The Bold and the Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 10/16/15: HYPOCRISY

BB 10-16-15 photoMy darling #BoldandBeautiful fans today’s show was so filled with hypocrisy that it made this viewer chuckle out loud. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

First we start off with Steffy interrogating Ridge and Caroline regarding the whereabouts of Thomas. When Ridge tells her that he needed Thomas in Paris, she says, “For what?”

EXCUSE ME!!!!! Isn’t Ridge CEO and you are President? #GirlBye

After much badgering by Steffy, she tells Ridge that Thomas is “family.” Trick please, Ridge has just as much right, if not more, to hire, fire, and/or relocate an employee. Steffy’s hypocrisy NEVER ceases. She fired Ivy, who’s a Forrester, and Ridge accepted her decision. Exactly WHO does Steffy think she is? “Miss I’m Concerned About My Corporate Image So I Can’t Be The Face of the Lingerie Line” while wearing a see through blouse at the office.

Caroline stood by Ridge and finally had to tell Steffy to “let it go, Ridge made his decision.” #SteffyTakeSeveralSeats.

Thomas calls Ridge to check in with him from International and tell him that he doesn’t understand why he’s there. Ridge is not moved and hangs up on him. #BoyBye, lol.

CaRidge is keeping the baby secret. There are some that are throwing some serious shade at Caroline, calling her a doormat, and Ridge weak and insecure. But let’s look at this thing for real. What woman do you know, including yourself if you are one, that would want the world to know that just hours after her boyfriend dumped her she slept with his son and got pregnant? Yes, she was under the influence of pills and alcohol, but still the dirty deed was done.

What man, including yourself if you are one, wants the world to know that your son bedded his girlfriend, while she was under the influence of pills and alcohol? Although Thomas says that he did not know about the pills. He was NOT intoxicated when he arrived. He knew Caroline was an emotional wreck, PLUS, that’s your DAD’s lady. #NastyJustNasty

I propose that fans give CaRidge a little break on this one. It’s a terrible situation all around.

Now, yesterday RAYA invited a fertility specialist to the house. The specialist was very detailed regarding the pros and cons of surrogacy, when she was informed that RAYA wanted to use her sister Nicole. Some issues she brought up were:

  1. Nicole’s age.
  2. Typically a surrogate candidate is older, has had children, and ideally has no desire to have more children. It helps to avoid attachment.
  3. It is almost unheard of using a sibling so young that she is childless.
  4. There are psychological concerns using a first time surrogate.
  5. There are risks for everyone involved, and Nicole’s ability to get pregnant is unknown. Even if she is able to give them a healthy child. She might have her own fertility issues later in life and she might suddenly decide that the healthy child that she carried should be hers. Although there are legal ways to handle that, emotionally it could present a problem. It’s reasons like this that they suggest using a gestational carrier (to harvest Nicole’s eggs and have someone else carry it).
  6. The process takes a minimum of a year. There are psychological evaluations; legal documents; fertility testing; potentially, medications; and with only one attempt per cycle, it could take a few more months. Additionally, there is the risk of IUI that results in multiple births.
  7. There’s a 20% chance of success each cycle; although it sounds low, the specialist said it’s pretty good. However, she also suggested that RAYA consider other options.

With a laundry list like that, Maya should have IMMEDIATELY called Nicole and told her, “NO!” As a matter of fact, WHY did she ask her in the first place? How selfish is that? Maya has lived a part of her life and is married to the love of her life, WHY deprive Nicole of experiencing the same?

Maya successfully went through the procedures to experience the dream of her life to become a woman and has career success. However, Nicole is young and naïve, she hasn’t experienced anything but her parent’s house and a couple of months at UCLA. As a matter of fact, it is implied to the viewer that Nicole is a virgin and she can’t be more than 19 years old.

Rick has been married before, partially raised a child with Amber, and experienced career success. How selfish are they? The whitewashing began when Maya told Nicole that she was not trying to pressure her, but PLEASE! RAYA knew they were manipulating her.

Nicole, who has experienced NOTHING, is thrown into the limelight of a mansion, internship, riches, and fame. She feels indebted and does not have the life experience to realize the impact, both emotionally and physically, of what she has been asked to do.

Although Nicole sought the advice of Brooke, she might as well have talked to a wall. #MamaBearBrooke wants everyone to give Rick what he wants and at whatever cost, so let’s just call that a moot point, because in the end she supported the idea.

I have trolled FB, Twitter, Instagram, several boards and social media in general. The consensus is the same, HOW DARE RAYA ASK SUCH A THING OF NICOLE. This is MORE than a FAVOR or a GIFT. This is two self-centered people that are only considering their own selfish desires to “get[ting] what THEY want” regardless of the cost of others.

It is IRRELEVANT of what Zende wants, although he’s DEFINITIVELY NOT on board. ZENCOLE may never materialize and if it does, not last. But Nicole’s life goes on and there will be other men. What kind of sick, depraved mind would ask his nephew’s girlfriend to have a baby for him, and what kind of sick man and his sick wife would be ok with it. I MEAN, REALLY!!!!!

The entire hypocrisy here is that Maya did not want anyone to tell her what to do with her body. However, she’s asking Nicole to sacrifice hers for her selfish desire. RAYA ACTUALLY questioned if it was too much of what they were asking Nicole. Duh!—if you have to question it, then the answer is YES!!!!!

Honestly, this Maya is totally unrecognizable to me. The Maya that first arrived was a sweet, compassionate, and giving person. Over the last few months, this new Maya has arrived and she’s the polar opposite. The new Maya has been a #meangirl, #selfishgirl, and #IndifferentToOthersGirl

Zende is being very patient, loving, yet forthright, with Nicole in expressing his feelings. He wants the ultimate decision to be hers. When Nicole tells Zende that she doesn’t know how to tell Maya NO, he quickly instructs her on how it’s done.

My vote goes for Zende to drop Nicole like a hot potato. They are NOT in love. They just started dating. He’s TOO young to have that baggage attached to him. #KeepItMovingZende

Now if Maya was not subliminally manipulating Nicole, why would she tell her, “I know you are not still apologizing for walking in your own home.” She knows Nicole worships the ground she walks on and that Nicole is definitely not trying to lose the “jet set” life. I don’t care what Nicole says, she is a subconscious indentured servant (a person who signs and is bound by indentures to work for another for a specified time, especially in return for payment of travel expenses and maintenance). The only way for Nicole to “pay Maya back” for the glam lifestyle is to carry her baby.

Nicole sings Maya’s praises about how wonderful and marvelous she is, and how much she’s done for her, and eventually tells her, “YES!!!!!”

The interaction between the Avant sisters is awesome and the acting by Karla and Reign is powerful. However, I would like to have experienced that under different circumstances.

So, tell me, what will happen next? Will Steffy accept CaRidge’s answer about Thomas or will she continue to pry? Will Zende support Nicole or will he drop her like a hot potato? Will RAYA press forward with Nicole as their surrogate or will they get an ounce of love and consideration for someone else and tell Nicole they changed their mind? Read, Discuss, Comment, and Share…

BONUS: Hey, B&B fans! Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Karla Mosley (Maya Avant) coming up Monday! Find out how she feels about playing a transgender character, working with Jacob Young (Rick Forrester), and much more.

I thank Karla in advance for giving me the exclusive interview. She is truly a dynamic and powerful actress. You will not regret checking out this interview.

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