The Bold and The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday, Week of January 12th-16th, 2015

BB 01 12 15Bold and Beautiful fans, this week’s cliffhanger was a doozy. It starts off with the heat and passion of the forbidden couple that started this saga, CaRidge snuggling on the couch. I must say, they bring the heat. Ridge and Caroline electric chemistry oozes through the screen. Caroline quickly forgets about her husband as Ridge soothes all her wounds. Ridge has taken her from Carowhine to Cardivine.

 A special side note here, this was the first episode written by Lawrence Saint-Victor aka Carter, and I must say that we all liked what we saw. Bradley Bell asks cast members from time to time if they desire to write an episode and Lawrence raised his hand. We will also see another episode he wrote in February.

 After Maya finally heard the words that she wanted to hear from Rick, “I love you,” she speedily went to Carter to gloat. Well we got an eye-candy treat as Carter was shirtless working out on the terrace at Forrester Creations while talking to Maya’s BFF Othello. Carter really knows how to grate Maya’s nerves and insecurities, as they once were a couple, and he uses this to his advantage. However, Maya stood strong and resilient as she told him that Rick told her over and over again, at various times of day, that he loved her, while they were making mad passionate love. Carter says that he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but I think that he has secret motives.

 Special side note here, after the RAYA tryst the night before Maya went downstairs for a bottle of wine. While searching for a cork screw Rick found Stephanie’s gun in the drawers. This is the same gun that “lil’ Ricky” used to shoot Grant years ago. Will he shoot Ridge? Caroline? Or both?

Caroline spent most of the day in a love trance daydreaming about Ridge. Caroline‘s BFF Ivy came in the office to show her some jewelry that she designed for the line and immediately noticed the change in Caroline. She went from doom and gloom, begging Rick to come back to her and dump Maya, to glowing with love. It didn’t take much prodding from Ivy for Caroline to spill the beans that the reason for her glow was Ridge. Ivy was happy for her, because although she supports their marriage, it was painfully clear that Rick was done with Caroline. She swore Ivy to secrecy and immediately went back to remembering how Ridge took her to a place that she felt valued, respected, and wanted.

An unexpected guest, Nicole Avant, Maya’s sister arrived on the scene today. It should be interesting the part she plays, will she stir up drama for RAYA?

 Now for the Cliffhanger Moment, Rick texted Ridge because he wanted to see the designs—yea right! More like to taunt him. So Ridge pulled away from his passionate moment to go face Rick. After a heated exchange of words Ridge told Rick that it will be a cold day in hell before he answers to him. In walks Maya, or as Ivy called her “Ms. Wannabe.” After her personal insults to Ridge, she had the nerve to tell Ridge that if he could not respect Rick as a brother, then he should respect him as a boss, and if he could not do that he needed to find another place to design. Now this is the funny part: Ridge owns 20% of the company, he’s a stockholder, and Rick and Maya own nothing, they are just hired hands. Rick tricked Eric into signing those illegal documents giving him irrevocable control as CEO over Forrester for a year; however, he’s still a hired hand along with his sidekick Maya. Ridge became heated and stormed out of the office. Rick stood in awe of Maya and told her nobody has ever stood up for him like that before. Maya stood up for “her man” but the fall is coming and it’s going to be a hard one.

Ridge bumped in to Carter in the hall on his exit and Carter asked if he was alright. He said no, and that Rick had deceived his father and the family, was ruining the company and he was not just going to “fall in line.”

 Steffy, Ridge’s daughter, is coming back on the canvas for a brief period and she owns 25% of the stock. Ridge’s son Thomas owns 5%, so Ridge and his children own 50% of the stock in the company. We all know that Steffy is a firecracker and Thomas has no love for Rick. What will happen next? Will Ridge pull his forces together and play his hand? He has Rick’s wife, now what else will he take from Rick? I would love to hear your thoughts on these questions, as well as anything else Bold and the Beautiful-related. And stay tuned to the Bold and Beautiful to find out what happens!

 By Sofia A. Bryan


  1. Tessa McKenzie says

    Comment Through Facebook: Shelia Nicholson Nicholson

    • Tessa McKenzie says

      Comment through Facebook Sandra Riendeau:
      i hope that is so true and then rick will be mad as hell and he may use the gun on ridge and shoot caroline. by mistake

      • Tessa McKenzie says

        Comment through Facebook Elizabeth McCoy:
        I cant wait until Brooke gets back her opening Eric door at home and stands the ho in her Brooke s bedroom outfit the Ho will get a ear full lol

    • Sofia A. Bryan says

      Ridge and his children has 50% of the stock in the company. Caroline’s uncle $Bill owns 12.5% of the stock. So should Ridge and Caroline leave or should Rick and Maya who owns no stock?

  2. DIANNE says

    WELL THIS IS GETTING INTERSTING NOW maya made some valid points about ridge that fine but she had no right to get into business politics she is just rick g/f . maya you just may have hurt your ricky boy now as it is just about to get ugly brother against brother family against family. waiting for the next plot to happen its about to explode.

