The Bold and the Beautiful,; Cliffhanger Friday Post, 06/19/15: Whoddunit?

rp_BB-CF-06-19-15-300x169.jpgOh Bold and Beautiful fans, did we see some action this week or what? We were privy to a wedding or should I say a “contractual deportation agreement;” reuniting and mending wounds with family; and, ahhh, yes, my all time favorite, the “SLAP.” Well, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

First we have the new BFFs, Ivy and Quinn. Ivy, mmmm, excuse me, Mrs. Liam Spencer, although now not as fearful of being deported is living with the fact that her new husband, Liam, still has feelings for his ex-wife Steffy. Regardless of how many times Mrs. Spencer says that she and her husband, Liam, married so she would not get deported. Quinn is busy trying to reassure Mrs. Spencer that they can make it work. Quinn’s agenda is to ensure that Wyatt dates Steffy, so if Liam and Ivy remain married, then Steffy is out of the picture.

Ivy is a smart woman. She is confiding in Quinn now because of her deportation situation. Ivy doesn’t fully trust Quinn. That is a good thing because Quinn only operates in her and her son’s best interest.

Wyatt walks in and overhears Quinn telling Ivy that she’s married now, and he congratulates her. Ivy says it sounds strange to say she has a husband and leaves to go home. Quinn says it’s his turn, she’s done her part, Liam and Ivy did their part, and Steffy no longer has Liam as an option and for Wyatt to pursue Steffy.

Liam tells Steffy that he married Ivy earlier and she goes ballistic. She wanted to know if Liam knew what he had gotten himself into. Although Liam tried to explain that he married Ivy to keep her from deportation; Steffy doesn’t want to hear it. Steffy feels like it was “their” time to rekindle their romance. Steffy tells Liam that he has a need to rescue women because he could not save his mother. OUCH! LOW BLOW STEFFY! The bonus is that Steffy backhands Liam.

Everyone could feel that slap through their television. Well, Liam deserved it, he’s always leading women on. If Liam had stayed true to his commitment to Ivy, as he said, regardless of how many times Steffy begged to reunite with him, he would not have been in this position.

 Now I know that Steffy and Steffites will say that Steffy didn’t beg Liam. However, although I love Steffy, I have to argue against this. When a man tells you 5,000,000,000,000 times that he’s committed to and loves someone else, but you are all up in his face stroking it, constantly talking about what you did in the past, walking down memory lane, telling him how much you love him, how good the two of you were together, kissing him, bringing lingerie to his house asking him if he wants you to model it—I think you get the picture—then, I call that begging. Yes, Steffy, you are my girl, but you wore the man down. You begged. Call it what you want, but that’s begging.

So after ALL of that, Liam caved, now he wants Steffy back. I personally feel that one of the reasons that Liam caved (in addition to the one listed above) is the fact that Wyatt wants to date Steffy and kissed her. After Liam found out, he went off the charts, he really doesn’t want to lose another woman to Wyatt, even though he’s in a relationship.

Steffy told Liam that she needed him to rescue her too; she needed him to drag her back from Paris after they lost their baby, and she needed for him to mourn with her the loss of their child. However, now that he married Ivy, she’s DONE. She’s a different woman than she was when she went to Paris and she knows her worth. You go Steffy. She is not going to wait around for him anymore. She is not going to be 2nd to anyone. She is not going to share “her man with another woman.” Wait, hold up, mmmm Steffy, Liam is Ivy’s boyfriend/husband so technically he’s NOT your man.

Steffy tells Liam that Ivy has his name, does he really believe that she’s going to be ok with them dating and seeing her at the same time? Liam wants to know if he should have done nothing and let Ivy be deported. Steffy says YES, it’s not your problem. Ouch! Again, Steffy is on a roll. Liam tells her that he couldn’t do that, he cares for Ivy, and she’s not some random stranger. Steffy asks doesn’t Ivy have dual citizenship? He didn’t have to marry her.

Liam tells Steffy that he wants her and that he will leave Ivy. He will make Ivy understand. Steffy lets him know that he will never leave Ivy stranded and that Liam wants to be caught between two women; back and forth. She asks him if he has any idea what that did to her. It was too painful. She can’t do that again. She loves him too much.

Steffy asks Liam how could he marry Ivy, her cousin, and begins smashing plant pots and dishes. Ivy walks in and initially they do not see her standing in the living room. Liam begins to beg Steffy and tell her that he loves her and that he wants her and he’s not giving up on them.

