The Bold and the Beautiful, Cliffhanger Friday, 06/12/15: Choose: Used Car or Deportee???

Ivy and SteffyAnother week, another Cliffhanger Friday, this week is no exception. It was full of passion, “not trying to pressure you,” and a wedding proposal. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Ivy received a visit this week from Immigration and the bottom line is that she’s being deported. Quinn saw her deportation papers and encouraged her not to give up. Shocker to some; however, Quinn wants Steffy for Wyatt, so she’s willing to do anything to get her baby boy what he wants. Especially after she found out that Wyatt kissed Steffy.

Regardless of what comes out of Steffy’s mouth regarding “no stock for love,” she has been a piranha when it comes to winning Liam back. She continues to say that she is not trying to pressure him; however, ALL of her interaction with him is either trying to seduce him or they are together and she wants her life back. He told her countless times “no, I’m committed to Ivy.” It didn’t help that $Bill is in his ear also about Steffy. She basically wore the boy down, she knew “waffleboy” would waffle if put under enough pressure.

Steffy asked if he remembered how good they were together and he said it was coming back. Meanwhile, Ivy enters the house and overhears STEAM talking. Steffy says that she misses their life and she wants her life back. Liam says he needs to talk to Ivy. Liam says he has to be honest with Ivy and also Steffy; he tells Steffy he doesn’t know where this is going.

Distraught, Ivy leaves in tears. Quinn tells Ivy not to give up and asks her EXACTLY what did Liam say? Did he tell Steffy was breaking up with her? Ivy says no. Quinn is no slow leak, she tells Ivy that one of Liam’s super powers is that Liam can say something that sounds like what the other person wants to hear, but when you break it down that’s not really the case, and Ivy knows what she means. Quinn is right, that’s how Liam is able to waffle, have women fighting over him and people to believe he’s this great guy. Quinn tells Ivy to ask Liam to marry her to stop the deportation.

We also got a glimpse of STARTER (Steffy and Carter) I have to admit, there COULD be something there if the writers develop it. I did notice the chemistry. Now I like Steffy, but my girl is just wrong, she’s the President of FC and asking the attorney if she can sign the VP’s underwear. Now she might have been joking, but that’s a classic case of sexual harassment,  to be totally professional here, Steffy need to just stop with Liam anyway due to her professional position, at least at work. #JustNotAGoodLook

Now my boy Wyatt is not known for mincing words and slicing and dicing Liam is a perfect example. Liam immediately lit into Wyatt for kissing Steffy, a move that he was soon to regret. Wyatt asked Liam “Are you done with her or aren’t you?” Whoa, what is she a sweater, to be passed down for the next wearer? Liam says that he’s never going to be “done” with Steffy. Wyatt wants to know what that means. Does it mean you are not ready to think of her as your ex-wife. Classic Wyatt, backed Liam in the corner with that. Not knowing what to do, Liam accuses Wyatt of going after every woman that is close to him. Wyatt quickly puts Liam in check and tells him that’s not true, that he has been working with Ivy for sometime and hasn’t put the moves on her. Wyatt tells Liam that he’s like a golden retriever trying to hold too many tennis balls in his mouth, he’s President of SP, VP of FC, dating Ivy, and he still have an appetite after all of that. ROTFL, Wyatt gave Liam the verbal beatdown.

Wyatt continues and tells Liam he’s acting possessive over a woman that he says he is not in love with. Liam tells Wyatt that Ivy is on her way and doesn’t he have work to do? He appreciates him coming to declare his interest in Steffy, but she makes her own decisions.

Wyatt reminds Liam that what he has consistently said and not today, was that he is unavailable, not single, and that he’s with Ivy. Liam says life has changed. Wyatt is confused, Liam says that Ivy might choose to move back to Australia.

Time for a sidebar here, I am ultra leery of the timing of the Immigration Officer visiting Ivy for deportation. This looks like the handy work of $Bill with the possibility of Steffy knowing. Now I love my $, but he’s a ruthless man. He and Steffy trapped Hope in the gondola, interfered in numerous LOPE marriage attempts; including breaking Deacon out of jail ($Bill was solo on this one). However, he did have Steffy seduce Liam while Hope was lost trying to get to her wedding. Also, RAYA may have an ax to grind with Ivy, specifically Rick. He might be behind this to get back at Liam for plotting to oust him as CEO of FC. Nick for outing Maya, he was peeved and already gained a reputation of being self-righteous. Although Quinn is pro-Ivy now, she might be the culprit to have the jewelry design to herself only to find out later that Wyatt wants Steffy. In order for Wyatt to have Steffy, Ivy must stay, so she shifted gears.

Liam gives Wyatt a bear hug and tells him to be careful and Wyatt is confused. Liam tells Wyatt that he’s raw right now, it will take time, but there will be someone else for him. ROTFL, Liam is a total jerk. Wyatt thanks Liam for reminding him that Liam is not a good of a guy as everyone think he is. OUCH, I know that stung Liam.

Ivy tells Quinn that she is not going to marry Liam for a Green Card. Quinn brings some reality to Ivy and tells her that she will get more bang for her buck out of this; one, she won’t get deported and two, she gets to clear up her “little Steffy problem.” Ivy tells her that she and Liam are dating and she doesn’t want to rush things. Quinn tells Ivy that Liam doesn’t need or want Steffy, that what Liam wants is a damsel in distress. Ivy doesn’t want Quinn to patronize her. Quinn tells her if he was willing to jump into the Seine to save her, he wouldn’t hesitate to marry her.

Now Quinnites and Steffyites are speculating on a relationship of her being Steffy’s mother-in-law. We got a taste of their first interaction since the time Quinn convinced Steffy to come back to the US to profess her love for Liam and stop LOPE’s wedding. Steffy is shocked that Quinn and Ivy is getting along fabulously and Quinn is singing the praises of Wyatt to her.

