The Bold and the Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 10/22/15: NO, SHE’S NOT!!! YES, I AM!!! — HAVING ____________ BABY

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Well #BoldandBeautiful fans we arrive at another Cliffhanger Friday. First, I hope you got an opportunity to read my interview with the lovely and multi-talented Karla Mosely this week, if not, just go to the website (I’ll share the link at the end) and read it. Yes, I slam Maya from time to time, but that’s what makes Karla so excellent: her acting is so exceptional, it’s believable. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

You may be wondering why there’s a line in the title of this Cliffhanger Friday column. Well, let’s fill in the blank as we discuss what happened today.

CaRidge is absolutely adorable, and Ridge shows his comic side today when Caroline wants to tell $Bill that she’s pregnant. Ridge says let’s do a conference call or a face “thingamagiggie” on her phone, i.e. Facetime.

CHARM is so cute. Charlie tells Pam that $Bill intimidates him. Pam reminds him that he has a gun. LOL!

The comedic and disdainful chemistry between Ridge and $Bill is off the charts. When Caroline tells BATIE that she’s pregnant, the showdown immediately begins. $Bill says, “Wait! You mean to tell me that you are having a kid with this clown. First you’re married, then you’re pregnant.” Ridge tells him, “This is how it works.” LOL! $Bill doesn’t like it and says, “I will always be a doubting Thomas.” Ok, we all know this is foreshadowing.

ROTFL! Ridge tells $Bill that he’s looking a little green. “Do you want some crackers? We have crackers.” Katie says it might take longer for $Bill to be happy for them. Ridge says, “He will. By high school graduation.” Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ridge is on a roll today.

$Bill inquires how Steffy and Thomas feel about Ridge having another baby. $Bill wants to know if this is where he’s suppose to be happy for them. Caroline says a little support would be nice.

He says he saw this coming, and that she will be “tied to this clown for the rest of her days.” Caroline says she’s counting on that. Ridge tells $Bill to be happy for them and “call it a day.” ROTFL!

$Bill tells Ridge that he is too old for her. Ridge is really funny and he turns to Caroline and says that he doesn’t think it’s about age. He believes $Bill doesn’t like him at all. Caroline laughs. $Bill continues, “I don’t like you, I don’t trust you, you’ve abandoned every woman that you have been involved with. How do we know this kid isn’t going to be raised by someone other than you.” Katie jumps in and tells $Bill: Enough, you are going to adore this child.

He can’t stop though. $Bill tells Caroline when she came to LA and started working at FC, he would never imagine that she would be involved with “this dressmaker” in a million years. $Bill doesn’t like Rick either. Ridge asks is there anyone that he does like. $Bill says on the Forrester side, NO, but if he had to “pick his poison,” he would prefer it would be Thomas. WOOO! The looks on CaRidge faces.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, yes, it’s 6-pack Friday. Carter and Zende are working out at the Sky Lounge. Gonna pause right here and say: thankful.

Zende developed and designed a new media kit and asked Carter’s opinion. Carter is impressed with his efforts and encourages him to show it to Ridge. Then Carter asks the BIG question about Nicole’s decision about being RAYA’s surrogate. Zende doesn’t answer initially, instead massacring the punching bag.

He shares that Nicole is going through with it. Carter asks how he feels about the decision. Zende sidesteps and says that it’s Nicole’s decision. Carter asks again and says it’s a huge commitment and a major sacrifice. Zende tells him that Nicole knows that, how much it would mean to Maya, and they have already started the process. Carter hopes that RAYA isn’t pressuring her. Zende assures him that they are not. Yeah, right! RAYA laid that pressure down at the first meeting. Nicole is too naïve and gullible to see that happening.

Zende says he loves Nicole, and all he can do is be supportive. WAIT–PUSH THE BRAKES! Zende you have known Nicole 3 seconds! Do you TRULY expect us to believe this love? No, this is the writers’ finding that to be convenience for this story line. You might be in “like” and “lust,” but not love. The “lust” part will quickly end when you see Nicole carrying your uncle’s baby.

Well, Papa and Mama Avant arrive on the scene, and not surprisingly everyone is skeptical of Papa Avant’s intentions. Zende quickly removes himself from what he knows is going to be a major showdown at the Forrester mansion.

Papa Avant apologies again. He wants to make amends for his past misdeeds. Just saying Mr. and Mrs. Eric Forrester, Jr. makes him proud. Nicole gets smart-mouthed and asks, Why–because they are rich and famous and live in the big house in Beverly Hills. Mama Avant quickly puts Nicole in check and tell her not to take that tone with her father. Nicole comes back with the rebuttal that she’s just saying what everyone else is thinking. Papa Avant tells her not to over analyze it and open old wounds. He’s already here eating a healthy dose of humble pie. He’s apologizing, asking for forgiveness and another chance.

Maya tells him that he can’t expect her to throw her arms around him and invite him back into her life. He said the same thing the last time he was there, he didn’t mean it then. How is she supposed to believe him not? She’s grateful that he made the effort and came all this way, but if that’s all he has to say…Papa Avant cuts her off and tells her, “It’s not, there’s more.”

Inquiring minds want to know. Papa Avant asks Viv to tell them. Mama Avant becomes very lyrical and beats around the bush. Nicole asks, what are you talking about? So, Papa drops the big news that they are moving to LA. SHOCK! When Maya and Nicole protest, Papa says it’s too late. They gave up their place in Chicago, sold everything, and got an apartment in LA. SHOCK!

