley and the FBI. Marco tells Ashley he’s updated his estate and has name Ashley as executor. After Ashley leaves, she stops and takes pills and looks unsteady.

Marco pays an informant for a picture of Jack on the ship.

Nikki tells Victor he is the source of her dependency and they must be apart if she is to have any shot at remaining sober. She says she is drinking herself to death by trying to live up to his expectations. She tells him they must be apart indefinitely. Victor goes to Neil and accuses him of trying to keep Nikki away from him. Neil denies it and says he was trying to do the opposite of that.

Summer leaves Avery’s place and Joe walks around the apartment. Summer returns to see him standing, but he doesn’t see her. Summer tells Avery that she saw Joe walking. Avery comes home and tells Joe she knows he’s been lying.


Avery blasts Joe and tells him she will never love him and to get out. Joe demands that she stay. Joe blackmails her and threatens to tell the cops what really happened the night she shoved him off the balcony. He says she will be charged with attempted murder and face disbarment. Joe says he wants her to make love to him. I can’t say that I’m disappointed that Avery sees slimy Joe for who he is.



Jack tries to pay off Marissa and tells her he has hidden the drug dealer’s money in Genoa City. He tells her that he works in that city at Jabot Cosmetics. He asks her to help him get there. She said she wants to share his new life with him. He tries to talk her out of it. She says she wants stability. The drug dealer catches them kissing and chains them both up.

Who is the father Sage’s baby?

Will Avery sleep with Joe to keep him from going to the police?

Will Cane sleep with Lauren?

Will Devon and Hilary marry?

What is wrong with Ashley?

How irritated are you that Avery has been given a Y&R pink slip?



Paul Kendall


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