The Bold and The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday, Week of January 24th-30th, 2015

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Alrighty Bold and Beautiful fans, this Cliffhanger Friday was a whopper, jammed packed with twists and surprises. So, let’s begin.

At Forrester Creations (FC), Brooke is back and oh, my goodness, she is employing Logan logic (i.e., everything and anything a Logan does to anyone is OK Logans are ALWAYS right). Ridge and Caroline threaten Rick with calling the police if he doesn’t step down as CEO and file charges for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Cray cray Brooke says that they are not calling anybody—she blames Ridge for Rick’s tantrum and shooting at CaRidge. This buffoon takes it a step further and plays the “victim.” She says she has suffered the rivalry and jealousy between Rick and Ridge practically since the day Rick was born and that gives HER the right to say no more. Ridge counters and says the fact that “your precious son shot at them doesn’t matter.” She says it doesn’t matter and they will have to deal with it. She accuses Ridge of sabotaging what he says he loves the most: FC.

She continues her rant, saying Rick is going to remain CEO and Ridge is going to have to accept it gracefully. Ok, Brooke owns NOTHING—ABSOLUTELY NOTHING—so where does she get off saying this?! Ridge owns 20% of the company (slap me here please, because Brooke is certifiable crazy, please send her back from whence she came). Rick just stands there while his certifiable mama fights his battles.

Zooming over to Spencer Publications (SP), Liam wants to take over FC since Rick is acting the way he is toward Caroline and Ivy. OK, let’s pause here. First when Liam came on the scene he was a computer geek. Then he found out he was Bill’s son,  and he went to work as the editor of their “Eye On Fashion” magazine. Now, EVERYBODY knows Liam HARDLY EVER goes to work. He spends more time at FC and at home, or chasing women. Rewind to when Katie was CEO of SP she promoted him to VP. Like, WHY? Then last week Bill promoted him to President of SP. Now, let’s get totally real here, Liam is no more qualified to be CEO of FC than little Will (Katie and Bill’s 3-year-old son) is.

Liam tells Bill that with Caroline doing the designing, he could run the company. It’s a natural acquisition, because SP dominates the fashion MEDIA. Newsflash Liam: there is a MAJOR difference between MEDIA and FASHION HOUSE. Bill says he’s proud of Liam for wanting to take control but tells him that his 12.5% won’t get him far.

We find out that Liam stalks Steffy online, says her posts have her location, and that she’s in town. (Now Liam evidently can’t add, but I’ll get to that later).

 Donna tells Pam that Rick will listen to Brooke. Pam tells her that nobody listens to Brooke except her—too funny. Normally Donna is an airhead, but she did tell Brooke that she should remember her past before passing judgment. Although a lightweight verbal slap, it was an accurate one.

 Rick gets on his high horse and tells Ridge to call the police. Maya warns him that is not what he wants. It would be a fine or several months in jail. Ridge snaps back and tells Rick that he see he has brought his own “criminal justice consultant.” ROTFL Oh my goodness! Somebody help me get up! Rick defends Maya and tells Ridge not to talk about her and that if he does so, Rick will drag all of Ridge’s dirty laundry out in public. Hmmmmm, Rick, you might want to rethink that. You have mega-skeletons in your own closet as well.

Brooke tells Ridge that he OWES her this (eye roll). Ridge wants to know how “owe her this” works. She says Ridge’s every betrayal and abandonment created this situation down to the bullet. #ByeBrooke, you sound stupid. Ridge really is on it. He tells her that because of Rick’s tantrum, her screwed up sex life is on him now. Ridge is breaking it all the way down to Brooke, and I’m loving it. She says that he cast her aside when she turned to her sister’s husband and that Ridge was a hypocrite for seducing his brother’s wife. Reality check here, Brooke, you have been with EVERY Forrester man—father, son, brother. You had a baby by your daughter’s husband, you wall-banged your daughter’s boyfriend trying to pretend that you thought it was Ridge. The list goes on and on. So STOP the madness Brooke! Just STOP it.

You go Caroline! FINALLY, she steps up and brings some real truth to Brooke and flash dances on her cray cray by telling her that nobody seduced her. Brooke tells Caroline that if she is not going to defend her husband, she doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say. Caroline tells her “with all due respect, Brooke can’t just come in here and act like she understands the situation. And it’s true, Brooke doesn’t. She’s never slept with her ex, they have never seen each other undressed, but they had an intimacy that she will admit was wrong. As opposed to Rick who responded by moving Maya into her bed, “their bed,” after she confessed it all.

Is Brooke deaf? She then asked Caroline if she wanted Rick back. I mean really. How much does Brooke think that Caroline should take from anyone or from Rick. She thinks that everyone is suppose to just move past the hurt and the pain and give Rick a pass. Rick followed up and told Caroline it was a simple question: did she want him back? Get the Vaseline, because Caroline did a double verbal back slap to both Brooke and Rick by saying, “Do I want a husband who expresses his displeasure with me by shooting at me? What do you think?” Rick tries to turn the tables and says, “You got your answer, mom.” But Caroline wasn’t having it. She said that she begged and pleaded with him to take her back and when he said he would, Brooke said, “You did.” Oh, but Caroline wasn’t finished. She said his only reason was to trick Eric into signing the papers as CEO and that he had Maya stashed away in an apartment where he would go every night.

