The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday; 07-29-17: Because You Could

Lovely #BoldandBeautiful fans here we are again, another Cliffhanger Friday. However, due to preemptions over the past several weeks, it’s just plain old Friday as the shows were pushed back. Hopefully, it will catchup and we will be left on the edge of our seats waiting for Monday; until then, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

The crew arrived in Monte Carlo for the fashion showdown. I’m thankful for the lovely location scenery shots because the rest is just a plain bore.

Let’s begin with this WATIE debacle, I don’t have much to say about this other than what the majority of the #BoldandBeautiful fans are saying, “JUST PLAIN NASTY!!!” It’s bad enough that Wyatt is once again taking sloppy seconds, this time from his father; but to swap spit and eventually knock boots with his brother’s mother is disturbing. Congratulations Bradley Bell, you have ruined two great characters Wyatt and Katie. Now, I must change their names to “Pervert Wyatt” and “Krazy Loose Koochy Katie.”

Thomas ask $Bill if “he’s sure” Caroline is dying and of course he’s sure. Let’s back up here a little; $Bill told Thomas that Caroline was dying from a disease so rare, it doesn’t even have a name to get him to “man up” and be with Caroline and Douglas. $Bill is getting a lot of blowback from fans for doing this; however, this is the REAL $Bill. Longtimers will remember that $Bill once paid off a doctor to tell Liam that Steffy had a brain tumor in order to get him away from Hope. So, why are we surprised that $Bill would repeat a tactic that worked so well for him before.

This is the $Bill that is true to his character; cold, calculating, manipulative; and the one I love. Welcome back $Bill, keep up the dirty work.

Caroline could have easily told Thomas the truth about not dying; but she let it linger on. One important truth she told Thomas was, DOUGLAS WAS NOT BORN OUT OF LOVE. Thank you, I have to give applause here and a standing ovation. Although Thomas said he wasn’t going to Monte Carlo, she insisted. Although Caroline caught a lot of flak for not telling Thomas the truth, I’m going to have to give her a pass here because she’s true to her character. Again, longtimers remember lying, hateful, and devious Caroline and all the dirty deeds she did to Maya. So, by lying to get what she wants; Caroline is just being Caroline.

The most poignant moment happened on Thursday between Ridge and Eric. I must commend John McCook and Thorsten Kaye for the superior Emmy worthy performance. I also have to commend the writers for excellent dialogue; although riveted with the falsehood that Eric knew Ridge wasn’t his son at birth as we all know that Eric didn’t find out this fact until well into Ridge’s adult life when he had an accident and needed blood.

John McCook and Thorsten Kaye brought tears to my eyes. When Ridge tried to take all the blame for Kissgate. He virtually threw himself under the bus by saying he did it “because he could” and wanted Eric to forgive Quinn and go back home to his wife.

Kleenex please; Eric responded by first apologizing for throwing the fact that he’s a Marone up every time he got upset. Then he went through a laundry list of reasons why Ridge was his son that had nothing to do with blood. After that; Eric broke down the list of offenses Ridge did to him and the things he took from him “because he could.” The tears weld up in my eyes.

Eric puts Ridge’s head in his hands and says, “I love being your father.” Then kissed Ridge on the forehead, stares him in the face and says “You’ll never be my son again.” He releases Ridge and goes to the window. Tears flow down Ridge’s face, he shakes his head and walks out the door. This was so powerful, emotional, and riveting that it even had Sheila in tears. Eric stares out the window stone faced. POWERFUL.

Again, I must give applause and a standing ovation to John McCook, Thorsten Kaye, and the writers for what I and many others; would classify and the best scene on #BoldandBeautiful this year.

So, what will happen next? Will Wyatt and Katie cross that line or not? What about $Bill, will he remain true his character and continue the lie? Will Caroline finally come clean with the fact that she’s not dying? And will Eric forever disown Ridge? You tell me.

By Sofia A. Bryan


  1. Diane says

    Lol! That’s awesome! I loved it! Especially the part about; Marlena running into Ben! That would be awesome if they figure out that he wasn’t the Necktie Strangler! Lol & of course the Reminder about the Brady’s not caring about ethics & rules!

  2. Stacy says

    Great read!! Absolutely LOVE your nicknames for both Wyatt and Katie! Yep Wyatt took Thomas’s title as the resident perv who’s about to boink his ex step mommy and little brothers mommy and the sad thing I love both characters but as a couple a big fat hell no! I don’t know what Bell is smoking these days his writing is atrocious!

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