Wyatt comes in and wants Quinn to excuse herself; but Steffy says they all had a meeting. Wyatt tells Steffy that he declared his interest in her to Liam. Steffy is peeved she tells him that he was out of line, that he doesn’t talk to other people about her, what she wants or who she wants. Quinn chimes in and said that Liam probably took it as a courtesy because he’s so committed to Ivy.

Well Steffy guess what? This is Wyatt you are talking to, NOT waffling, lameboy Liam, ROTFL. Wyatt quickly tells her that he didn’t do it for her, he did it for himself. He says he doesn’t know what it is, if anything, between them; but Liam accuses him of being wildly and underhanded and he wanted to let him know. Steffy sucks it up and wants to know what Liam said, “out of curiosity.” Wyatt tells her that Liam did say one way or another of whether it was just nostalgia between the two of them.

Quinn is busy throwing darts and says that she believes that there will be wedding bells for LIVY in the very near future. Then she has this smirk on her face of glee.

When alone, Steffy tells Wyatt that she doesn’t want him to do this again “bargaining with Liam like she’s a used car.” Well Steffy as much as I love you, you have been acting like a used car here recently. Chasing after Liam, bargaining with him for your stock in exchange for love. Even after he repeatedly tells you no, you show up with lingerie at his home from your “proposed lingerie line” and asks him if he wants you to model it. Sounds like “used car” to me.

Wyatt tells Steffy that Liam was being coy, but he knows that he would never take Steffy back. Steffy is in disbelief and wants to know how he knows that. He tells her there’s two reasons, one he might have told her about, the other he might not. For one reason: although LIVY might be a bore to someone else, together they are inseparable. The second reason is the way she hurt him before when she left him, he’s not taking her back. She questions him if Liam told her that, he says no, he just know because what she did to Liam, Hope did to him. CRICKETS

Quinn contacts Carter and discuss Ivy’s dilemma, he’s shocked that Quinn even cares. She says that they are co-workers and she needs Ivy. Plus, LIVY is a great couple. Carter says there’s one option and Quinn finishes his sentence and says “yes, marriage.” She wants to know if they decide to, could he marry them today.

Waffleboy Liam welcomes Ivy and says “You’re home” and offers her some wine. He knows full well that Ivy doesn’t live there, wow, just wow. Ivy has had a super hard day and she declines because is she starts drinking she probably won’t stop tonight. Liam questions if her problems are due to Quinn. When Ivy tells him that she’s acting like her best friend, he doesn’t want her to trust her. Then he says Rick, Ivy lets him know that he hasn’t shown his face. Then he says Steffy. Really Liam, Really? You know Steffy has been with you all day coercing you to leave Ivy. Ivy says Steffy didn’t show up either. Then Liam confesses that Steffy was at the house. He wants her to relax first. Ivy isn’t having it, she wants to know what’s up. He first says that it’s not a big deal, then he says it is (waffling again). Liam starts off by saying that he’s been careless emotionally with the women he loved before her and he doesn’t want to do that with her. He says he’s failed at being loving and honest. She asks if he is breaking up with her. He vehemently denied that he is breaking up with Ivy. He says that there’s something, he can’t put it into words. Steffy keeps reminding him of how good they were together and that he has been resisting. He feels he was able to do that because when she left he had to “wall-off” some of his feelings. He admits that he’s having a hard time holding his feelings for Steffy off like he use to.

Ivy gets up and is upset. Liam quickly tells her that he is “not going anywhere and that he’s not making any big declarations, he just doesn’t want to keep anything from her.”

Ivy respects and loves him for telling her, but she can’t say that she’s surprised. He wants her to say what she needs to say. She tells him that she’s being deported. He’s in shock.

Ivy tries to explain her deportation issue and he’s confused. He wants to know why immigrations was coming to find her. Of course she doesn’t know. Liam goes through a laundry list of options from her father (she’s already tried to contact him and he can’t be reached) to she’s a Forrester. Ok, Liam being a Forrester doesn’t exempt you from Immigration Law, *eyeroll*. Ivy goes by the rules, so she was instructed in Australia to get a Work Visa which was incorrect. Liam wants to hire a team of lawyers. Ivy tells him that she only has a week and that’s not enough time.

Ivy pours a drink and Liam says there has to be a way to get through this. She says there might be…

Ivy lets Liam know that even if she reapplies for a Visa, she might not get it. He wants to know the option. She questions if he blames her for not wanting to lose everything, her life, her job, friends, family, and him? Her jewelry line has given her worldwide recognition and made her semi-famous in Amsterdam.


He asks again what the option is. She says that this is not the way either of them wanted to do this and they maybe a year from this even without the reappearance of Steffy. Liam says she probably doesn’t want to bring her into this. Ivy says it’s unrealistic not to, what if they break up and she’s the reason or there could be a dozen of other reasons. She asks shouldn’t it be their decision whether they are together or not, but not because she’s forced to leave the country. They should be able to choose their future. They can do that if they get married now…

Well lookie here, there’s a roadblock in Steffy’s plan and Liam will have to choose. I am definitely an Ivy fan and I think she did this the right way. She heard Liam tell her of his rekindling feelings for Steffy and she waited until after he said that to ask him to get married. If she would have asked him prior, especially since she overheard them, she would have been sneaky and conniving. It will be Liam’s choice and they both are going into this with their eyes wide open.

What will happen next? Will Liam agree to marry Ivy? Will Steffy explode if he does? Will Steffy fall into the arms of Wyatt to be comforted? Tell me what will happen next.


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