The Bold and the Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 11/13/15: Your “Family Card” Is DECLINED

BB 11-13-15 PHOTO#BoldandBeautiful fans have you noticed that it’s all about family when it’s convenient? Oh, I want a baby: family; can’t we just get along: family; delete the video: family; nosy in your business: family. But, I want to date you! Oh, I’m a Marone, and we’re not REAL cousins, although I’m a Forrester when it’s convenient. Child, puleaze, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

I must admit, I have not watched this “hot mess” this week. I watched Friday’s episode so I can write this column. Fans have spoken loud and clear about their dissatisfaction, but it’s fallen on deaf ears so they can “Sweep” November or should I say “Sleep.” Well, it’s going to be done without my viewership. They can’t count me if I’m reading recaps, ROTFL. I MIGHT return to watching regularly in December, lol, after their November Sleep is over, because they are putting me in a visual coma with these sorry story lines.

Ok today, Steffy asks t-HO-mas what his issue is with Ridge. t-HO-mas spits out the same old tired mess about hitting Ridge and sleeping with the intern. Voila, Ridge walks in and wants to know what he missed. Steffy brings out her “family” card from her bag of tricks and says that t-HO-mas and Ridge need to move past this because what????? “They’re family.” Ridge says he’s trying, but Steffy wants him to try harder.

Meanwhile, over in Ridge’s office, the newly elected “Mr. Busybody Lapdawg” Liam interrogates Caroline about what is wrong with her. Needless to say, “Ms. Busybody Brooke” spilled the beans to Mr. Busybody earlier this week about Ridge’s vasectomy. After Ridge put both busybodies in their place by letting them know it’s none of their business, the resident busybody Lapdawg couldn’t let well enough alone. Send him back to Spencer Publications, please, I thought he was the President there; why is he camping out at FC where he’s only VP?

Caroline tries to defuse the situation by explaining to him that she’s pregnant. Now regardless of how she got pregnant, it makes complete sense that she might not be herself because of all the busybodies. Pam, with her audacity of purchasing a pregnancy test demanding that she takes it, then tell EVERYONE that she’s pregnant, robbing CaRidge that opportunity. Not to mention Brooke telling about Ridge’s vasectomy on top of Caroline’s being pregnant, it’s reasonable for her to be a little on edge.

Mr. Busybody Lapdawg demands answers. Why? Because “they’re family.” #BoyBye. Go mind your own business.

Mama and Papa Avant, Zende, Eric, and Ms. Busybody Brooke (from here on out, I’ll just refer to her as BBB), are conversing at the Forrester mansion awaiting the results of the pregnancy test. Papa is praying for negative results while Mama is praying for understanding. Eric, #JustBye, is proud of Zende being supporting of his girlfriend having his uncle’s baby. LAWD have mercy. BBB can’t wait to be a grandmother again. You know she can’t help her meddling, she corners Zende and says “It’s just us, you can tell me.” #GirlMindYourOwnBusiness. Zende falls into BBB’s trap and begins to share his true feelings.

BBB, the fountain of morality, *eyeroll*, tells Zende not to let Papa get to him. Zende says he isn’t. Well, he should, because at this point only Papa and Mama Avant are making sense in this cesspool of madness.

STEAM kisses, but her Lapdawg is distracted. Why? Because he’s busy up in CaRidge’s business. Steffy assures him that Caroline is fine. She has the man of her dreams and she’s pregnant. I.e., #MindYourOwnBusiness.

Ridge wants to know what’s troubling Caroline. She tells him about her conversation with her “cousin,” Liam. She’s stressed about that, keeping secrets, and his and t-HO-mas’ relationship. She tells Ridge that he must let up on t-HO-mas. Ridge says he’s trying, but all he can see is t-HO-mas’ hands all over her.

Stalker/lurker t-HO-mas is at the door. This is a good time to note that t-HO-mas was lurking at the door when CaRidge was getting an ultrasound and barged in. So, here he is again lurking, but this time he hears Ridge say, “Thomas will never know.”

RAYA and Nicole are at the doctor’s office and Nicole “doesn’t want to disappoint.” OMgoodness, REALLY? Either RAYA refuses to see their subliminal manipulation of Nicole, or they just don’t care. Nicole goes to have her blood drawn for the pregnancy test.

While they wait for the results Rick tells Nicole that he will wrap her with bubble wrap for the next nine months, if she’s pregnant. Now, some may not see what I see developing, but Rick and Nicole are giving each other little subtle looks, I think this is going to develop into something and we will see a ROLE (Rick and Nicole) relationship develop. This is Rick’s first child and married or not, Nicole is carrying it. Not just carrying it, she’s the mother, because those are her eggs.

The doctor return with the results and let them know Nicole is pregnant. Surprise—NOT. No one is surprised here. Moving on, nothing new here.

RAYA wells up with emotion and Maya gives her “family” speech to Nicole.

#BoldandBeautiful, puleaze, you have used that “family” card waaaayyyyy too much, and it’s DECLINED!

Well #BoldandBeautiful fans what will happen next? Will everyone be one big happy “family?” Will Ridge and t-HO-mas put aside their differences or will the lurker demand answers about what he overheard? Will Caroline be able to keep Mr. Busybody Lapdawg Liam out of her business? Will Ms. Busybody Brooke run to Nicole and spill the beans about what Zende said? Will the Rick and Nicole (ROLE) bond grow, making it a Zende/Nicole/Rick/Maya quadrangle mess? You tell me…

SofiaBryanBy Sofia A. Bryan

Edited by Akbi Khan

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