The Bold and the Beautiful- Cliffhanger Friday, 08/21/15: Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice to Deceive!

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice To Deceive!


Well. Bold and Beautiful fans, you know how it goes, it’s Friday and that means Cliffhanger Friday. Old flames questioning each other about current flames, new lovers, and the good old blackmail. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Thomas spills the beans to Caroline about Steffy and Aly’s confrontation, Steffy hitting Aly with the tire iron, and Ivy’s video. But here’s the caveat, Thomas swears Caroline to secrecy. Caroline, didn’t you learn about secrets before? How in the world are you going to keep this from Ridge, Steffy’s father and your lover? Thomas assures her that he will “take care of it,” but Steffy is not the only woman that he’s worried about. He’s worried about Caroline dating his father, Ridge. Hold up, just hold up right here. If memory serves me correctly, and it does, Thomas and Caroline were never that hot and heavy. Yes, Thomas wanted to, but she dumped him for Rick. What is absolutely sickening to me about this story line besides the obvious part about Thomas wanting his dad’s woman is the disrespect involved in how he’s going about it. Thomas is talking about “his father” behind his back like a dog to Caroline. Thomas wants Caroline to share intimate details about CaRidge’s relationship and asks if she is getting 100% of what she needs from his father. Caroline says no one gets 100%. He says, 99%, because you deserve it. He guesses that Caroline wants to start a family, but his father is reluctant. Thomas, you NEVER bedded Caroline before, so why, oh why are you on this path now?

Thomas, you are just foul; and I’m just going to leave it right there.

Katie ran into Ridge as his meeting was ending and since $Bill had to cancel their lunch, Ridge insisted that she sit with him. Well, Katie is all up in Ridge’s business regarding Caroline and her desire to have a baby. She senses Ridge’s reluctance.

I see the handwriting on the wall for BATIE. I hope not, because that would mean CaRidge ends. I love CaRidge—their chemistry is off the charts. Although KRIDGE was cute, their chemistry was a little off. Heather Tom, Emmy Award winner and Thorsten Kaye, Emmy nominee, are phenomenal actors and when you watch them, you know it’s well deserved.

Liam, Steffy’s “tool,” stood in shock like a deer in headlights when he viewed the video of Steffy bludgeoning Aly with the tire iron, causing her to fall and hit her head, resulting in Aly immediately dying. Yes, Steffy killed Aly, no doubt about that. Or as Ivy loves to put it, Steffy “murdered” Aly and she has the video to prove it. Steffy tells Liam that Aly tired to kill her and that she was going to hit her with a rock. Liam tells her that there’s no rock. He asks Steffy to take him through that night one more time. She tears up. Liam returns home to Steffy and tells her the video is bad, it’s really bad. However, he will stand by her. He doesn’t believe that Steffy meant to kill Aly and that it was self-defense. Hold up, Liam is such a complete tool. The only reason Steffy told Liam the truth is because of Lt. Baker questioning her (she didn’t tell him that) and because Thomas told her there was a video. Ok Liam, we know you are wishy-washy, but how is it that you have been with this woman for weeks, sleeping with her, been married to her twice, and she doesn’t tell you the truth? Oh man, and she’s STILL NOT telling you everything.

Toolboy you get what you deserve.

He has a hard time convincing Steffy to go back through what happened that night. But, she finally agrees and her SELECTIVE memory kicks in. Steffy, Steffy, are a few critical details you omitted in your rendition of what happened, although you remembered EVERYTHING before.

  1. If Aly wanted to kill you, why didn’t she run over you? Why did she stop? The answer is because she couldn’t go through with it.
  2. You recognize it’s Aly BEFORE you yank her out of the car against her will. So, you know that Aly doesn’t like you, she is emotionally unstable, but you want her to get out of the car. #GirlByeWithThatLie You really were pissed off at Aly “disrespecting” you, and you wanted to teach her a lesson. THAT’S THE REAL REASON, you snatched her out of the car. All the while she’s resisting.
  3. Aly WAS NOT about to crush the rock on top of you. Yes, Aly had the rock in her hand, but she was busy talking. Plus it was a rock, not a bolder that you are trying to make it out to be. You turned and clocked her with the tire iron. (Ever think about just getting up and running? No of course not, Steffy, you wanted to get rid of Aly, and you did.)
  4. Steffy also didn’t tell Liam that she threw the tire iron in the woods to get rid of the evidence. (If there wasn’t a video, none of this would have come to light because Steffy surely wasn’t going to tell).

Wyatt got a little weak on Ivy this week, was lured in by Steffy’s charm, and betrayed her by trying to delete the video. Ivy caught him red-handed and told him that she knows why he fell for Steffy’s lies. “He’s a Spencer man, and they can’t resist her.” Wyatt adamantly denied it and Ivy got wise and decided to use her girlish charms to keep him on her side. Needless to say, they consummated their relationship, and Wyatt was a happy camper, all onboard now. Wyatt got a little jealous and thought after Liam saw the video that he would become self-righteous. He’s shocked that Steffy is just telling Liam about what happened and what does that say about their relationship. Ivy tells him that Steffy is a self-serving liar. Steffy commited murder—she knows it, Steffy knows it, and now Liam knows it. How can he accept that, morally-speaking? Wyatt reminds Ivy that Liam is not a saint. What trumps his morality is coming to the rescue of the woman that he loves. Ivy doesn’t believe that Liam will condone it. Wyatt says, “Is that what you’re counting on?”

Wyatt says he feels sorry for Liam. Ivy says she doesn’t. Why shouldn’t Liam know the woman he’s involved with and that he believes, Steffy, walks on water? Ivy whips, “She’s far from it, she’s a cold-blooded killer.” Oh yeah, I’m loving Ivy right about now. Although I love Steffy too, she NEVER takes responsibility for her actions, everything and everyone is sacrificed so she can be “ok.” Well, Ivy is having no part of it. She’s doing an “Aussie Smackdown” on Steffy and she’s not even in her face. I believe that Ivy is going to bring Steffy to her knees. Poor Wyatt, he feels that Ivy is being a little extreme. Ivy quickly reminds him that Steffy stole Aly’s life, but her life just goes on, she is rewarded with no consequences. If he really wants to feel badly for someone in this situation, think about Aly. WHOOP! ***crickets*** Ivy goes on to say that Aly is gone, but she hasn’t forgotten. Well, Wyatt wants OUT of this conversation and asks if this is how she wants to spend their day. Needless to say both WIVY and STEAM end the day in bed at their separate beach houses. Liam says he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that nobody ever sees that video. Mmmm, now if you REALLY believe in Steffy’s innocence then, Liam, why are you willing to withhold evidence from the police and possibly destroy it? So you can save Steffy? Ok, give Liam his orange jumpsuit now and STEAM can spend eternity in jail.

What will happen next? Will Liam put on his faux super-hero outfit to save Steffy? Will Thomas FINALLY realize that he and Caroline really only had a few dates and it’s not worth the drama for him to chase that skirt? What about Katie? Will she find her happy place with $Bill or will she roam around hoping for another “chance” meeting with Ridge? Will Ivy take the video to the police, or will she continue to use it to cut Steffy off at the knees?

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