The Bold and the Beautiful- Cliffhanger Friday, 07/23/15: Steffy Inherits the Murder Generational Curse

Aly dead with paramedics

Bold and Beautiful fans, I’m sad. I’m sad because my Aly died. Ashlyn Pearce, who played Aly Forrester, did an exceptional job in portraying her character. Ashlyn portrayed the joyous, innocent Aly and the dark Aly–that is Emmy worthy.

This week’s Cliffhanger Friday is saying goodbye to yet another Forrester princess. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Where to begin? Yes, Aly had problems and was psychotic. But Steffy knew that also. This week when Ivy suggested that they seek help for Aly, Steffy blew Ivy off and said that we just need to support her. Steffy, who grew up with Aly, knew about Aly’s troubled past better than Ivy who just recently developed a relationship with her. So, Steffy should have been onboard for seeking help for her.

First, Steffy is the President of FC, so why in the world would she try to change her tire instead of calling AAA or some other roadside service? That in itself made absolutely no sense to me. Secondly, after Aly tried to mow Steffy down with the her car, why in the world would Steffy be so insistent for Aly to get out of the car? I mean, REALLY????? Now, Steffy fans can take up for her all they want too. However, the point remains that Steffy LITERALLY dragged Aly out of the car and began to confront her. She knew that Aly was troubled and throwing some serious hate her way. Additionally, Steffy knew that she was in the exact spot that Taylor, her mother, had been in when she killed Darla, Aly’s mother. So, why would she want Aly to get out of the car?

Now, when Steffy realized that Aly was on the edge and had reenacted the scene of Darla’s death, with all the cars passing by, why didn’t she flag one down or call someone with her cell phone? No, no, she wanted to lecture and try to reason with Aly and begin to talk about Darla. Wrong move. She knows that Aly felt that Darla was a saint.

Ok, Aly starts swinging the tire iron at her. Why didn’t Steffy just get in Aly’s car and drive away? No, Steffy fans, there’s no out for Steffy here. She had too many opportunities to exit stage right before this tragedy happened.

After Aly dropped the tire iron, there was another opportunity for escape for Steffy. It’s called run and flag down a car. Nope, didn’t happen. She fell and when Aly picked up the rock to hit her why not duck and avoid it the way she did the tire iron? Why did she pick up the tire iron and swing it at her?????

Thank goodness Ivy got there and caught the action on video of Steffy brandishing the tire iron at Aly, knocking her on the rocks, and killing her.

If Steffy didn’t do it intentionally, consciously or sub-consciously, why did she throw away the tire iron? If she was doing it in self-defense, why throw it away and NOT mention it to the police? The reason WHY is because she did it on PURPOSE. Yes, Aly attacked her, but Steffy was pissed and sick and tired of Aly. #SheWasDone and so she did it. She killed Aly.

Even when Steffy was telling Liam about what happened, she NEVER mentioned the tire iron. Also, why didn’t Steffy call Thorne and tell him about Aly? She’s trying to hide what she did because she’s guilty of murder. When she returned to the house and saw Thorne there, she couldn’t even tell him that Aly was dead? She said, “She’s gone” when he repeatedly asked her where Aly was. Frankly, #I’mDone #Finished, the murder generational curse is now on Steffy, and she has Aly’s blood on her hands, just like Taylor has Darla’s blood on her hands.

Nothing else today. Everything pales in comparison to the death of Aly.

Will Ivy share with the police the video of Steffy killing Aly? Or will Steffy get away with murder? You tell me.



By Sofia A. Bryan


  1. says

    This is the most illogical and biased article I have ever read in my life. If this writer were in the same situation, I would like to see her dodge rocks, tire irons, and her crazy cousin’s speeding car heading straight for her without attempting to defend herself …just run, you say? PLEASE!! Actually I blame all of FC who watched Aly’s meltdown for days and they did NOTHING. Ivy sat in a car taping a scene that she knew had to be dangerous since she is the one who found the pictures in Aly’s closet,(which has never been mentioned) one which has a nail through Steffy’s head. Did Ivy think that they were just having a nice family chat on the side of a dark road? Also, how long did Liam think Steffy was in a “dead zone” after seeing those same pictures? This is the most ridiculous storyline and this article makes some crazy attempt to put ALL of the blame on Steffy. Steffy actually was the only one who tried to comfort Aly, talk with her, and give her some encouragement. I think Ridge had the most sensible commentary today when he laid the blame for Aly’s death on all who knew her. Actually, I blame the writers who just wanted to rewrite the history of this show, and did an extremely poor job. LOL (i.e. Steffy, the President of FC, doesn’t have a AAA Card? The men in the family just hang around the living room, and let Ivy, a young female, go out in the dark searching for her crazy friend, Liam thinks Steffy is in an eternal ‘Dead zone” and Thorne, lets his daughter live this far away from him when he knows about her mental problems. How much did he really care about his daughter? and on and on and on the craziness goes. LOL

  2. ericka says

    Wow hate Steffy much! Steffy did not kill Aly on purpose I call BS on that. Reason she pulled Aly out the car is to get her from behind the wheel duh! She didn’t run away because she was hoping that she could get through to her cousin and at one point she did when Steffy hugged and Aly hugged her back and saying she just miss her mom. I guess steffy was suppose to just lie there and let Aly bash her head in with a rock she was defending her life it is as plain and simple as that. Please with Ivy getting there like some hero (don’t make laugh ) why did Ivy just sit in the car and watch? Why didn’t Ivy get out and yell her name since she told Wyatt and Liam who wanted to come with her but she said no because she was the only one who get through to her beside her dad Thorne. All ivy had to do is yell her name i am pretty sure Aly would have turned around and Ivy could have saw the rock in Aly’s hand. No but she had time to sit and watch and videotape instead of getting her lazy arse out the car. I thought Aly was her best friend also her cousin please Ivy is horrible person trying to accuse someone of murder. She didn’t see what all Aly did to Steffy I call BS on that and Ivy.

    Because Steffy is President of Foŕrestor Creation doesn’t mean she can’t change a tire. Please with all the excuses on how Steffy is so guilty of defendibg her life against her unstable cousin. Have it ever occured to you that Steffy was in shock truamatized of what she just went through and then having to tell her uncle that his only child is gone forever (I guess not).

    Steffy is innocent and when she tells everything her family will believe her. Its just sad that Aly had to lose her life and Thirne had to bury his only child.

    Ashlyn Pearce rocked her scenes and I will be waiting for her to recieve her Emmy Trophy because she is a great actress.

    • Fay says

      I agree with you Steffys phone did not have a signal thats why she was changing her tire. And I think Ivy wants Steefy to go to jail so she can get Liam back. ijs

    • c roe says

      Why does a victim need to go to jail…. this was self defense. from aly’s artwork it is obvious she was raging…she would not have stopped until she had murdered Steffy.

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