  3. Margie says

    How is it that everyone is down on Maya and Rick when Rick (although is the same spoiled brat he has ALWAYS been) was totally dedicated to Caroline and their marriage and she supposedly in love with him but sneaking kisses from Ridge and obviously wanted more, yet her sneaky ways are overlooked because it is simplified as “just” kissing???? Caroline is and was never in love with Rick…she just didn’t want to lose to the girl from the wrong side of the tracks! Bell switched Caroline and Maya’s personalities making Caroline the “innocent” and Maya the home–wrecking, gold-digger. Many fans hate the pairing of Rick and Maya simply because it is an interracial coupling and others say it is because of the marriage vows and the marriage itself yet they are the same ones that cheered when Brooke slept with every married man on the show, in fact her background is alot like Maya,,,I remember her being in awe by all the material possessions the Forrester’s had too, just like Maya… and Brooke has slept her way up the ladder to vice president(only poor men she’s had sex with was Deacon and Oliver) lol….but she has never been considered a “gold-digger or called half the names Maya’s called. I like Ridge and Caroline together but wish he had stayed with Katie because her going back with Bill makes her look dumb after all the hurtful things he did to her and saying multiple times he married the wrong sister! I would love to see these adult people mind their own business instead of gossiping and giving unasked for advice. They act like jr.high school kids. It would have been interesting if the characters are actually developed and relationships too. I’m thinking, Rick is having a meltdown and when Brooke, Bill, Katie, Caroline, Ridge, Carter, Aly Ivy, and even Brooke try to reign him in from his CEO position, he will use the gun to shoot himself and Brooke will go ballistic on Ridge and Caroline for starting his downward spiral an Brooke knows that Ridge always wanted to be CEO even before his dalliance with Caroline. I hope that Bill tries to get back with Brooke just so Katie willlearn not to trust a snake!

    • Cassandra says


      I wish you and others would STOP throwing the race card out there. I’m a black woman and no way do I despise the Rick/Maya pairing because he’s white and she is black. I would love to see interracial pairings on ALL soaps more and more. I despise them for the simple reason that Rick is a spoiled brat that when he gets hurt his actions of retaliation or revenge has the potential of becoming serious or deadly. I get that Rick is hurt and angry that Caroline shared ‘KISSES’ with Ridge. That is cheating. However, no one wants to condone Rick for actually committing adultery within 30 minutes with Maya after learning of Caroline’s need for knowing the charisma of Ridge. This brings me to Maya.

      Maya is like a barracuda waiting to pounce. She’s a user. Maya was an interloper from the very beginning of this supposed romance she believes she had with Rick. Rick and Caroline were in a committed relationship when Rick wondering eyes (as usually) spotted Maya. I understand her being swept off her feet by Rick. But Rick is the one that was cheating and lying to Caroline and her. When he finally decided to spill the beans to Maya, she didn’t bat an eye and continued to carry on with Rick, not caring about Caroline’s feelings. Was Caroline wrong for the things she did to get back at Maya? YES! However, I can understand her reactions to the situation. Rick, NOT Caroline started this Caroline vs. Maya mess by deceiving and lying to both women.

      When Rick needed to save his President position with Forrester Creations he went begging to Caroline, a woman he had dumped, to save his job. It was Caroline who bailed his talentless butt out and secured his presidency and praise with Eric. Rick didn’t do a doggone thing but baste in the hard work that Caroline put in to save his hide.

      You said that Brad Bell switched Maya/Caroline’s position, how do you know that Maya didn’t already set her sites on Rick after getting out of jail. Maya has said often that she wanted the good life that Rick can offer to her. Is that love for Rick or love for his wallet? That’s a question you need to ask yourself. Do I feel that Ridge and Caroline was wrong for crossing the line……YES! However, they didn’t take it to the magnitude that Rick did with Maya. And for the record, I’ve ALWAYS felt that Brooke was a gold-digger. Do I consider Maya as such? In this instance I do. Because if she really loved Rick as she claims then his status shouldn’t matter. Her being anyone’s matriarch is a joke. She hasn’t earned that title and at the rate she is going she NEVER will.

      I agree that relationships on this show needs to be developed better. Too many times they are rushed, such as with Ridge/Katie. I’m liking the potential that Ridge and Caroline have and hope that Mr. Bell takes the time to developed them into a great pairing. I also agree with you on Katie going back to Bill. Katie needs to be on her own for a good while before she entertains a relationship with another man. I do take exception to your blaming EVERYONE for Rick’s downward spiral. He is responsible for his actions and he alone. No one forced him to do the things he has done or will do in the foreseeable future. He is. This has been the problem for Rick’s whole life, people always trying to sweep what he does under the rug and take up for him rather than show him that his actions have consequences. This is why he feels that he can get away with what he does.

      It will be interesting to see if Mr. Bell shows Rick for who he is: someone who needs some serious mental help.

    • Sofia A. Bryan says

      I don’t think Rick will shoot himself, Ridge or Caroline are the most likely ones that he uses it on. He shot Grant years ago with the same gun. My question is, WHY did he bring the gun to the office?

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