 Maya tried to defend herself to Brooke by telling her that she has only tired to love Rick. Brooke wants to know why she should believe Maya, that she left her son to be with Carter and broke his heart. So what’s changed. Maya tells her that Rick loves her and that she will be the best partner for Rick and the best wife.

Brooke says that Caroline still didn’t answer her question. She tells her that love was not enough for Rick, or they would still be together. Caroline tells Brooke he served her with divorce papers and that she can’t keep hoping and waiting, hurting herself again and again. She’s done.

 Steffy stands outside of Liam’s house and reminisces about their relationship. She knocks on the door and says, “Cha, cha, cha.” They small talk and Liam says that he fantasizes about the bedtime stories. She says she knows and she has never replaced the motorcycle.

 Brooke tries to dismiss Ridge. He quickly tells her that she has no idea what she walked into and that Bill let her go. Rick is a bigger tyrant than Bill ever was. Maya interjects and asks Ridge if he must be so disrespectful. He asks her she is speaking when he’s speaking, and why is she still here? Brooke tells Ridge to leave. He tells her it’s great parenting, that she’s doing a good job, and then he leaves.

 Brooke asks Caroline to stay and that Rick is hurting. She says when she was young and lost (oh, my goodness—what about the mess she made when she was old?) She wants to fix this. She tells Maya that she’s sincere, but her actions say something different. She says that Rick is staying with Caroline. Rick says he’s tried. She tells him he loves Caroline and he wants to take the first step and forgive her, that he wants her back and that he loves her.

 Now for the Cliffhanger, Liam tells Steffy about everything that is happening at FC. Steffy asks if it’s true that he’s move his lead model into her grandfather’s house. He tells her it gets worse. Liam says he wants Steffy to run FC with him. Steffy tells him he would need to talk to her dad first. He reminds her of how she got the company back.

Now for Liam’s bad math and one of the reasons why he SHOULD NOT run FC. He tells Steffy that she owns 25%, that Thomas owns 5%, and that with his dad’s 12.5%, they could take over. NOT! That’s ONLY 42.5%. Oh my goodness. Man, you need at least 51%. Steffy says he’s a surprise every single day. He says he gets tired of it. Steffy tells him she never got tired of it. He asks her what does she think of control of Forrester that nobody can take away. Liam,

PUHLEASE! Ridge, Steffy, and Thomas ALREADY OWN 50% of the company. Yes, it’s sad, but it’s true. Liam wants to take over FC.

Well, what do you think? Is Brooke certifiable? Can Liam run FC? Tell me, I’m waiting.

By, Sophia Bryan,




  1. Sally says

    Brooke conveniently ignored the fact that Rick had a gun. What is she thinking? Shouldn’t it have been better if she addressed that issue instead of reminding Ridge of the IOUs. Then what about her track record with her past lovers? Frankly, she is the last one to be criticizing others.

    • Sofia A. Bryan says

      I loved the fact that Ridge brought Brooke’s sex life up and that $Bill dumped her. Brooke thinks she’s ALL that, but that ship has sailed #ByeBrooke.

  2. Laurie says

    Brooke is most certainly certifiable! Why does Ridge ‘owe’ her anything? How dare she talk to him that way! How many times did he forgive her for the crap she did? She needs a reality check, period. Liam is not qualified to run FC, nor should he. I’m trying to figure out where he’s going to get the rest of the shares needed for a takeover. I know Eric won’t be giving up any of his and Ridge sure as hell wouldn’t. Sounds to me like Liam wants all Forresters gone, including Ridge. This could all go horribly wrong.

    • Sofia A. Bryan says

      Brooke is definitely certifiable, how can that craziness come out of her mouth? She thinks the sun rises and sets on Rick and her clan, she needs to get a clue. Ridge has forgiven her of a lot and when she wall-banged Oliver and he overlooked that and got mad with Steffy, I wanted to jump through the screen and slap him; but this is a new Ridge and I hope he remains like Teflon to Brooke wiles.
      Liam needs to go sit down somewhere, he can’t even manage his own life.

  3. cheryl says

    Brooke isnoffher rocker. Thw Forresters need to come together and oust the Logans they own cintrol of the company. As for Liam he is not qualified to run the company. He is only qualified to deed his cat and change the liter box. Rick needs to visit the rubber room at rhe localbhospitalbhe has loat it. I think thw police should be called, maya toaaed out the door and Rickout of Eric’s house.

    • Sofia A. Bryan says

      OMgoodness, too funny “he is only qualified to deed his cat and change the litter box,” that is a good one.

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