The Bold and the Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 09/18/15: You Take Action and Fight

BB 9-18-15 photoThis Cliffhanger Friday on The Bold and The Beautiful gave fans a reprieve from high drama, yet drama just the same. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

The CaRidge wedding was one of this week’s highlights. It was a private ceremony between only Ridge and Caroline. The backdrop for the wedding was absolutely breathtaking. The pristine water and ultramodern house were the envy of many viewers, I’m sure. The couple pledged their love for one another, bringing tears to many eyes.

Fresh off of their brief honeymoon, Caroline is reminisced about their wedding, when Ridge caresses her and steals a kiss. Their chemistry is dynamic, and after a little playing, Caroline decides to go into the office to pick up some work, so they can work from home.

Unfortunately, both are harboring secrets.

Meanwhile, Brooke and Thomas share a conversation about CaRidge’s marriage. Brooke asked the same question I asked in my last column about the legality of their wedding. Thankfully, Thomas cleared it up by stating that they swung by the Justice of the Peace to make it legal.

As usual Brooke is not going to be undone, so she states that of ALL her weddings to Ridge that the Justice of the Peace performed were her favorite. Additionally, she says that her ex-husband just got married and she’s going to “be in the neighborhood and swing by to take him the gift.” #GirlBye Who cares?

While examining Brooke and Thomas more closely, I have come to the conclusion that I want Brooke to get her “cougar” on. Actually, Brooke and Thomas do have chemistry, and I, for one, would love to see that explored more.

Well over at the beach house, STEAM is busy trying to convince each other that they are doing the right thing. Mercy, please! No, not really. BATIE did the beat down on them and they are running scared. Steffy’s Lapdawg Liam actually tried to stand up to $Bill which was a MAJOR FAIL. BATIE went for the jugular, and no matter what Steffy tells her Lapdawg, Liam AND Steffy are in major trouble. We are going to have to wait to see how this plays out.

$Bill, who was once blinded by Steffy’s charms, evidently had Lasik Eye Surgery because he’s seeing her for who she truly is. Katie, once #TeamLiam also is no longer enchanted by him. Things are going to change and I, for one, am waiting to see this all go down.

Well as you know, Ms. #BusyodyBrooke makes her rounds to see Ridge and impose her personal opinions on him. Infusing herself into CaRidge’s relationship, she demands that Ridge tell Caroline about his vasectomy. First of all I don’t understand why in the world Ridge confided in her. Who tells his ex-wife that he had a vasectomy, when he knows she doesn’t like his future wife. Crazy—just crazy. Although I agree with Brooke, which is a miracle, she truly needs to mind her own business.

Caroline arrived at the office to find Thomas there. He’s shocked to see her come in. After she informs him that she’s only there to pick up work, he begins to admire her ring. They discuss Brooke being “just in the neighborhood.” Thomas tells her that Ridge has a child by her so she will have to get used to ALL the baby’s mamas. Caroline assures him that she would have it no other way and that she wants to have a relationship with each child.

Before Caroline leaves, she jokingly tells Thomas not to send any more sketches to the house by Brooke. Then there’s the awkward moment where Thomas doesn’t know where to hug her so he shakes her hand and says “there it is.” That was the best comedic moment! I loved Thomas. He really made me laugh. Eventually Caroline embraced him and said “about that night.” Thomas withdrew and asked if they are in the clear. She said they were good, but she’s married now. Well, I truly hope that them being intimate is a figment of his imagination. I like Thomas, but I don’t want CAMAS, I want CaRidge and I don’t fancy the idea of him sleeping with her that time. Let it all be a dream, please, especially since Caroline doesn’t remember it happening.

This week I was saddened by the Ivy’s being fired, but my heart, along with the majority of the fans hearts skipped a beat with excitement with the possibility of a competing fashion house by Wyatt. He gave $Bill his best pitch for starting it, and Katie was all on board with Ivy being the lead designer. Well…

After BATIE massacred STEAM, they went back to Wyatt’s house to discuss the possibility of starting Spencer Fashions. Katie liked the idea before. However, after BATIE’s encounter with STEAM, she was all in. $Bill even threw out some possible names for the fashion house, only for ALL of us fans to be let down when he said that he wasn’t interested.

Everyone was confused, so Wyatt reiterated that it could make $Bill a lot of money. $Bill said it “wasn’t about the money.” Which left everyone in shock because it’s always about the Benjamins with $Bill. He said that Wyatt and Liam have a hard enough time getting along and that he doesn’t want to create something that will draw a larger wedge between his sons. REALLY $Bill? What about us fans, we want you to drop the cash for this project!

The most tender and heartfelt moment this week was when Ivy reassured Wyatt that although he might not have gotten the company, he got the girl. Ivy told him how proud she was of him and that the difference between him and Liam is that Liam never does anything on his own, nor does he take any initiative, he just always reacts. Wyatt takes action and fights. She loves how he fought for her and that he’s actually doing things. That makes a world of difference. Wyatt asks her if he failed her. She tells him she doesn’t know who he thinks he failed, but it certainly wasn’t her.

Well #BoldandBeautiful fans, will STEAM continue to self-exalt themselves and bask in their power? Will BRAS (Brooke and Thomas) become a couple? Was it “just a dream” when CAMAS was intimate? Will BATIE continue to mow down STEAM? What about $Bill, will he give Wyatt his own fashion house? Or, will WIVY strike out on their own (remember Ivy already owns her company in Australia)? Will she open an LA office to include fashion? You tell me…

SofiaBryanWritten By Sofia A, Bryan

Edited by Akbi Khan

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