The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday; 07-21-17:No Free Passes

#BoldandBeautiful fans we meet again on this Cliffhanger Friday to chew the fat and throw some shade. Technically, it’s not Cliffhanger Friday because Thursday’s program was preempted so we saw it on Friday. I guess I will have to give it a pass for the lack of the wow factor today. Also, since it’s Thursday’s show, I’m just going to do a short roundup. Anywhoooo, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Starting off today is Mrs. Steffy Hypocrite Spencer lamenting Quinn for “Kissgate.” Chile please, Steffy is just as bad, she was sucking face with Rescue Ranger Lapdawg Liam while married to Wyatt. The ONLY reason she left Wyatt was because he wouldn’t buy into her lie about Eric’s POA. I’m DONE with this overdone hypocrite. It’s past time for Bell to jet her to the back burner and STOP putting her in every storyline. Fans have been complaining for months about the Steffy Show and how they are tired of it. But, it falls on deaf ears because once again, here she is in a story she has no business in.

Quinn is making me sick too, all this begging and groveling is past pathetic. This is NOT the evil, diabolical Quinn we love to hate. The Quinn we know would’ve been taken matters in her own hands to get her man back. #GirlBye

Ridge is busy blaming Sheila to Brooke. Dude, Sheila did Eric a solid, you know you and Quinn wouldn’t have told Eric the whole truth. Now Brooke agrees that Sheila is dangerous; but she’s giving Ridge that look like “this is your f*ck up, OWN IT,” look. Brooke is concerned about whether Eric is upset with her and rightfully so.

My girl Sheila is taking full advantage of the situation and very well she should. She’s been shot by the hypocrite, who apologized and she accepted. But if Sheila is true form and the writers don’t show their normal bias; Steffy will pay severely for shooting her. There is a price to pay for Sheila’s silence; covering up and lying to the police; AND getting shot. Sorry boo, Sheila doesn’t give free passes.

Wyatt stops by to see Eric, it’s obvious there’s trouble in paradise. Hypocrite tells Wyatt Eric doesn’t live there anymore and to ask his mother as she leaves. Wyatt wants to know what is going on and as usual Quinn embellishes the situation; needless to say Wyatt walks out as clueless as he came in.

Meanwhile on the seedy part of town at the hotel; Nurse Sheila is taking care of her patient Eric. Making sure he takes his meds and caressing his hand; awe, how thoughtful. Eric wants to be alone and Sheila goes to her room. Ding, the sound of the elevator, Sheila is on guard and looks out the room peephole to see Steffy arrive.

Steffy defends Quinn (although she said she wasn’t), many find this amazing; however, I don’t because as I said earlier, she’s guilty of the same thing, so she can relate. Eric asks her if he should divorce Quinn, she says despite everything he still loves Quinn. Then Hypocrite tells Eric to stay away from Sheila.

No sooner than Steffy leaves, Sheila is on the prowl back to Eric’s room. He tells her that Steffy wants him to stay away from her. However, he also says that Sheila is the only one that has been truthful with him. Basking in Eric’s words, Sheila goes in for the kiss.

So #BoldandBeautiful fans, what will happen next? Will Quinn stop groveling and begging at Mrs. Steffy Hypocrite Spencer’s feet? Will Wyatt get a clue and be able to do simple math to add up 1+1=2? Will Steffy ever be able to mind her own business? Will Eric forget the past and slip back into Sheila’s web? You tell me.


By Sofia A. Bryan


  1. Stacy says

    As usual great write and as usual storylines with potential have to be ruined by inserting Steffy. It’s so obvious that Bell doesn’t know wth to do with her I know what he can do with her and it would boost ratings immensely, get rid of Steffy Whorester Spencer and send her back to Paris it’s that simple!

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