The Bold and the Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 09/25/15: Careful What You Wish For–You Just Might Get It

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Sometimes in life we ask for things and ACTUALLY get them, but then in the end we wish we hadn’t. So it was this week with #BoldandBeautiful. Now, Let’s Talk About Soaps.

Well as usual Busybody Brooke is in Ridge’s business demanding he tell Caroline about his infertility. Again, Brooke is right that Ridge should tell Caroline. As a matter of fact, he should have told her when she first started talking about having a baby with him.

The day that her divorce with Rick became final, she begin asking for a baby. Honestly, I believe she’s trying to fill the void of what she perceives as failure of a previous, unsuccessful marriage. In her mind, I believe, she wants someone that will never leave her, i.e., a baby.

Steffy doesn’t like Quinn’s designs and Thomas asks her if she regrets firing Ivy. Steffy of course is not having second thoughts—that’s Steffy.

Steffy questions Thomas about Caroline and how he’s fairing since the wedding. I mean REALLY, I’m not getting this whole Thomas in love with Caroline thing. It’s not like they were hot and heavy. First, Caroline dumped him so fast for Rick, it made our heads spin. Second, YEARS have passed since they dated. Steroid yeast has been added to this story line to inflate something that wasn’t there.

Meanwhile, over at the beach house, WIVY is kissing and she tells him she has to leave. He tries to convince her to stay because she just arrived. Wyatt is upset that $Bill shot down his idea for the fashion house. Although Ivy doesn’t like that he didn’t support the idea, she respects $Bill for not wanting to create a wedge between his sons.

Quinn walks in and wants to know what they are plotting to do to get Ivy her job back. Quinn says Steffy doesn’t back down on anything, why would she now? Ivy has to try.

After Ivy leaves Quinn challenges Wyatt as to why he isn’t fighting harder for Ivy. Why hasn’t he tried different things, including starting a competing fashion house? Wyatt tells her it’s not like he hasn’t tried. Now, Quinn is curious.

BRAS (Brooke and Thomas) discuss CaRidge and Ridge’s designs. Brooke compliments Thomas on his designs. When he asks again where his father is, Brooke continues to drop the bomb hints: “He needed to talk to his wife at home, in private.”

Brooke needs to take several seats. She is too busy trying to run people’s lives. Practically telling everyone what is going on. Although she hasn’t said it directly, her innuendos are enough to make everyone wonder.

Ivy slips past security to talk to Steffy. Steffy is delusional. I’m sickened by the fact that they have Ivy apologizing to this wench and asking for her job back. I’m also sickened that Aly’s death has practically been swept under the rug, and that her life meant basically nothing. This was an excellent opportunity to address mental illness, but NO, we have this stupid blackmail story. #ByeJustBye.

Ivy tells Steffy that she respects her position and if given a chance, she can prove that she is a loyal and trustworthy employee.

Ivy tells her that they are family and they should get past this. Sorry Ivy, but family means nothing to Steff. The only time that means something is when she is trying to get what she wants—notably, when she hoodwinked Wyatt to feed you that line.

Ivy owns her own company in Australia. Why doesn’t she open an LA location to include fashions? Why is she standing there taking responsibility for Steffy’s mistake, asking this chick for her job back? I mean REALLY Ivy, you’re a smart girl, you are ALREADY a boss, so make it here in LA on your own.

Caroline asks the doctor who the baby daddy is. It’s too early for a paternity test. Ok, right here is where I have several issues. Caroline said that she was on the pill, it’s not 100%. But in this day and age, you mean to tell me that Thomas whipped out his manhood and began to go to work without a condom? FOR REAL? Not ONLY can a baby be conceived, but the spread of sexually transmitted diseases? How irresponsible is that? What kind of message is being sent here. #JustStopAndThink

Caroline comes home all excited ready to tell Ridge the good news. He’s drinking scotch and she wants to know what happened. Although I like Caroline, her constantly babbling on and on, really gets on my nerves sometimes. Ridge tried to tell her before she went to the doctor, but she was busy babbling, and Ridge couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

Ridge has this serious look on his face and Caroline realizes something is definitely wrong, so she asks him to go first. Loving and gentle, Ridge shares with Caroline his life in Paris and how he made the conscious decision that he did not want any more children, because Steffy and Thomas are grown and RJ is a teenager. Clasping her hands, he says that if he knew that she was going to come along, he would not have had the vasectomy. Then—drumroll please—he had a vasectomy and he can’t be the father to her kid. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caroline cries uncontrollably now, NOT for the reason that Ridge thinks, because unless there was a miracle, Caroline is pregnant by her son-in-law, Thomas.

Will Steffy hire Ivy back or will Ivy flick Steffy off and start her own fashion house? Will Quinn tear $Bill a new one when she finds out that he denied her precious man child his request to start his own fashion house? What about Caroline, will she come clean with Ridge and tell him that she’s pregnant or will she try to find a way to wiggle out of it? Will Caroline tell Thomas about their bundle of joy or will she keep quiet. What will happen next?

SofiaBryanWritten by Sofia A. Bryan

Edited by Akbi Khan

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