The Bold and The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday, Week of January 19th-24th, 2015

This week BB CF 01 23 15“The Bold and The Beautiful” (B&B) celebrated its 7000th episode on Friday with recaps of  the years gone by. So this week, I will be recapping Thursday, the day that EVERYONE is talking about.

First, Brooke returned to town unannounced. Katherine Kelly Lang, the actress that portrays Brooke took a 3-month hiatus to compete on the Italian version of  “Dancing With The Stars.” Lang is one of two of the original cast members of B&B, John McCook, aka, Eric Forrester, being the other.

While Lang is a good actress, her character Brooke is what many viewers characterize as a “screen hog.” In the absence of Brooke, other actors that have been relegated to the back burner have an opportunity to shine, and the ratings seem to agree, as they are rising every month. While many are happy to see the return of Brooke, some are not interested in seeing the character portrayed at the level she was prior to her return.

Brooke’s first stop was to see Deacon to fill him in on the well-being of their daughter, Hope, was doing after the miscarriage of her and Wyatt’s baby. After filling him in on her status, Quinn arrived, and mother-in-laws collided.

 Quinn insisted that Brooke does everything in her power to get Hope to return to Wyatt to save their marriage. Brooke countered by saying that Hope would be gone for a while and it was all Quinn’s fault because of Hope’s miscarriage. That was a low blow, and Quinn stood speechless while Deacon tried to comfort her. Brooke whisked away to her next destination.

Rick surprised Maya by telling her that he was serving Caroline with divorce papers. An excited Maya, sped to the house to “get ready” for Rick when he returned home.

Fans have jested for years that no one knocks on doors on B&B; however, when Brooke arrived at the Forrester mansion, she knocked on the door. She stood in shock when a scantily clad Maya answered the door in her fire engine red “Brooke’s Bedroom Line” lingerie. Ha, ha, ha! Maya said, “You’re back” and Brooke said, “And you’re wearing my underwear.” Maya quickly corrected her and told her that she’s wearing her own underwear that she got from “Brooke’s Bedroom Line.” Side note here: Brooke is known to be promiscuous and has been with EVERY Forrester man and then some. Since that is soooooo well-known, no woman in her right mind would wear Brooke’s underwear.

All right, moving on. Maya lets Brooke know that she and Rick are living in the Forrester mansion because the guesthouse is being renovated. Brooke is in shock: “We?” Maya tells her it’s only until Eric gets back. In disbelief, Brooke says “You and Rick?” She turns and enters the living room and discovers Maya’s portrait on the wall and says “What the hell?!” She instantly demands to know where Stephanie’s picture is. Maya says she thinks it’s in the garage and that Rick took it down. Brooke tells her that it needs to go back up, that taking it down was disrespectful. She asks, “What are you doing with my son?” Maya stands there, speechless.

CaRidge “The Remix” began (side note: I love CaRidge, their chemistry is so good it permeates the TV screen). Caroline tells Ridge that Rick asked if they kissed again and that her look totally gave it away. They began sketching designs and gazed into each other’s eyes, the sparks began and they embraced.

Love was in the air for Livy as Liam invited Ivy over for a romantic dinner. Liam told Ivy that he will always protect her; she came into his life and taught him that being with a woman doesn’t have to be a struggle. It doesn’t have to be about overcoming obstacles all the time. She reminded him that love can be fun. Ivy said this happens when you find the right person, and she thinks she’s found the right person. Liam says he KNOWS he has. Liam leads Ivy into the bedroom and for the first time, they make love.

Chris, Rick’s attorney, arrived to have Rick to sign the divorce papers. Rick gave him Stephanie’s gun, the gun he once used to shoot Grant. Chris asked why did he give it to him. Rick said “I don’t trust myself with it.” After Rick signed the papers, Chris left and forgot the gun. Rick recognized that he left the gun and he ran out to catch him and give it to him. However, the elevator closed as Rick arrived. Then he began to hear moans clearly associated with love-making, he quietly tiptoed to the office door and saw CaRidge on the couch embracing and kissing each other. Rick began to flashback to the time he initially found out about CaRidge and then to the many times Ridge hurt his mother Brooke (in his mind). Livid, he raises the gun. Then…three shots!


Did Rick REALLY shoot Ridge and Caroline?

No, he was daydreaming

  1. Yes, he shot them both
  2. Other, you tell me

By Sofia A. Bryan

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