Steffy notices Ivy standing there and she says she should go and that his wife is here. Booyah, BUSTED Liam…Ivy tears up and says she should be the one to leave because obviously she’s interrupting something. Liam then chases Ivy.

Ivy, a true class act, tells Liam there’s no reason to apologize because he’s been upfront about his intentions. Ivy—calm, cool, and collected—tells Steffy that this is a marriage of convenience and Liam is free to pursue a relationship with her once the deportation issue has been settled. Steffy tells Ivy “she doesn’t have to pretend to be so gracious, she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Ivy can continue to be the disaster that she is with, fall into rivers, and flirt with deportation. Because Liam will always be there for her, he will always rescue her.”

Steffy is pissed, she says she’s leaving, she’s done, and for Liam to be with his wife.

Sidebar here. Ivy has been consistent and although I know it would hurt her to lose Liam, she would give him up because Ivy is a decent and honest person. Ivy is not so selfish and self-centered that she would keep Liam or anyone doing something they did not want; especially a marriage.

Liam TOTALLY disrespected Ivy this week. Yes, the only reason they got married was because she was being deported. However, Ivy said that neither of them was ready for marriage and she understood that he had feelings for Steffy. LAMO! He could NOT even give her a proper wedding. He stumbled throughout, and although they were dating and had been intimate on numerous occasions, they “both” fell asleep on their wedding night. Additionally, he continuously reiterated the arrangement regardless of how many times she told him she understood. Ivy would not have asked him to marry her if he had not told him prior that he was not breaking up with her and that he was going nowhere, i.e. leading her on.

Now I understand that he needed to tell Steffy as soon as possible. But, he begged Steffy, wanted her to be in a relationship with him while he was married to Ivy, said he would leave Ivy, and the marriage meant nothing. I WANT IVY TO DUMP THIS CREEP!!!

Then comes the part that my heart broke. Ivy tears up. I wanted to kick Liam’s behind myself. Liam tells Ivy that he didn’t want her to hear it like that. Realist Ivy tells him that she knows he has feelings for Steffy, she gets it, he loves them both. Liam says he does. Ivy asks if it’s deeper with Steffy. Will she always be second choice, and is she always going to be the one that ruined his chances with Steffy. Liam says she hasn’t every stopped anything. Ivy asks if she’s the one that that he will always think of as having ruined the chance for him to be with the one he actually wants to be with? Liam says that with Steffy there’s history and being with her is like being home, but now we have this marriage. WOW, Liam! Continue to pour the salt into her wound why don’t you!

Ivy wants to know if Liam has completely shut out the idea of them working out. Is there a tiny part of him thinks that they can make this marriage more than “just the right thing to do.” Liam says yes, he would love to keep her in his life and continue to get to know her better. But he didn’t imagine doing it as a married couple. He says that the question is if she could, given how he feels about Steffy and he wouldn’t blame her if she cut and run.

Ivy says both Steffy and Hope did enough running for the both of them. She’s not like them, she doesn’t get scared off and isn’t intimidated because she’s not immediately handed something. She feels she’s a much better match for him than Steffy and it might take awhile for her to convince him of that.

Ivy is crying and tells Liam that it hurts that he still have feelings for Steffy and all the time that they have been spending together means nothing. Kick him, Ivy, and take him out with the trash puhlease. Liam says he hopes that she doesn’t think that’s true. Ivy tells him that’s the way he makes her feel. She tells him that’s its scary that she doesn’t give up given what he has said. However, it’s going to take more than Steffy coming back, a woman that has proven time and time again that she doesn’t respect him, for her to give up on the idea of them. She believes that they have the foundation of potentially wonderful life together and that deep down, he believes that too. She asks if they can give it a go and maybe one day she can feel like “home” too and could he at least try. Liam says he’s willing to try, that he doesn’t know what is going to happen. But he wants them to try. She asks about Steffy. He says she’s gone and she doesn’t understand. Ivy says she understands, now you got me, your wife. They embrace.

Ivy doesn’t want to pressure him, and Liam says she’s not. She knows a small part of him wants to be with Steffy, and he says he will always have a small part that does and that he’s trying to teach himself to let go of things that aren’t meant to be. Whether its bad luck or bad timing with Steffy, he doesn’t want that to blind him to her and that she’s so beautiful inside and out. How dare he allow his feelings for Steffy interfere with finding out what they can be, and he wants to find out. He made the decision to marry her, that she did not force him, that he chose it, and he wants to see where this marriage could go.

