The Bold and the Beautiful- Cliffhanger Friday, 07/03/15: INDEPENDENCE DAY

BB CF 07 03 15Today #BoldandBeautiful celebrated the Fourth of July – Independence Day. And did the fireworks go off! So, Let’s Talk About Soaps.

A lot happened, but I’m going to breeze over a lot to get to my favorite part and that is Ashlyn Pearce, aka Aly Forrester.

A lil’ history: This week LIVY signed the annulment papers to end their marriage. Much to the delight of “Used Car Steffy” waiting in the wings to be used up some more by Liam. #SomeoneCallAWrecker. What totally amazes me is that after Steffy “wore him down” by walking down memory lane continuously, she wants to “get along” with Ivy because “they’re family.”

REALLY!??!! REALLY!!!?? Steffy expects to be BFFs with Ivy after she disrespected her, threw all kinds of shade at her, and not to mention stole her man? Ivy was cordial, but I would have read her book from cover to cover and included illustrations!

RAYA is gleefully back at FC and the UNBELIEVABLE interaction with them and Caroline left many viewers with steam coming out of their heads. Now, there’s nothing wrong with them making a truce. However, when Caroline went as far as to praise Maya, I was like, “Slap me now!” Agreed, Caroline did some pretty fowl things to Maya too, but to suck up to a woman that put you on blast and stole your husband is a wee bit much.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Rick hasn’t EARNED anything. It was always given to him by the women in his life. So to see RAYA sit there all smug-like, not apologizing to anyone for the fowl, despicable, and underhanded things they did and receive praise was more than I could bear. What I and many fans do not want is for the writers to return to old and turn Maya into a Hope where all the dialogue is about her worthiness, greatness, praises, and all hail Maya (or any character).

As many fans stated, Bell is doing a Public Service Announcement with this storyline. However, he’s doing a disservice to the transgender community by showing an insensitive, raunchy, holier-than-thou Maya that uses her being transgender to justify her actions. Most viewers do not have a problem with the transgender story line, what they have a problem with is Maya’s scheming and conniving, and her ungrateful attitude. Especially after Maya’s story involves difficulties, rejection, discrimination, etc., for her to treat others with indifference as if she’s a queen perched on a throne! I do not believe for one minute that any segment of the population desires to be portrayed in that manner.

I did say I was going to breeze over some things, so let’s keep it moving.

CaRidge, one of my favs, didn’t disappoint. They are a formidable team. Ridge as CEO (just the way it should be) announced that HFTF is a dead fashion line: it’s over. I, for one, am happy—let it be DONE. He also introduced the California Freedom line. Maya and Steffy will be the face for that line with swimsuits and lingerie.

Then a touch of reality or should I say a mirror image rings the FC doorbell and Maya’s mother is standing at the door. Nicole wants to know why she’s there, Maya enters, and Rick invites her in. Maya’s mother gives her the once over with a look of disapproval. Maya’s reaction to her mother is the same as Nicole’s, and says that she doesn’t need to come in. Mama Avant agrees with Maya and tells Nicole that her father sent her, that he did not want her influenced by Maya, and for her to pack her bags and come home.

Well now, just by Mama Avant’s demeanor, it is very clear that she is NOT playing. My advice to Nicole is for her to pretend that she is packing and try to persuade her mother before she knocks her into next week.

Now for the goody goody gum drop: our old psycho Aly is back. She is having a MAJOR problem with Steffy and her mom, Darla’s, floating head told her to “get rid of Steffy.” Ashlyn Pearce who is portraying Aly is doing a tremendous job of acting. It’s most believable. If looks could kill, Steffy would already be dead.

Aly told Steffy that her mother killed her mother and that she’s to blame. Steffy, trying to reason with her, said, “I thought you got over that. You must move on.” Oh, why did Steffy say that? Aly turned into this horror movie character. I must give The Bold and the Beautiful’s wardrobe, makeup, and hair departments their props, they dressed Aly in a psycho schoolgirl, matron outfit, pulled her hair back and washed out/grayed her makeup. I’m scared!!!!! The stares, the tears, the dialogue has viewers on the edge of their seats waiting for more.

Aly voiced her displeasure of Steffy at the meeting and asked Ridge if he minded his daughter being half naked, selling sex, and “flaunting herself” to the world. Aly said dealing with Rick was bad enough, but she expected Ridge to bring FC back to the standard of class and morality that her grandparents founded the company on. Maya chimed in and said “Sweetie, live and let live.” BOOM!!!!! Aly gave her those piercing eyes and said, “Now Maya is trying to advise me.” At this point, it was time to adjourn the meeting and Steffy decided to stay behind to talk with her.

Again Steffy tried to reason with Aly, but Aly wasn’t having it. She called Steffy a sl*t for using her body to get men, stealing Liam from Ivy, and using sex to get what she wants. Then she continued to pound Steffy about Taylor being a lush and a drunk who caused Darla’s death, and that Darla was a saint.

When Steffy touched her, Aly turned around and gave her a death stare. Steffy told Aly that she must not let the hatred over take her, it was just an accident, and she needed to get over it. Aly said, “Am I to get over your mother killing a little girl’s mother?” WOW, just WOW. Reality set in for Steffy and she told Aly to stay away from her.

So at the 4th of July party at FC, nothing had changed. When Oliver, Aly‘s boyfriend, complimented Steffy on “still having it,” Aly went off, poor Oliver tried to convince her there was nothing to it, that he’s around beautiful models everyday since he’s FC’s photographer. So later when Oliver tired to make amends by bringing her some food, she didn’t want it and told him she wanted to be alone.

Aly sees Ivy and Steffy talking and becomes royally upset that Ivy would defend Steffy again (once in the meeting) especially after stealing Liam from her. She tells Ivy that Steffy is all about sex, sex, sex and uses her body to get what she wants. Aly doesn’t want Ivy to give up on Liam. Ivy at first listens to Aly, but soon realizes that something is desperately wrong with her. Aly tells Ivy that she HATES Maya and the way she treated her. She has reached her breaking point with Steffy. Ivy tells her that’s enough, and Pam enters to let them know that Eric wants everyone in the living room.

Then alone, Aly sees Darla’s floating head in the mirror. Darla says “You’re upset.” Aly tells her “I don’t like it. Steffy and Maya, they always win.” Darla begins to transform from light to dark and Aly blames Steffy as her words resonate in her head not to give in to the anger. However, Darla’s power over Aly is stronger than Steffy’s words. Darla tells Aly, “Her mother killed me, an eye for an eye: retribution.” Then scary, haunting music as Aly turns to see Steffy, Ivy, Liam, Wyatt, laughing and enjoying themselves. Her eyes zone into Steffy. Darla tells her, “I know what you are thinking, you know what you got to do, DO IT ALY!!!” Eeek, I’m hiding under the covers, Aly is loose.

All props to Ashlyn Pearce again for making this so believable and a nail-biter. She is #killingit and a tremendous actress.

Will Mama Avant snatch a knot in Nicole if she doesn’t pack her bags and come home? What will Mama Avant say to Maya? Will Ivy dump Waffleboy Liam and let Steffy have those troubles because just as sure as it’s Liam, there will be troubles. Will Aly “get rid of Steffy?” Will she “do it” and kill both Maya and Steffy? Tell me what you think?

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