The Bold and the Beautiful- Cliffhanger Friday, 07/17/15: Claws on the Catwalk

Aly cray2Cats are hanging on this Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday by their claws, with lurking danger for some, and deception for others. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

This week B&B returned to its roots with a fashion show, and as we all know, FC’s fashion shows are a hot bed for drama. Remember when Stephanie exposed Brooke and Deacon? Liam rigged the computer exposing Brooke for “Necklacegate” for boinking Oliver during Steffy’s presentation; and what about the infamous “HO” during the HFTF fashion show? Well, this fashion show followed the suit with Aly. However, due to the B&B being preempted for the Presidential Press Conference on Wednesday, it left viewers a day behind and hanging off the proverbial cliff for the drama to come.

As preparations for the fashion show are made, much drama ensues backstage. Liam, FC VP, tries to greet the guests, but it’s a major fail. He needs to return to SP and let Wyatt become VP. Steffy saves the day.

CaRidge is adorable as usual, working hand in hand getting the models ready.

Rick is checking on Maya to see how she feels and if she’s ready. She’s excited because her parents are in the audience.

Nicole introduces Papa and Mama Avant to her fellow interns. Papa Avant is surprised to learn that Zende is a Forrester.

Ivy sees STEAM together and Wyatt comes up and tells her, “Not today.” I’m just ready for Ivy to be rid of that deadweight, Liam.

Then the drama. My girl, Aly, is lurking behind the screen.

DeQuinn is back, and BATIE is at the fashion show also. Brooke introduces herself to the Avants. Papa Avant tells her that Rick is a good man and that he appreciates everything he’s done for Maya.

Aly tells Ivy that Steffy is all over Liam. And when Ivy tells her that she isn’t, Aly imagines STEAM in black and white, laughing, smiling, and caressing each other. Aly says, “Steffy, just takes, takes, takes, whatever she wants, is that what you call freedom, freedom to take whatever she wants?” Ivy tells her that everyone is just trying to get along, for her to calm down, and stop being so judgmental.

Liam takes Steffy to the rooftop to show her the future. He says the future is them together running FC. #BoyBye. He’s used that same, tired line on Hope, so save it, please.

Now it’s time for me to gag as Liam gives one of insincere speeches. Violins please! Liam says the future is standing before him. “This inevitable certainty, this force of nature that came barreling into my life again, strong and beautiful and determined and you always fight for what you believe in. To express herself freely, Forrester, family, us. I just want you to know, you don’t have to do that, you don’t have to fight anymore. Thank you for being so patient with me, Steffy.” Thank you for giving me the time to see the obvious. Steffy is eating it up and believes him as she starts crying. He tells her that he’s right where he wants to be, with her, from now on, day after day, year after year. Steffy says, “Okay, Mr. Spencer.” They kiss and Lame-O says: “Cha, cha, cha.” Now, if those words were coming out of anybody’s mouth other than Liam’s, I’d believe it. However, we all have heard these grandiloquent speeches from Liam to Amber, Hope, Steffy, and Ivy. Steffy should proceed with caution.

$Bill tells Jarid to get him a juicy story, something to make headlines. Jarid is unsure if something is there. Oh, but wait! Aly is going to give $Bill just what he wants.

Brooke tells Rick that she feels terrible that he lost his CEO position. I just can’t with Brooke, no matter how much I try (which I don’t—lol! I hate her!). She is truly irrelevant and needs to be placed on the backburner. B&B viewers have been tortured for years with her hogging every s/l.

Rick lets Brooke know that today is Maya’s day and he’s more concerned about their future together.

Now, I’m just loving Papa and Mama Avant. They are so real, just like the parents next door. The question is, does Papa Avant genuinely interested in really getting to know Maya, or is he only interested in the success she has obtained? Time will tell.

Steffy wants to know if Ivy knows about Liam’s decision. He tells her that he did not get an opportunity to tell Ivy before Steffy. Well, lookie here. I, for one, am ecstatic. Let Steffy have that Waffleboy. Good riddance.

Ridge thanks the team for all of their hard work, giving credit to his co-designer Caroline. Aww, aren’t they cute?

Aly isn’t pleased and cracks her neck. Lol! She’s about to crack someone else’s neck too, but not in the same way!

Liam tells Ivy they should find some time to talk after the show.

Steffy assists a model, but in Aly’s mind she sees Steffy rubbing on the model’s leg sexually. Aly’s face shows her disgust.

Our resident crazy, Quinn, sees Deacon and Brooke together having a laugh. She gives her infamous Quinn stare and then walks away.

Mama Avant wants Papa Avant to enjoy the show. She tells him that she’s so proud of Maya. He says he’s trying, but it’s wrong. His son, his first-born, prancing up and down the runway in women’s clothing. “How humiliating.”

Ridge comes out and introduces the new line, California Freedom. He then introduces Steffy and Maya. Steffy says that everyone knows that they had HFTF, but it is no longer needed because the future is right now. Maya says it’s a new day, they are not trying to hold on to sameness or be someone they are not.

Julius (Papa) Avant seems uncomfortable, and Aly is backstage in disgust.

As the transgender models strut down the runway, Aly is highly upset.

Now I must admit, the fashions looked beautiful. I only wished there were more than three dresses and that it was a real catwalk without them going up and down the runway 10 times. But overall, the fashions were nice.

Dark Darla appears in her bubble and tells Aly, “That’s not freedom, it’s sex. They are trying to destroy everything we hold dear. There’s no making peace with it. They’re enemies for life. That’s not romance, it’s pornography. Aly, make it stop.”

Maya walks the catwalk. Darla pops back in, and tells Aly, “Save us, our legacy, the family’s reputation. You know what to do—so do it. Put an end to it once and for all.” Aly gets her craycray look on and stares at the monitor, at Maya.

WOW! What will happen next? Will our darling little Aly go Carrie on Maya? Will Aly seek an “eye for an eye” with Steffy and run her over?

What will happen next on The Bold and The Beautiful?

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