The Bold and the Beautiful- Cliffhanger Friday, 07/31/15: Oops–Is That My Nose in Your Business?

Brooke in Carolines Business

First off, Brooke is back and is meddling as usual. Evidently Brooke did not get the memo that the takeover meant that she doesn’t have a job. She is no longer Co-Vice President and Steffy now has the bedroom line. Which means that Brooke roams the halls minding other people’s business, I guess her official new title is “Ms. Meddler.”

First off, Brooke is back and is meddling as usual. Evidently Brooke did not get the memo that the takeover meant that she doesn’t have a job. She is no longer Co-Vice President and Steffy now has the bedroom line. Which means that Brooke roams the halls minding other people’s business, I guess her official new title is “Ms. Meddler.”

I have thoroughly enjoyed Brooke the “screen hog” being gone. It has given other talented actors/actresses on the show to shine. My desire is for the backburner that Brooke was to continue a slow burn. Like so many B&B fans, I too have absolutely no desire to see Brooke inserted into every s/l and on my screen daily.

Quinn gushes over her meeting with Ridge, and Ms. Meddler is busy trying to find fault with Ridge‘s leadership. Quinn quickly lets her know that Ridge is great to work with, that morale has increased, and it’s a happier place to work. #ShutDown…ROTFL!

Ms. Meddler’s first target was DeQuinn. She questioned Deacon regarding his happiness now that he’s a married man. As always Quinn did not let us down, when Brooke asked why would she interfere in their marriage, Quinn quickly reminded her that she got Hope on video chat to stop their wedding. Booyah! Brooke’s first knock back of the day.

After Brooke slithered away in her red dress, Quinn tells Deacon that she can’t believe that she’s happily married. Deacon tells her that she’s the woman that he never deserved and that she’s everything he wants and needs. Oooo, DeQuinn kissy time.

Meanwhile, Thomas is in with Caroline chatting it up and showing her the design he whipped out last night because he wants to join the design team.

Let me pause here: Now, I’m loving the sheer fineness, utter beauty, eye-pleasingly bulging muscles of Thomas. However, his snide, arrogant, smart-aleck, and disrespectful remarks to Ridge about his age and dating Caroline AND him flirting with Caroline is a NO WINNER for me. #BoyBye! The LAST thing I want you to do is to hit on Caroline and breakup CaRidge. Thomas’ relationship with Caroline was never that strong because Brooke connived until she got Caroline with Rick. So Thomas #TakeASeat.

After Caroline reviewed Thomas’ design and made suggestions (of which none he took) he went to Ridge‘s office.

Brooke entered and asked Caroline how she is doing. She shared her grief over missing Aly. Then Ms. Busybody Meddler got right to it. Brooke asked Caroline how her relationship with Ridge is going. Caroline quickly tells her that that is not a place where the two of them should go. Brooke doesn’t understand how they can avoid talking about it, because they are a couple, unless something has happened that she doesn’t know about. Caroline laughs and tells her they are fine.

The green-eyed monster rises in Brooke “the meddler” in her red dress. She tells Caroline, “It must be lovely for you, it seems like you are on a roll. Ridge is CEO, the first fashion collection under his regime is a huge success. Caroline is no fool, she has Brooke’s number. She shares with her that things are only going to get better with Thomas joining the design team and there will be two Forresters.

Brooke inquires if Thomas is here to stay. Caroline shares with her that Thomas is over corporate and wants to design and that he is showing Ridge a design. Brooke doesn’t understand why Thomas isn’t just given a pass since he’s Ridge‘s son and that he had a successful line before. Caroline tells her that Ridge wants him to earn it like everyone else.

#ShadeThrowing time by Brooke! She tells Caroline that she can’t help but remember when she first came to town and she and Thomas were an item. Caroline tells her that was a long time ago, that she has grown, and doesn’t even recognize the person she was. Meddler digs and digs and tells her that she made quite an impression on Thomas and Rick. *Eyeroll*.

Caroline has had it with Ms. Meddler. She gets up and says that she is trying to open a huge can of worms there. Brooke wants to know if Caroline regrets that she sent for her. Caroline tells her no and that coming to LA was the best decision that she could have made. More shade by Brooke: she says “Well, then you are welcome.” Caroline admits that she has Brooke to thank because she’s working and in love.

