The Bold and the Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 12/04/15: ElectroFrying Black Widow Cousin

bb cf 12 05 15After a long wait and November Snooze Sweeps, #BoldandBeautiful had a true Cliffhanger Friday. Fans are not looking for weekly deaths or electrocutions; but the drama is what we want on Friday to keep us tuning in for more. Evidently Steffy is now the “Black Widow” (A disingenuous woman who exploits her position in a relationship to the detriment of her partner; reference Urban Dictionary); in this case we will change partner to cousin. We are going to weave this web, so “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Starting off Liam is highly upset with Steffy after she confessed that she broke her promise to him and told Wyatt that Ivy cheated on him with t-HO-mASS. Steffy defended her position for blabbing to Wyatt by telling Liam that she thought he would respect her judgment. Liam countered and told her that she did the one thing he asked her not too and that he thought she would respect his judgment.

Steffy “TruthTeller” was adamant that she only did this because Wyatt DESERVED the truth and Ivy MADE HER do it. ROTFL, Steffy and truth in the same sentence is comical because, when she clocked Aly over the head with the tire iron, threw away the evidence, and continued to lie about it; she didn’t feel that Aly’s father; her uncle, deserved the truth about what happened. Nor when her brother t-HO-m-ASS challenged her to a bet that he could break up WIVY, the truth escaped her then also. NOW, since it’s Wyatt, she’s suddenly found this new morality. Someone please pick me up off the floor from laughter.

Liam told Steffy she should have minded her own business and that she robbed Ivy of the opportunity to tell Wyatt her way. He said that now, Wyatt will go home heartbroken and break up with Ivy. I declare, that lapdawg Liam was trying to get that leash off of him and try to upgrade to a pedigree.

Meanwhile over in the design office Quinn was weaving her web to t-HO-m-ASS of how she felt that Steffy was better for Wyatt and pretty much telling him if he could make that happen, she’d appreciate it. WOW, our old Quinn is back to meddling in Wyatt’s love life; I guess Deacon must be on vacation from his couch, lol.

Pam barges in looking for Ridge or Steffy and shares that there is an electrical problem downstairs. After she receives a text from Steffy that she’s on it, she leaves. Then t-HO-m-ASS questions Quinn if she started the fire, lol. She tells him she’s reformed. He whips, he’s heard about her and her wheeling knife.

Quinn is too cleaver to just come out and tell t-HO-m-ASS she wants him to interfere; you must ask if that’s her real desire or is she using reverse psychology on him. Time will tell.

Liam and Steffy head downstairs; Jake and the electrician tells them they are going to turn off the breaker, it’s extremely dangerous and NOT to let anyone go over there. They leave and Steffy uses this as a perfect opportunity to try to dig herself out of the whole she dug with Liam by using her girlish wiles. A spark goes off and she tells him that although he’s upset with her, they still have electricity between them.

Lapigree doesn’t want to hear it, he thought Steffy was done with the bitterness between she and Ivy. Steffy says she’s trying; but Liam reminds her of what she just did and it’s hard for him to believe. She bats her eyes and says that she thought she was doing the right thing. He says he knows. Oh well from lapdawg to lapigree, back to lapdawg.

Before leaving Liam asks her not to interfere again and to let it play out. As a matter of fact, just stay away from Ivy. Steffy agrees; Liam is adamant and reiterates it again for her to stay away from Ivy.

Ivy tries to pick up the pieces that Steffy scattered and tells Wyatt that she messed up and she wants to rebuild his trust; she doesn’t want him to give up on them. He says why not? You did.

Wyatt doesn’t understand if Ivy loved him why she would look at Thomas or any man. He told her about Quinn questioning him if he was worried that Ivy was in the house with Thomas while they were in San Francisco, he told her that he wasn’t because he trusted her.

Ivy tells him she got lost. Oh, Wyatt wasn’t hearing that, he was like, lost again? And demands to know if that night was the only night or were there others. She confessed that there was other kisses. He’s totally pissed now, he tells her that Thomas is a spoiled brat and he just wants to sleep around and is that what she wanted. She says no, she only wants him and for the first time she tells Wyatt she loves him.

Wyatt can’t believe that he was only gone one night and she turned to Thomas. She apologizes again and tells him she doesn’t want to lose him. He brings up her being hurt by Liam and that he thought she wanted a relationship built on trust. He doesn’t want to be insecure, looking over his shoulder wondering who the next guy will be to say something nice to her and she cheat on him. That she had insured him that she wasn’t interested in Thomas.

Then the other shoe dropped. Wyatt told her that he had to hear it from Steffy. Oh well, that changed everything. Ivy told him that she told Steffy to mind her own business and she would be the one to tell him. She doesn’t want their relationship to end because of Steffy because she told him instead of allowing her to tell him properly.

Wyatt declares that he will not share her with Thomas or any man for that matter, and if she wants Thomas, she can have him. He leaves in a huff.

Ivy leaves to confront Steffy about her snitching to Wyatt. However, Wyatt comes back to the house only to find that Ivy has left; he reminisces about their relationship.

When Ivy finds Steffy she wants to know if she’s sitting there plotting the breakup of someone else. Digging some more, Steffy asks if they broke up. Ivy tells her that she couldn’t resist another opportunity to hurt her again.

Violins please, Steffy says that she didn’t plan to tell Wyatt nor to hurt Ivy. #GirlBye with your lie. Steffy insist that Wyatt deserved to know. Ivy agree, but it should have come from her not Steffy’s twisted version. She tells Ivy she’s sorry, but that’s not her responsibility.

It’s important to note here that ALL the while that Steffy was downstairs with Liam the lights were flickering. Yet, she gets up and heads towards the area that she was specifically told not to let anyone go and begins ignoring Ivy and texting on her phone.

Ivy grabs her arm to get her attention, Steffy tells her to get her hands off of her. Ivy says “really?” She grabs Steffy’s phone and throws it in the restricted area. Note: Ivy DOES NOT KNOW about the electrical issues; nor what the electrician said and that Steffy is supposed to keep everyone out. Now at this point here, Ivy was trying to try to get her to pay attention to her, not to fight her; but Steffy wants to make it more. Steffy climbs up the stairs in the restricted area to and bends to reach for her phone. Ivy goes up behind her and reaches out for her. Steffy swings around and pushes Ivy into the electrical wires.

The Black Widow strikes again and Ivy is electrocuted. Steffy stands there in shock and disbelief and then cries out for someone to her HER? REALLY? Ivy is the one electrocuted and Steffy wants someone to help HER?

Well #BoldandBeautiful fans what will happen next? Will Quinn convince t-HO-m-ASS to become her ally by pursuing Ivy and running quarterback for STATT? Will Ivy survive the attack of the ElectroFrying Black Widow Cousin? Or will she meet the same fate as Aly? Will Wyatt forgive Ivy? What about Liam? What will he do when he finds out his fiancé fried her cousin? You tell me.


By Sofia A. Bryan


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