The Bold and the Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 2/06/16: The Cabin of EDEN and Love Schizophrenia

Adam and Eve-2#BoldandBeautiful fans I have been on a serious hiatus, but I’m back and ready to spin this #CliffhangerFriday tale. I will not delay, so, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

$Bill is trying to make light of Brooke telling him that he’s the ‘love of her life’ to Krazy Katie. He jokes about how all women love him and want him, so why is she surprised. He wants her to get over it and move on. Krazy Katie is having none of it. After last week when she slapped Brooke into next week, she’s been on the war path and throwing back shots of scotch. #BoyBye with your madness, you fantasized about Brooke the entire time she was there, #justcomeclean and tell Krazy Katie so she can go off on both of you, lol. Heather Tom’s performances leaves no doubt why she’s received the Emmys that she has. She’s a phenomenal actress.

People are becoming concerned about Liam, so $Bill texts him. As always, Quinn handles her business and texts him back. She lets SBill know that Liam is ok and will be doing some traveling. Will $Bill accept this or will he go searching for his son?

Needless to say, Wyatt being true to form, is busy being a crustacean, or should I say ‘bottom feeder.’ He is always going after Liam’s exes using one of his favorite lines, “Liam doesn’t appreciate you; I am not here to talk about my brother.” Whattttt???? #whiplash.

WYFFY (Steffy and Wyatt) are busy making memories at the beach. Ahhhh, this is looking familiar. Is WYFFY a remake of HOTT? Are they HOTT 2.0?

Steffy tells Wyatt that she feels appreciated by him since his brother went away. Hold up, just hold it right here. Is this the same chick that slammed Ivy? #GirlBye, you were busy laid up in bed with Wyatt before Liam left you. Yes, I know it was ‘innocent’ in your eyes, but what SANE woman parades around in her lingerie AND goes to sleep in the arms of his brother, in his house. #HookerBye. Steffy has been kissing, saying sweet nothings to Wyatt, all the while she is still wearing her engagement ring from Liam. Yes, Wyatt is always the rebound boy, but you are leading him on. #OwnIt

She tells Wyatt that he is “lifting her up and he’s willing to give so much more than Liam is willing to give.” Ahhhhh, guess what Wyatt’s comeback to that is? Yeap, you guessed it, “I’m not like Liam.” #BoyBye #JustBye

Steffy tells him she doesn’t have to wonder what he’s thinking. So Wyatt tells her he wants to know what he’s thinking now. Lead up much? Steffy went fishing for this and she caught it. Then she proceeds to tell him, that he’s thinking that being with her “feels right.” He asks “What else?” Steffy says, “You know I feel the same.”

Wyatt wants to make it last. Steffy says, “Fine by me.” Wyatt is serious. He wants to make it last FOREVER. Now Steffy wants to play all dumb and asks what does he mean? He tells her that he wants to “spend the rest of his life with her.” BOOM, there it is, #PlayaCard. Ok, you just proposed to Ivy a few weeks ago wanting to spend the rest of your life with her. Now you spend a few days with Steffy and you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Does Wyatt have love schizophrenia?

At the cabin of Eden, ROTFL, ‘Adam and Eve’ is sharing their newfound love. At least Liam, aka Adam is. He can’t believe that he is married and to an ‘angel’ like Eve, aka Quinn. Now I know some of you are like, “Ew.” But I am honestly enjoying this fairy tale of love. It’s original, and the good thing about it is that since my boy Wyatt is always ‘pickin’ up the pieces’ with Liam’s exes, we will NEVER have to worry about him trying to date Eve. ROTFL!

Liam is in awe of ‘Eve’ and is totally dependent on her to enlighten him on who he is. Now that ‘Eve’ shared with ‘Adam’ that they are married, he is so excited. Even to the point that he asks if they have children. Bhahahaha!

This duo is so comical, it’s hard for me to write about them without seriously laughing. ‘Eve’ is so sincere about their relationship to ‘Adam,’ that she even spins a tale about how their friends joked with them about their names, ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve,’ when they met. Really, Rena Sofer and Scott Clifton is knocking it out of the park with their acting on this story line. I’m loving it.

Liam is frustrated that he can’t remember, but knows that Quinn is important to him. Yeah, she’s important to you, all right. She’s only tried to kill you a couple of times. ROTFL!

‘Eve’ leaves the room and ‘Adam’ listens to the radio. Honestly, I’m surprised that ‘Eve’ let him listen to the radio. Quinn is sharper than that. He hears a Mexican restaurant commercial that has ‘cha cha cha’ in it and it sparks a sense of familiarity to him. However, he can’t place it. As we all know, Steffy says ‘cha cha cha’ to him.

‘Adam’ wants to know if they eat a lot of Mexican food. She doesn’t know, but she’s a little puzzled. So she offers up a Mexican fiesta. He’s trying to place that memory, but can’t. He offers to cook, but doesn’t know if he knows how to cook, he’s tired of being a burden. ‘Eve’ tells him he’s a good person and that he would jump off the bridge for someone. He thinks she is exaggerating. She assures him that she is not. #CarefulQuinn, you might spark a memory. She tells him how nice and good he is and that has been a positive influence on her.

‘Adam’ lays on the praises of ‘Eve.’ He goes in for a kiss, but she only allows him a small kiss. ROTFL! He says “I like this, getting to know my wife. We can make new memories.” LAWD, help me, this is too funny. ‘Eve’ tells him that he doesn’t have to do this. ‘Adam’s’ comeback is, ‘You’re my wife, and I’m your husband.’ Now he goes in for “THE KISS.” With no way out, ‘Eve’ allows him to kiss her. At first I had tears of laughter in my eyes as this scene unfolds, but I have to admit, they #BroughtIt, I was like d*mnum, they are hotttttttttttttt. Now I want to see more and more of ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve.’

While this kiss of passion is taking place with our newfound Cabin Eden dwellers, Steffy sits on the beach wondering where Liam is.

So, what will happen next? Will Krazy Katie figure it out and go cray cray on BRILL? Will Steffy say yes to Wyatt’s marriage proposal and we have a WYFFY wedding? Will Quinn’s plan backfire—will she develop TRUE feelings for Liam? If so, once Liam regains his memory, will he be in love with Quinn? Will Adam and Eve remain in the Cabin of Eden with ‘Eve’ using whips and chains?

SofiaBryanBy Sofia Bryan

Edited by Akbi Khan

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