Caroline says she knows that Brooke says it’s ok to talk with her about Ridge, but it feels weird nnd she’s not sure if it’s a good idea. Brooke tells her it’s fine, that she doesn’t want Ridge back. Brooke‘s second knockout for the day comes from Caroline when she says, “Because if you wanted him back, you could have him just like that.” Fingersnap! ROTFL! You go, Caroline! Remind that meddler of her words and her stupid #fingersnap. She continues and tells Brooke that she’s in love and excited about the possibility of Forrester having another father/son design team and that Ridge has gotten Forrester back to what it was meant to be and she’s excited about collaborating with them, family creating together from one generation to the next and that’s exactly what Ridge wants.

Thomas shows Ridge the design and Ridge tries to give him advice. Thomas is so cocky that he brushes it aside and tells Ridge that this is what everyone is wearing today. Ridge quickly lets him know that Forrester is not about what people are we wearing today, it’s about what people will be wearing in the future. Forrester is trendsetting, they are not followers, they never were and that Thomas needs to bring in cutting-edge design.

Ridge tears Thomas‘ design in half and asked if he got lazy when he went to Paris. Did he think that he could just give it to him because he is his son? And if this design represents what you bring to the table, it’s not good enough. There are plenty of young and talented people that want to work and learn under him and Caroline.

He asks Thomas if is he embarrassed by the design; it’s terrible. He wants to be a part of the design team and this is what he brings to validate himself? Ridge tells Thomas that he has an edge. He’s worked in this business and had his own line. Thomas can’t believe it. Ridge tells him to believe it. Ridge tells him that if he truly believes that this is the best that he can come up with, he’s the last person that he would hire. Horray for Ridge, that’s right, make him EARN IT and take that silver spoon out of his mouth!

Well that was it for the Cliffhanger Friday, not too exciting; but I guess we have had doozies for the past few months, we can give them a pass this week.

Now for me reaching back. I posted seven logical reasons why Aly didn’t have to die and would like to share them in this column. I know that some fans are going to post all sorts of excuses about self-defense. However, if any one of these LOGICAL steps had been followed, it Steffy killing Aly would have been a moot point. I know you are going to post your excuses anyway, so feel free; but read these first.

1.  After you drag the person out of the car against their will. GET IN THEIR CAR AND DRIVE OFF, leave them behind.

2. After walking up to the car that tried to hit you, DON’T INSIST that the person get out of the car, ESPECIALLY when the person says NO, you know that person hates you and is mentally ill.

3. Don’t try to be a badazz and walk up to the car that tired to hit you.

4. Flag down a passing car
(It was obvious that Aly couldn’t go through with it because she stopped before hitting Steffy).

5. Call AAA when you have a flat tire (the tow truck would have been there fast and prevented the action)
. When someone tries to run over you with their car,  
 B. Call the police

5. DON’T try to reason with, talk to, or console that person, you are NOT a trained psychiatrist. Anything you say may set them off again, remember they hate you and are mentally ill.

When the person swings an object at you because you INSISTED that they stay, RUN!!!!!

These six things would have saved Aly’s life. Also, these six things dismisses the possibility of self-defense because:

1. Aly stopped the car and didn’t want to get out giving Steffy ample time to get away, call the police, etc.

2. Steffy INSISTED that Aly get out of her car; thereby, INVITING the confrontation.


So, what will happen next? Will Thomas take that silver spoon out of his mouth, dig deep, and EARN IT? Or will Thomas try to take the shortcut by trying to steal Caroline from Ridge? Will Ms. No-Job Busybody Meddler find something else to do with her time or will she continue to roam the halls of FC minding other people’s business? You tell me…


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  1. says

    All the logical reasons you gave for Aly not having to die are good and logical. The trouble is soaps are never logical they always go to extreme in the opposite direction od logic. My first thought was that she call AAA to get help and as tow truck but they are so busy portraying Steffi as a confident, strong woman who can do it all, that is one of the reasons she got on that motor cycle when she was pregnant. So yes your reasons are spot on but you are preaching to the choir, you should talk to the writers and inform them that we are not stupid because we watch soaps.

    • Blog Editor says

      thanks lm65gray! Yeah, you can’t really count on a character to be logical all the time on a soap, agreed.

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