Needless to say the infamous knock at the door. It’s the Immigration Officer. He looks at the table where Steffy has smashed everything and wants to know if he’s interrupted something. Ivy says they are married and asks, can’t he leave them alone? He wants to talk to Ivy alone. Liam exits the room. Ivy tells to say what he has to say and get out.

Meanwhile, Wyatt tells Quinn that Steffy probably knows by now, and Quinn encourages him to find Steffy because she’s probably hurting. Wyatt finds Steffy on the terrace reminiscing about Liam. He tells her that he heard, she’s been down this road before, and there’s a reason why she left him. She has a choice, she can choose to let him go and leave all the drama behind or she can continue to be miserable. The choice is hers. She doesn’t owe him anything. What does she want to do, maybe take a chance? Have a little fun? Then he goes in for the kiss. I’m still on the fence as to STATT’s (Steffy and Wyatt) chemistry. I know my girl JMW can #bringit and DB is excellent too, so I think with time they can be explosive.

Ivy tells the Immigration Officer that they are married, and she doesn’t know why he doesn’t believe them. He says it looks even more suspicious. Ivy tells him to do his investigation—she doesn’t care. He tells her that it won’t be necessary and they made a mistake, it happens. It turns out that she does have dual citizenship. She can work here and stay in this country with or without Liam Spencer.

Ivy is in shock. Liam comes back in and wants to know what the Immigration Officer said. She just sits there in shock, he asks again…Find out what happens next on Monday.

Now B&B has proven marriages don’t last long i.e. HOTTT time they got back from their honeymoon drama ensured and it went downhill fast. However, I do find it very odd about the deportation issue and the Immigration Officer (IO) arriving again to let her know they made a mistake and that she has dual citizenship. Let’s look at the usual suspects: $Bill? Probably not, because he wants Liam with Steffy. Quinn? Well, she might have done it initially to have the jewelry line all to herself and changed course when she realize that Wyatt was interested in Steffy. However, I’m going to take her off the list. Some would argue that Ivy did it, which I can understand. However, she was in shock when the officer told her, plus, she wouldn’t have him come to the house to tell her that, risking Liam overhearing that she has dual citizenship, so I’m going to take her off also.

My three prime suspects are Steffy, Wyatt, and Liam. Steffy would benefit from Ivy being out of the way and having Liam all to herself, free and clear. What better way than to have her out of the country? And after it backfired and Liam married Ivy, she could have the IO come back to tell Ivy they made a mistake and that she has dual citizenship, thereby freeing Liam up again.

Wyatt is a strong possibility because he was already upset that Liam had Ivy, was President of SP, VP of FC, AND wanted and would be able to get her. So, what if Wyatt called the IO knowing that Liam would rush to Ivy’s rescue, taking Liam out of commission by being married to Ivy and making Steffy available? Once he finds out that LIVY is married, he calls the officer back because he knows Steffy will be done with Liam after all she’s been through.

 Liam, YES Liam, my long shot. Maybe he realized that he could no longer resist Steffy and wanted an OUT, but telling her no was not working. With the threat of deportation, he would have to marry Ivy, thereby making him unavailable. He would beg Steffy to give her closure, knowing full well that she was not going to wait yet again. Knowing Steffy would say she was done and conveniently have the IO officer return to let Ivy know she was a dual citizen, thereby freeing her to stay in the country and freeing him also.

 Well, readers, you tell me. Who called Immigration on Ivy? Will STATT become a couple? Will Ivy tell Liam that they can dissolve their marriage because she’s a dual citizen. Or is the IO playing a trick to see if LIVY will divorce, so he can prove that the marriage is a fraud and deport her?

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    Comment by Denise Whitehead Through LTAS FAcebook:

    I got this feeling no one did I think it was all a set up to keep Liam away from Steffy because that guts came back and said they made a mistake after all that crap he was talking to her something don,t sound rite here and I don,t think IVY will tell Liam rite away because they both agree to see where this marriage goes so I think she will hold onto this secret if not she will lose him.

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    Comment by Denise Upton Marcus through LTAS Facebook page.

    There is one more you need to add to the list of suspects. ALY. She hates Steffy and is obsessed with Liam. So who better to manipulate this little scenario. She knew Liam would never allow Ivy to be deported. (But she is just young and naive enough to not think what would happen if Liam didn’t agree to marry Ivy) My money is on Aly. Especially since spoilers say she is heading for another breakdown which brings Thorne home.

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