Maya feels that they should have discussed the move to LA with them first. REALLY????? Girl, you don’t own LA, and THEY are your parents, you are NOT theirs. Rick, being diplomatic, tells him that Papa Avant can’t be surprised that they are taken aback, because moving to LA is a big decision. Papa Avant questions Maya and ask, “Don’t you want to be one big happy family?”

Maya feels it will be nice being so close to them. Papa chimes in and says their baby Nicole is growing up so fast, she has a boyfriend, and he likes Zende. He’s excited.

Maya can’t take it anymore and ask to speak privately with her mother. Mama immediately begin to apologize and tells her she knows how stubborn her father can be. Maya assures her that she’s always welcome. Mama asks about her father and Maya says that it’s not a good idea. She asks if her father means any of it and Mama tells her that she hopes so. He interrupts and says all of the Avants here in sunny California, big news! Maya says he’s not the only one with news.

We have several Cliffhangers this week and here we go:

CHARM enters and Pam has some “special edition” lemon bars, pink and blue. Caroline has had more than enough of Pam’s mouth and ask her to stop telling people. Katie agrees and says that most people wait until after the first trimester to share the news. Pam still can’t get the hint and ask how far along is Caroline. Ridge tells her it’s a private matter and they want to keep it that way.

Well, who should slither from around the corner other that t-HO-mas Forrester? He stands in the doorway listening. Ridge catches a glace of him and immediately becomes uncomfortable. Caroline sees him in the door and asks what he’s doing here.

t-HOmas says he left so suddenly and has a thousand things to do. He wants to know what’s going on. Pam blurts out that he’s about to have either a little baby brother or baby sister, because Caroline is pregnant. SILENCE. By t-HO-mas’ expression, you know his mind is ticking wondering back to the night he took advantage of Caroline.

Zende shares that Papa and Mama Avant are back in town. Carter tells him that he’s proud of him for sticking with Nicole, because most men wouldn’t have the strength or patience. Zende thanks him and says he’s TRYING. He wonders how her father will react when he finds out.

Right here is where spiteful and hateful Maya emerges. Instead of waiting for an opportune moment. she elects the THROW NICOLE UNDER THE BUS. Maya has her “matter of fact” attitude on and tells him that she and Nicole have decided to do something that will bring them together even more, that will bond the Avant family. You can see fear in Nicole’s eyes and concern in Rick’s. As usual, Maya is only thinking of herself, how she can hurt her father because she knows this will tear him apart and devastate her mother.

Papa Avant feels it’s wonderful and what is it? Rick tells them they are planning on having a family. Papa Avant is excited and ask if they are going to adopt. Smugly, Maya says “NO, we’ve decided that we are not adopting, we want a Forrester/Avant baby.”

Papa is confused, and asks Rick how the child will be his biological child. Rick says, yes, that’s right. Nicole hangs her head down. Then he turns to Maya and asks, “You said it’s going to be an Avant baby too?” Spiteful, Maya shakes her head yes. Papa Avant wants to know how that is possible.

In a satisfied, b*tchy response, Maya says one word, “Nicole.”

Upset and confused Papa Avant asks Nicole if she got together with her sister’s husband? Offended, Rick quickly tells him no, it’s nothing like that, that will never, ever, happen. Nicole wants to know why he would think such a thing. Well Nicole, maybe it’s because Papa Avant is ole’ skool. Papa wants an explanation NOW!

Cocky, Maya says, “Ok, we are going to take Rick’s sperm and Nicole’s eggs and put it in Nicole’s body.” Papa Avant says whoa, whoa, whoa, you’re going to do what? Nasty, Maya says, “It’s a common medical procedure.” Papa says maybe in the world you live in, that warped world, but that’s your problem.”

Papa says he’s not going to let her drag her sister into this. They can adopt, whatever they want to do, not her. Mama Avant tells him that he has to let Maya finish speaking, he’s not listening. He says he doesn’t want to hear it, she’s hurting her sister and he’s not going to allow it.

Maya sticks her finger in her father’s face. PAUSE RIGHT HERE! Girl are you kidding me? You are so disrespectful. You may be mad at him for his pain, yes, “his pain,” but he’s still your father.

Disrespectful Maya continues, “You forget where you are, you are standing in the Forrester house, my house. You don’t get to tell Nicole what to do, you don’t get to tell me what to do. She’s an adult and she can make her own choices and there is no way that we would make her do something that she’s not completely comfortable with.”

On point and calling the truth, Papa Avant tells Maya that she’s completely manipulated Nicole into accepting this madness. Maya tells him that the three of them have mutually agreed that Nicole is going to carry the baby, that Nicole’s going to give her the greatest GIFT imaginable.

Papa Avant says “OH, NO SHE’S NOT,” and Nicole says, “YES, I AM.” Papa Avant turns and look at her and Maya stares and smiles at Nicole. Yes Maya, you have Nicole COMPLETELY brainwashed. Your manipulation job is done here.

So, what will happen next? Will Pam learn to keep her mouth shut, because really there is no one else to tell her to? Will t-HO-mas figure out that this is might be his baby and start asking questions? Will Zende continue to stick by Nicole, or go find greener pastures elsewhere? What about the Avants? Did Papa and Mama Avant arrive in time to talk some sense into Nicole? Or, will Nicole be even more headstrong now to go through with being RAYA’s surrogate, now that she knows her father disapproves? You tell me

For my interview with Karla Mosley, click here!

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