The Bold and the Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 10/30/15: #JustBye And Take Your Tricycle With You

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Well #BoldandBeautiful fans, we are at this juncture again, the crossroads of Cliffhanger Friday. You might wonder about the title of this week’s column, well it’s simple: it’s all about being a third wheel. We know a tricycle has three wheels, one leading and 2 that follow. I’ll go into more detail later, so “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Tricycle #1

Today #TheBold celebrated Halloween, and partial contestants from Big Brother participated. Now, I’m not against cross-over shows, but it has to make sense. Each year #BoldandBeautiful fans must suffer through the third wheel of the Big Brother reality show contestants from seasons past. Yes, REALITY SHOW! Now if they were crossing over #TheYoungandTheRestless, as they have in the past, I could be down with that. As a matter of fact maybe our second tricycle third wheel t-HO-mas might actually get his OWN lady instead of being a scavenger trying to prey on women that are already taken.

Tricycle #2

I think with the bringing in of Big Brother REALITY SHOW former contestants, someone thought we viewers lost our minds. However, the REALITY is we are very sane. When in Daylight Savings Time is it ok to try to push up on your cousin?

Someone thought the viewers hit their heads and all of a sudden have amnesia. Just a few weeks ago Steffy, Wyatt, and Lapdawg were crying to Ivy to delete the video “because Steffy and Ivy are family, they are cousins.” So, how is it all of a sudden just because t-HO-mas is womanless after he knocked up his step-mother, it’s ok for him to hit on Ivy?

Viewer are not delusional, we ALL know the history that Ridge is not Eric’s son. However, Eric adopted Ridge. Come on now, somebody is NOT watching the show and it’s NOT the viewers.

t-HO-mas has only been back on the scene for four months, viewers were excited to see his return. However, Pierson Fode, an excellent actor, by the way, and adorable, has gotten the short end of this stick. Since taking over the role he has:

  1. Made advances on Caroline while his FATHER was dating her.
  2. Threatened Ivy when she refused to delete the video.
  3. Kissed his step-cousin, Zende’s girlfriend, Nicole.
  4. Took advantage, yes I said it, of Caroline after only hours after Ridge broke up with her. She was crying and upset over the breakup, but t-HO-mas thinks this is an opportune time to sleep with her.
  5. Slept with the intern Charlotte which could have resulted in a lawsuit, only to spurn her later after his banishment to Paris.
  6. Punched his father in the face.
  7. Was banished to Paris because Ridge found out about what happened with Caroline and that he’s now the assumed father of her baby because of Ridge’s vasectomy and basically being sterile.
  8. Now upon his return, he wants to “get with” Ivy knowing full well she’s in a relationship with Wyatt. The fans love WIVY with an overwhelmingly supportive vote of 92% a recent poll in “Soaps In Depth.” I know November is “Sweeps Month” but who in their right mind would want to upset a fan base with those kinds of numbers? #BoldandBeautiful will SWEEP their way to the bottom of the ratings. ROTFL!

No wonder Adam Gregory didn’t return in the role, he probably heard what was in store for this character and said, “Oh, h*ll, NO.”

Yes, I’ve changed Thomas’ name to t-HO-mas, because that’s what he is a HO. During this nonsense today we see Ivy confused as to t-HO-mas’ motive for the compliments. The writers even went as far as to have t-HO-mas and Ivy give us, the viewers, a history lesson of how they are magically now “not related.” I guess we viewers are supposed to be idiots and think it’s “ok” because they are not “technically” related.  Mmmmm, NO, STOP insulting our intelligence and END this stupid story line.

This circus went as far as to have Ivy say to t-HO-mas that he’s “always there when she needs him.” WTF, this playa probably had Wyatt’s car vandalized and had the light fall at the right time so he could “save” her. #STOPIT just STOP THE MADNESS.

None of the viewers fell off a cliff and got a head injury. Just weeks ago t-HO-mas was busy threatening her and NOW he’s “always there when she needs him?” Wyatt needs to slap the Daylight Savings Time out of t-HO-mas for blatantly trying to holla at his lady in front of his face. Hit him in the throat Wyatt, #JustDoIt.

Viewers understand the complications involved in writing a story, but dang, let it make sense and DON’T INSULT OUR INTELLIGENCE. You cannot fit a square peg into a round hole. This story line doesn’t work. Viewers aren’t feeling it. So, back up out of it while you still have a LITTLE face left.

Tricycle #3

Maya is running this ship and she’s the front wheel. Nicole is too STUPID–yes, I said it, STUPID–to realize it. I use to say that Nicole was naïve. However after this week, she’s rolled from naïve into STUPID. EVERYONE is hitting Nicole over the head with MAJOR truths about the reality of being RAYA’s surrogate: Papa and Mama Avant, Zende, and the doctor. But noooooooooooooooo, she “owes Maya so much.”

At this point, I have to stop blaming Maya, not because she is repeating insincerely every day ,“You don’t have to do it, we are not pressuring you,” but because Maya is playing her like a violin and Nicole brought the sheet music for her to play it.

You do you Maya, get your baby, I’m not mad at you. If Nicole is STUPID enough at 19 or 20 to WILLINGLY have her FIRST child for you because you gave her a roof over her head (might I add Maya didn’t want her there, it was Rick’s idea), gave her an INTERNSHIP (right, not even a REAL job), and a few trinkets, then Maya, use her like a dishrag and wipe your plate clean. As a matter of fact, why stop here? EVERY TIME you want a baby, give her a call.

This chick, Nicole, has been told countless times of what she’s going to be giving up. Her life, her boyfriend (yeap, Zende, you need to jump ship and check out Sasha, she’s coming soon) and a minimum of a year of your life to have RAYA’s baby. You get what you deserve. I hope you have this child and get attached to the baby AND Rick. I want EVERY DAY of your life having to watch YOUR baby call Maya mama while you go to your ROOM at the Forrester mansion where Maya’s picture hangs and play with those trinkets of yours that were worth your womb. I want you to go to your “intern” job and be GRATEFUL.

I know this isn’t much of a Cliffhanger column as it is an editorial. However, this is ALL this deserves with the idiotic story lines we are watching now. I’m DONE!!!!! This mess is a #HOTmess, ALL of it.

Viewers, what will happen next? Will t-HO-mas go along his merry way and fight Zende for the new babe Sasha? Will Zende continue to be ok with Nicole rejecting his request for intimacy? Will Nicole continue to volunteer to be RAYA’s baby machine? You tell me.


SofiaBryanBy: Sofia A. Bryan

Edited by Akbi Khan



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    good article its everything i’m feeling right now too. it was way funny, but it is also way true. i hope they read this and take notice.

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