The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday

CF bb 1Hi, I’m Sofia Bryan, your “Bold and Beautiful” Cliffhanger Friday “Weave Master,” who will, every week, untangle the web of the luxurious lives of the of the players at Forrester Creations and Spencer Publications.

As you loyal fans already know, the New Year rang in new love, or was it? It rang in deceit and the shift of power.

The “Hostile Takeover” left us hanging last week, so this week Eric, Ridge, and Carter were in utter shock that Rick masterminded this plan and pulled it off. Eric says he signed the one year, irrevocable agreement under the pretense that Rick and Caroline would run the company together.

Here I must take a break to laugh. First of all, as you all know. the stockholders are Eric 37.5%, Steffy 25%, Ridge 20 %, Bill 12.5%, and Thomas 5%. I truly question the legality of Eric‘s 37.5% because Stephanie originally gave her 25% to Thomas in an irrevocable trust. Then in her last video will and testament she found a loophole, reversed her decision, then gave them to Eric. Ok, this is a soap, so: yeah, right. Legally, Eric cannot appoint a CEO and most definitely not an irrevocable CEO for one year without the vote of the stockholders, but yeah I did mention this was a soap.

So on Friday we saw Pamela in utter shock as she saw the more than life-size portrait of Maya hanging on the wall that Rick strategically placed there by taking down the one of Forrester matriarch Stephanie Forrester.

 Liam and Ivy (so affectionately known as Livy) have a little sweet moment. We have not seen this couple for a few days and I know that Livy fans were excited. He notices that Ivy is preoccupied, and she tells him it’s because Rick replaced Stephanie’s portrait with Maya’s. They share their feelings regarding Rick and Maya (Raya). He tells her that they had a genuine connection. Liam tells Ivy that she was not here when Rick began dating Maya, and that there is more to their relationship than she and, unfortunately, Caroline wants to admit.

 Maya realizes that Caroline is at the Forrester mansion and wonders why. She reminisces about how cruel Caroline was to her in the past. Maya’s BFF Othello calls she tells him about the portrait and she tells him that she is intimidated. Just like any BFF would do, he tells her that she deserves it and that she’s the only one that has been honest with him.

 Caroline, now known as BEGGING Caroline, wanted to know why he allowed Maya to put the portrait on the wall. He quickly shares with her that she didn’t do it, he did. He likes the portrait because it actually reminds him that there are some honest people in the world. Rick has told and shown Caroline on numerous occasions that their relationship is over. However, she refuses to accept this and tells him “he doesn’t love her and that he’s lashing out.” Rick tells her that “he’s moving on and that she can’t face reality.” She rebuts: this does not have to be the end for them, all he has to do is break up with Maya, take the portrait down, and come home. His response? He turns and walks out the door with Caroline chasing behind him calling his name. Boom!—He closes the door leaving her standing there with her head hung down.

Maya glides down the stairway with a huge smile on her face, calls Caroline’s name, and asks her to what she owes the pleasure.

 Rick arrives at the office and asks Liam how Caroline is settling into his place and he will have anything else he finds that belongs to her delivered to his house. Rick tells Ivy that it’s a big house and he wants to live peacefully. Upset, Ivy says that kicking her and Aly out of the house was not a good place to start. He reminds her it was only for one night. Ivy says everything he is doing tells her that he wants to be with Caroline. Rick says it tells him something too: that he and Maya are together and that needs to be respected.

Liam jumps in and reminds Rick that he’s still married and those feelings just don’t go away. He boasts that he can relate to Rick’s pain. Rick snaps back, “I don’t recall your wife never cheating on you” Booyah! Liam takes up for Caroline, but Rick is quick with his response with “why would he want to be with someone he can’t trust and is clueless to his needs, not to mention that who turned to Ridge, his arch rival.” Rick drops more knowledge that he sees Maya’s loyalty and support in her eyes every time he looks into her eyes and that’s what he needs. Livy stands speechless.

Now for the “Cliffhanger Moment” we have been waiting for—the Caroline and Maya showdown. Glaring down on the floor at the glass Maya asks Caroline if something broke. Caroline says she was startled by the portrait. Maya never would have guessed that her portrait would be hanging in the Forrester mansion. Twirling around, Caroline says, “If you were so embarrassed, why didn’t you ask Rick to take it down?” Maya says she did. With nowhere else to go in the argument, Caroline spits out “What about his reputation? He hangs up a portrait of his mistress?” Maya says, it’s just a picture and quips back, “You should be thankful that it’s not a tasteful nude, although she’s not ruling that out for the bedroom.” Caroline says everything Rick is doing is for effect, to hurt her, but when Rick snaps out of it, he will have no use for her.

Maya admits that Rick is upset with Caroline and yes, some of this maybe for revenge because she betrayed him, lied to him, and fooled around with a man he never trusted.

Maya continues to break it down for Caroline and shares with her that she’s not concerned about where she stands, as Rick is no longer angry with Caroline because she knows his needs are simple; he wants support, appreciation, and loyalty “that’s where she failed and I’m more than making up for it.”

Ghost-faced, Caroline stands and listens as Maya attacks, and tells her that she’s the one that Rick deserves. She sees how hard he works, his kindness, and his generosity. Caroline sniffles as Maya asks her if she appreciated him while she was “posting selfies and having kissing sessions with Ridge.

Then the verbal backslap. Maya tells her that “life in this world is not all about Caroline Spencer.” Tears drop from Caroline‘s eyes as she hangs her head. Maya digs the knife deeper and tells her if the picture proves anything it’s that she’s on track to being the next leader of this family. Not to be outdone, Caroline tells her that the picture proves that Rick is doing this to get back at her, not for Maya to be the next leader of this family. Maya quickly rebuts and says, “My actions and devotions to Rick will be becoming a wife he can count on.” Shocked, Caroline screams, “A wife?!?!?” Just as quickly as she got it out, Maya had the comeback, “Yes, a wife. I will be Rick’s perfect partner, I will succeed where you failed. Hear me and believe me Caroline, I will be the next Forrester matriarch.” Then the stare down, you will have to wait until next week to see what happens next on The Bold and the Beautiful.



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