The Bold and the Beautiful- Cliffhanger Friday, 08/07/15:..For Whom the Bell Tolls, It Tolls for Thee

Maya sadThis Cliffhanger Friday, wedding bells are tolling this week; some are happy, and one, not so much. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

The much anticipated RAYA wedding is about to commence. Maya is excited and ready to commit herself to Rick forever. Rick and Maya are busy texting each other.

Eric and Brooke beam at their son Rick on his special day when Bridget arrives. Yes, I’m happy to see Bridget, but I’m a little confused that she can make time out of her busy schedule to make it to a wedding, but couldn’t come to the memorial service for Aly. But anywho!!! Moving along, Bridget is happy to be home to celebrate Rick’s big day and is introduced to the Avants. Papa Avant seems impressed that Bridget is a doctor.

Maya and Nicole are definitely closer. Nicole jokes that the bridesmaid’s dress is supposed to look hideous. Maya tells her, “Not if the bride works for FC.” Nicole does look lovely, but I have an a problem with that 1990’s makeup with her eye shadow, blush, lipstick, and fingernail polish; all matching her dress; Wayyyyy too much purple. Mmmmm—this is 2015, let’s get that in check, please.

Now, this is a wedding, and for them to have Mama Avant dressed like she’s having a night on the town with the girls or going to a church potluck dinner is just wrong. Just because Mama Avant is a beautiful, luscious, full-figured woman, doesn’t mean that she has to wear a cardigan in California in the summer time. I mean, don’t you think she’s hot? If she’s not, she looks like it. Everyone else is looking nice. Why did they have to do that to Mama Avant? Ok, enough of the Fashion Police, lol.

Well, Katie and my man $Bill showed up for the wedding. Rick immediately stopped him in his tracks, but $Bill was there to apologize. Rick says he owes Maya the apology, not him, because it was Maya that he hurt. $Bill wants to stay at the wedding to show them that he respects the fact that they withstood all that he had to throw at them, and they are still standing today.

Zende compliments Nicole on how beautiful she looks. Carter and Nick arrive. Two things here: first, I’m ecstatic that Carter is not officiating the wedding. All of Carter’s weddings end in disaster. Him officiating is the kiss of death, ROTFL. I can understand why Carter is not officiating, basically because he was once engaged to Maya. That would be strange; secondly, I just have a problem with Nick, just don’t like the guy. He always appears to be condescending, arrogant, a smart-mouth, judgmental know-it-all. But given the choice between Carter and Nick officiating, I’ll take Nick as long as this is his ONE—hooray—he can go back from whence he came. His attitude was better today, but I’m not buying those tickets.

Rick knocks on the door, Maya says she’s not dressed, so it’s not bad luck. Wrong girl, the superstition is that the groom is not to see the bride on the wedding day until she walks down the isle. Oh, Maya will soon find out just how much back luck it is…

$Bill and Katie enter, and Maya immediately says no to him. $Bill says that she and Rick are about to exchange vows, they are going to be family, and he doesn’t desire tension between them. Maya wants to know if $Bill is seriously sorry. $Bill admits he is. Maya goes over the fact that $Bill sold a lot of magazines and made a lot of money at her expense and wants to know if he’s sorry for that. Well now, Maya, you were doing good up until now, you know dang gone well that $Bill is never sorry for making a dolla!!!!

$Bill quickly shared that he wasn’t sorry because it was a business decision, and what he should have done was ask for an exclusive interview for her to get the opportunity to share her side.

$Bill said, “I smelled blood and I went in for the kill without giving consideration to how that would affect you.” He says that was a mistake and he’s man enough to admit it. Maya says, Aand you want me to be man enough to forgive you.” Bill says, “Exactly,” pauses and says, “Cute. You almost got me there.”

Maya says, “You almost got me too—to leave my job, my town, my fiancée. Your attack was cruel, it was unnecessary, but I’ve learned that hanging on to anger doesn’t help anybody—so yes, I accept your apology.” Now that was noble of Maya, but she was dead wrong with that. Her insecurities, not $Bill, almost got her to leave her job, town, and fiancée. Maya tells him he can stay and that she might give him the exclusive, contingent upon a majority of the profit going to a charity of her choice. $Bill say they will talk. I don’t know if that is going to happen—$Bill loves his profits.

Papa Avant can’t believe that Zende is interested in “making dresses.” Mama Avant immediately intervenes and pulls him away. Papa Avant is confused as to why she did that. Mama Avant says to keep him from embarrassing himself. He feels that Zende is a “man’s man” and wouldn’t be excited about women’s clothing. She interjects, “You mean like our son was? Is that what you mean?” She reminds him that he told Maya that he was going to try. He tells her that he is. She insists that he try harder. He says he can’t wait to see his son “skipping” down the aisle, that Mama Avant knows how he feels, that people should not mess with nature, and it’s wrong. Mama Avant doesn’t want him to ruin Maya’s wedding and he agrees and says that he doesn’t want that either. She leaves to check on Maya.

Vivienne (Mama Avant) is flushed when she sees Maya and tells her that she is flawless. She wants Maya to wear her grandmother’s bracelet. Maya is honored. As Vivienne clasps the bracelet on Maya’s wrist, Nicole comes in and let her know it’s time.

Side note, Julius (Papa Avant) and Nick seem to be getting along famously. However, I don’t believe that he knows that Nick is also transgender. It should be interesting to see what he has to say about that.

Nicole and Mama Avant leave. Nicole informs Rick that Maya is ready. Julius tells Nicole that he expected to be walking her down the aisle, but this takes some adjusting. She also tells her father to be happy for Maya, it’s as simple as that, and then he will see that there is no adjusting at all. Vivienne agrees that he should be happy.

Vivienne and Julius are at the bottom of the staircase and Maya enters to overhear their conversation.

Julius: I hear that a lot, be happy, be happy, like it’s a switch I can turn on and off.

Vivienne: Oh, you can get through this.

Julius: I want to get through this, I really really do. Look at this place, this family. It should be easy for us to be happy for our child, for all the good that’s coming into Maya’s life and maybe even ours. You know what? Maybe that’s what I should focus on and maybe I can accept her. But I don’t think it’s going to last. Marriage doesn’t mean the same thing to those Hollywood types that it means to us. Rick already has two ex-wives, how long before the novelty wears off?

Vivienne: Stop.

Julius: Rick is rich, good-looking, and handsome, and can have any woman he wants and he’s going to marry a show? A woman made by surgery? It’s not going to be long before he wants the real thing again. Maya’s heart is being torn out, and she is crying at the top of the stairs while she’s listening.

Vivienne: (Agitated) Shut your mouth.

Julius: I know I’m not supposed to say this. I’m supposed to keep it all locked up inside of me. I told Maya last night that I want to be in her life, and I will do the same thing today. I’ll bite my tongue, I will march what used to be our son down the aisle and I will hand him to a man, like it’s normal. I will sit through this joke of a ceremony and I will smile. I will say the right things. I will do all the right things to protect Maya’s day, but I will be acting. I tried to make myself believe and accept her and this. But this is wrong, it’s sick, not natural. I don’t accept it, I can’t accept it, and I won’t accept it. What she did and who she is, it just isn’t right.

Maya is left devastated and crying.

Well, what do you think? Is karma coming back to bite Maya for how she treated Aly? Do you feel sorry for Maya that her father said those harsh words, or is she getting what she deserves? Will Maya confront Julius/Papa Avant about what he said? Or will she smile and walk down the aisle like it never happened? Will Maya and Papa Avant make peace over Maya’s decision? You tell me.

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