The Bold and the Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday, 2/12/16: I Can’t

rp_12499295_1733726326891677_1335912187_o-300x205.jpg“I Can’t” with this #BoldandBeautiful Cliffhanger Friday. Too much for my delicate eyes. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

We start off with my first “I Can’t,” when Caroline is with Thomas as she goes into what they believe is labor. Thomas doesn’t know what to do, so even though Caroline objects, wants to lay down and later catch a cab, he’s determine to take her to the hospital.

Now let’s examine. Thomas is her son-in-law who took advantage of her sexually, who is most likely her baby’s daddy. “What?????” you say? I said, Thomas is her son-in-law who took advantage of her sexually, who is most likely her baby’s daddy. #ICant

Thomas is by her side at the hospital, the doctor tells her it’s early, but not too early, and wants to run some tests.

All turns out to be well and she was in false labor. Afterwards the doctor runs an ultrasound and slips out that it’s a boy. WOW, how convenient is this? Thomas happened to find himself at the first ultrasound and now here he is this time at the hospital holding Caroline’s hand and finds out the gender of the baby with Caroline before Ridge does. How many of you think this is going to go over well?

The doctor tells her if she has any more contractions she should come in. False labor usually occurs with multiple births, or the mother using drugs or alcohol. Caroline remembers taking Pam’s pills and drinking with Thomas. She questions the doctor about medications and he asks if she’s taking anything and she wonders about taking them at conception. The doctor asks if she wants to talk in private and she tells him no and says my husband and I were trying to have a baby, so there were no drugs or drinking or anything like that. Secretly Caroline is panicking. #ICant

Meanwhile it’s ironic that Steffy used Wyatt to get Ivy to delete the video, and now he’s telling her to delete the message from Liam saying not to call him again and to get a life. Ahhhh, she has to listen to it again. See, here’s my problem right here. The last time she saw Liam, he dumped her. So why is she “waiting” for yet ANOTHER confirmation. He quit Forrester, packed his stuff, told her to move her stuff out of the beach house, and to leave the ring “wherever.” So, why is she confused, pining for, mass texting, and calling him? Yes, we know what happened to him, but she doesn’t. #GirlBye you’ve been dumped. #ICant

Steffy and Wyatt arrive at Wyatt’s place and she tells him that she knows it’s his house, but he can leave. Lol, right, Rebound Wyatt ain’t going nowhere, especially now that he knows that Steffy has accepted that Liam is out of her life. He locks the door, because Quinn always brings him a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Well, guess what Rebound Wyatt, Quinn will not be bringing you a box this year, she’s busy playing Eve.

Rebound Wyatt quickly reassures Steffy that she’s better off with him than spending time with Liam. She agrees that she’s better off with him. “You have consistently been by my side, made me feel loved for who I am, never being judged. I just can’t believe it’s taken me so long to figure it out.” He tells her that she wasn’t ready. Steffy lets him know that she’s ready now. What????? It’s only been a week or two and now you are ready to move on with his brother????? You’ve fallen out of love with Liam that fast and in love with Rebound Wyatt? What happened to taking a moment for yourself? I guess it blew out the window because she is ready to get busy with Rebound Wyatt.

They passionately kiss, clothes start flying and off to the bed they go. Or should I say they “get busy,” “knock boots,” or “do the nasty.” Wyatt goes to get wine, but Steffy tells him that this was a champagne moment. He agrees Lol #ICant

At the Cabin of Eden, Adam wonders what smells so good. Eve tells him it’s their Valentine’s dinner. Of course Adam wants to go out and buy her a gift, but Eve is not having it. His recovery is all she needs, LOL. My girl’s mind is swift; she tells him that he loves showering her with gifts. Then just a swift as her mind was before, she lost it and brought him some “lemon bars.” What????? Really Quinn/Eve?????

Liam/Adam tells her it sounds familiar. He’s feeling frustrated and has a million questions. She is willing to answer them. He’s confused why they don’t have children, especially because Eve would be the ideal mother. Eve plays with Adam and asks if she has some untapped maternal instinct and he clowns back with her, a killer instinct. Yeap, Eve has a “killer” instinct and she tried to kill you, LOL.

Anywho…she tells him that the timing has never been righ, but he knows one day it will be, and she will be perfect. Eve suggests that there is no time like the present to start trying.

Woooo, they kiss passionately. Then Adam stops and Eve wants to know what’s wrong—does he have a headache? He tells her no, and that he wouldn’t let that stop him. He feels exhausted, he’s trying to get the wheels to turn, but he can’t. I wonder why? Is it because it’s Quinn, and you subconsciously, know the truth, ROTFL. He has this nagging feeling that there is somewhere he should be and she tells him, “Here, you need to be here with your wife.” She goes on to say that she’s all he will ever need and to let her help him. Adam turns out the lights, undresses Eve, and they begin to make love. LAWD, really, lol #ICant

Adam thought being intimate with Eve would spark memories, but it didn’t. She asks him if there were sparks, and he said there were, but not the kind that made him remember who he is. She assures him they will get through this.

After all the heated lovemaking it’s time for the flashbacks, reminiscing, and reflections. Music plays as Steffy walks out to the patio and looks at the moon and has flashbacks of her and Wyatt and then she flashes to her and Liam. Adam looks out at the moon. Eve watches Adam/Liam. Steffy says, “Goodbye, Liam…wherever you are.” I know I said it before, but I’m saying it again, I Can’t.

So, what will happen next? Will Caroline breakdown and tell Thomas, her son-in-law, that he’s possibly her baby’s daddy? Will the pills that Caroline took affect the health of the baby? What about WYFFY? Will Rebound Wyatt whisk Steffy off to some remote location to elope? Will Eve end up pregnant and Adam and Eve live happily ever after at the Cabin of Eden? You tell me what will happen next.

SofiaBryanBy Sofia A. Bryan

Edited by Akbi Khan


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    Liam had better get his memory back soon. Cannot stand him with Quinn. Hope Steffy and Wyatt do get married. Caroline will not tell Thomas. But, Ridge is not going to be happy about the revealing of the sex of the baby and Thomas being there.

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