The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday, 09/03/16: Backstabbing

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Well, #BoldandBeautiful fans I am finally back. I took a hiatus from all of the painstaking story lines. I have quite a bit to say about this Cliff hanger Friday, so #LetsTalkAboutSoaps.

Well, $Bill wastes no time pouncing on Brooke. Three seconds after he signed the divorce papers, he was on the phone, calling Brooke. She did not hesitate to rush right on over either. After Brooke just about sucked the life out of $Bill with their kiss, she reverted back to her old game of “Wouldn’t it devastate Katie to see us together,” #HookerBye you don’t give a flying pig about Katie’s feelings.

$Bill whips out this box and gets on bended knee. Brooke acts like she’s surprised and innocent, “What are you doing.” $Bill says you know what I’m doing. She protests, “It’s too soon.” #GirlPlease.

$Bill tells her it’s more than a ring; it’s an entry to my family. He goes on this spill about the sword and what it represents; “My sons wear it, it’s a symbol of strength and power; it’s a reminder of what it means to be a Spencer. Since you are the strongest woman I know, it only seems right.” Brooke gushes with tears in her eyes, “Did you get me a sword?”

He opens the box to a sword engagement ring. Now, although the ring is unique; what I read into this was. “H*LL NO, the ONLY woman I gave a Spencer Sword to, is Steffy and I’m not giving you one. Take this ring, it will do,” ROTFL. I have always been #TeamSTILL, the other Spencer men are too weak and don’t have the chemistry STILL has.

Now, here comes Katie being all NON-transparent, trying to get Ridge to make a play on Brooke. #GirlBye you are a bitter reject who is trying to mask your feelings by throwing Ridge in the mix. She told him to say those “three little words” and that he is the “love of Brooke’s life.” Man, I fell out laughing when she said that. Let’s see here, EVERY man is the “love of Brooke’s life.”Eric, Nick, Ridge, $Bill; to name a few. After wiping the tears away, I had a Bell flashback moment and remembered Brooke telling $Bill that he was the “love of her life,” after their courtship.

I can only hope that he doesn’t fall for it; but we know Bell. When those BRIDGE flashbacks happened, after I got up off the floor of how #BoldandBeautiful edited out ole’ Ridge Ronn Moss; I was like NOOOOOO!!! not a Brooke/Ridge/Bill triangle. NUBRIDGE has no chemistry, I hope it doesn’t happen, I need my Carige back. I want BRILL to get married and run off to Never…, Neverland.

I just don’t have enough room or time to share my disgust with the STEAM/STATT scenario. Steffy has been crying for months that she needs to be “protected” from Quinn because she’s ‘afraid.’  I’ve said it before and I will say it a thousand times, Quinn has done NOTHING to Steffy. I personally think that Steffy is pissed that Liam and Quinn “knocked boots,” “did the nasty,” “did the grind.” She can’t get over that, so she plays victim just like she did with Hope and Ivy. ANY woman that has been physically involved with, Rob Steffy goes into motion and must seek and destroy.

Liam is equally disturbing and disgusting with all of his begging and pleading, I want to upchuck. I know he had amnesia, but instead of him taking time to seek out treatment and get his memory back. He’s made it his life’s mission to get Steffy back. The woman he dumped prior to collapsing. I’m so sick of him, I just don’t know what to do.

Now for Wyatt, dude please; I’ve always given you the credit for being the smart one. His behaviour now makes me retract my credit. It is painfully obvious that Steffy don’t want you and she’s only doing this to get back with Liam. All of this begging Steffy and turning his back on his mother is disheartening. I want to slap him 50 Shades of Dumb; boy wise up and set yourself free from the madness. It’ like he loves to be abused, I can’t even blame Steffy because he’s too smart to fall for this craziness and right now he gets what he deserves. Steffy is going to walk on him like he’s the bottom of her stiletto heels.

The ONE and ONLY thing that Liam said that made sense was when he told Wyatt that his marriage is OVER and he would know it too if her looked into Steffy’s eyes. Then Wyatt asks Steffy, if he’s right. She tells him, “There is no way I can answer that right now.” #BoyBye her non-answer IS your answer. Dude it’s OVER, EXPIRED, FINISHED, DONE.

Still being an idiot, Wyatt listens to Steffy spin her tale, “It’s all Quinn’s fault.” Wyatt, GET SOME PRIDE, tell her bye and MOVE ON!!!!!

Now, I’m standing up cheering here, my girl Ivy is back. Mmmmm, a little secret here, that’s the ONLY reason I’m back. I make no bones about it; I’m #TeamIvy all the way. I’m down with my girl from down under.

Quinn is trying to be sly with her game. She starts off with how much she can “use” Ivy. Yes, “use” being the operative word. However, I think my girl has a trick for her and a whole lot of other people. Ivy is being a little too cooperative with Quinn; not questioning her relationship with Eric, weighing in on STEAM/STATT situation, and the gut buster of Ivy hugging Quinn. Yeah, Ivy has some game with her.

What’s suspect to me is why is Ivy going to Quinn if she doesn’t have another agenda? Yes, Quinn is in charge of the department; but Ivy is a Forrester, Eric is her uncle, what gives here? Even Quinn said she would have to run it by Eric.

When Quinn went in on Ivy’s accent, I definitely was not down with that under NO circumstances is it cool to bash anyone’s culture. My girl checked her back and said Quinn has an accent too. Quinn went in on EVERYTHING that makes Ivy who she is, not feeling it. Then asked if she wanted to work with her or not?, putting Ivy in a peculiar position. Quinn then takes her downstairs for a “makeover.”

Ivy questions Quinn “What does my look have to do with my design ability?” Yes Ivy, what? Quinn doubled down and said it’s not JUST her accent, it’s ALL of her “strange Aussie phrases as well, you’re Eric Forrester’s niece, not his crocodile hunter.” WOW how demeaning, insulting, and disrespectful.

Now here comes the triple-down by Quinn; when Ivy says she doesn’t understand about this “upgrade;” she says that Ivy isn’t even trying to lose the accent, EVERYTHING has to change, you have a new look and an AMERICAN accent.

Ivy says, “She looks so different, I almost look like Steffy.” Quinn says, “Yes, you kinda do.” That’s when it hits her; Quinn is trying to change her into Steffy. Ivy asks, “You have something in mind for me, what is it? What are you up to?”

So, what will happen next? Will Wyatt EVER get a clue and realize that his faux marriage to Steffy is OVER? Will Ridge stay focused on his quest to get Quinn out or will he waiver and fall back into the #BermudaBrookeTriangle? Will $Bill and his second-hand sword be enough for Brooke, or will $Bill remember the one and only woman he gave a sword to and pursue Steffy? What about Ivy, will she play Quinn’s game or does Ivy have a game of her own? You tell me…..

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Edited by: Pallav Mittal

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