The Bold and the Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 09/11/15: True Colors

rp_true-colors-300x1681.pngBold and Beautiful fans this week’s Cliffhanger Friday exposed the true colors of many people. True colors of love, support, deceit, secrets, backstabbing, and double cross. Without delay, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Earlier, Caroline found herself in a most compromising situation when she took Pam’s anti-depression pills, drank alcohol, and woke up next to a smitten Thomas who was in post-coital afterglow. Both were intoxicated and it “just happened,” and Caroline doesn’t remember anything and swore Thomas to secrecy.

Wait, hold up just one minute here: what SON or any man for that matter, bolts over to a woman that was just dumped by her man, hit on her, and then bed her? Now, I know this isn’t popular with some, but it was VERY obvious that Caroline did not have her faculties about her, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s date rape. I don’t care if Thomas didn’t know she took the pills, he saw that she was intoxicated. PLUS, what SON will try to bed his FATHER’S lady? Especially less than an hour after their breakup! Nasty, just nasty, and I’m not feeling Thomas at all on this one. But I must move on.

Ridge has a little secret of his own, and he told Brooke, of all people, that he had a vasectomy. Needless to say Ms. Busybody with nothing else to do but mind other people’s business, demanded that Ridge tell Caroline and told him in front of her that if he didn’t tell her, she would. #GirlBye, it’s none of your business, Ms. Busybody. Brooke is just jealous that she doesn’t have a man and is out to destroy everyone’s relationships. This is the longest time in the history of B&B that Brooke has been without a man, and quite frankly, I’m ready for the “sl*t from the valley” to get laid, so she can mind her own business.

Moving on; $Bill, after much pressure from Caroline, decided to support CaRidge for family unity’s sake. Needless to say, he’s still none too happy and will gladly see them breakup. I’m not counting on this “support” to last long.

Katie, or should I say Hatie, threw some side shade at Caroline when she constantly talked about how “beautiful” Caroline’s ring is. Now, we all remember that all Ridge gave Hatie was a string, yep, a red string around the finger. At first, that little red ribbon was cute, but after a while, I was like you know that thing is dirty, plus, don’t you think you’re worth more than a string? Ridge has megabucks and he’s given every one of his many brides-to-be a hefty diamond ring.

In the end, the love of CaRidge stands and they plan to elope to Malibu and say their vows to each other. Awe, that’s so sweet. Now I love CaRidge. However, I have a lil’ issue with Ridge’s plan. Dude, how legal is this going to be? No one is officiating; no witnesses; I surmise that the two of you will only be common law, because there’s nothing official about that.

Additionally, before you saw those “vows” you both need to come clean. Just because Carolinestated that she was on her cycle doesn’t mean that she isn’t pregnant by Thomas. Unless there was a MAJOR issue with Ridge’s vasectomy, Ridge will be raising his grandson.

Earlier this week, Wyatt convinced Ivy to delete the video of Steffy knocking the life out of Alywith a tire iron. Although I wanted my girl Ivy to keep a backup copy just in case (because I knowSteffy—love her, but know her), she returned to the Ivy we know and love, one of integrity and honesty. I’ve never held my tongue, I’m #TeamIvy, because she is a woman of integrity. But also, she’s not a pushover either.

WIVY and STEAM had this Kumbaya moment that lead Ivy to believe that she truly did the right thing. However, Steffy’s true colors (green with envy) showed up. The entire crew was getting Ivyready for the photo shoot. Precious company time, resources, press release, etc. done and complete. But Steffy was out for revenge and on her power trip with her sidekick/Lapdawg Liam. She cancelled the photo shoot. When Wyatt questioned why, Steffy said, “We will reschedule.”Wyatt asked if Liam knew about this, Lapdawg Liam says, “it’s Steffy’s call.” I don’t know if anyone picked it up but Liam told Wyatt that he could “leave at any time.”

Steffy throws her weight around and tells Ivy that she’s president of this company and made some changes, #1 being the face of Forrester. #IvyThrownUnderTheBus

Unfortunately for WIVY, they thought everyone had moved on. Oh, but here comes the Steffylesson for you guys because you don’t know. Wyatt tells Steffy that Ivy deleted the video and all traces, because she asked her too. Steffy says she did move on, but what Ivy did was reprehensible. WHAT????? Steffy KILLS Aly and what Ivy did is reprehensible? Steffy is the MASTER of blackmail and this hypocrite is calling Ivy reprehensible? OMgoodness, this is RICH.

Ivy tells Steffy that instead of tearing into her, she should be thanking her. Steffy let Ivy know that her modeling days at Forrester are over.

Lapdawg Liam tells Wyatt not to interrupt Steffy when she’s talking. When Wyatt told Liam to “shut up,” I fell in the floor laughing, because Liam had that deer in headlights look and he shuts up. Two thumbs up for Wyatt.

Ivy felt that they were all going to be civilized. Lapdawg Liam told Ivy that she manipulated the situation and that is why she was named the face of Forrester. Steffy tells Ivy that she doesn’t deserve it because she didn’t earn it.

The power really went to Steffy’s head when she told WIVY that “this is her company run by her and her father.”

Confronting Steffy, Ivy tells her that she’s going against her word. In faux-shock, Steffy says “going against my word?” Ivy continues that she deleted the video. Manipulating, Steffy quickly lets her know that she never “promised” Ivy anything and then pours salt in the womb by draggingWyatt into it to confirm it for her.

Justifiably pissed, Ivy tells Steffy that she’s “unbelievably petty.” She let STEAM know that she hoped things would be different, but they are caught up in their “power trip.”

Trying to be the voice or reason, Wyatt told Steffy that it’s not only hurting Ivy, it’s hurting the company, and it’s way too soon for Steffy to step out as the face of Forrester. Steffy disagreed.

Ivy reminds Steffy that this is her opportunity to step up as a Forrester and asked if she’s forgotten that she’s a Forrester too. Steffy contended that Ivy needs to earn her stripes. Ivy is a self-made business woman with her own business and jogs Steffy’s memory that she had already made a name for herself in Australia long before she came to LA.

Steffy said she was trying to fix things, and Ivy will need to learn to deal with the consequences.Ivy questioned her about what that means. Steffy said “You can’t work with someone you can’t trust, I don’t trust you, and for that reason you are no longer welcome at Forrester. You’re fired.”

Ivy stood in shock.

Well lookie here—the true colors are now exposed. Takeaway lessons for WIVY:

  1. Don’t expose your trump card.
  2. Don’t turn on your ally and take the side of your opponent.
  3. Don’t destroy your trump card in belief that you can trust your opponent.true colors
  4. ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a backup.

What will happen next? Will CaRidge’s marriage be legal? Will Caroline find herself with child sooner than she thought? Will Ridge come clean about his vasectomy? Is Ridge’s vasectomy reversible, or will he be raising his grandson before he can find out?

Will Ivy take this lying down or will she give Steffy an AUSSIE SMACKDOWN? Has Wyatt wised up and recognize Steffy for the selfish, conniving, petty, and manipulating person she is? Will Wyatt feel guilty for believing Steffy and convincing Ivy to delete the video?

Oh, I don’t know, you tell me…

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