The Bold and the Beautiful- Cliffhanger Friday, 06/27/15: You’re Free

Ivy tells Quinn noThis week’s Cliffhanger Friday is about freedom. Freedom to leave, to stay, to be with whomever you desire. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

RAYA is back on the canvas and doing a little backtracking. Ridge is CEO, and due to the backlash of SP, outing Maya as transgender. Eric, Caroline, and Ridge came to a consensus that Maya should be asked to return to FC as lead model. Ridge told Maya that people erroneously felt that FC fired her for being transgender when in fact she QUIT. Maya said that she was “willing to return and help FC by letting people know that she was not fired, but quit, but under one condition:” that Rick returns with her. Additionally, in what corporate world does a lead model dictate to the CEO of a company, demanding that someone be rehired and it happens. REALLY? I MEAN, REALLY, UNBELIEVABLE.

Now here’s the problem I have with Maya. Any self-respecting professional would not try to blackmail her man back into a position and she would not let the company take the fall for her actions. Maya WILLFULLY QUIT and was willing to allow FC to suffer for her actions if her man, Rick, was not rehired. Oh, did I mention he quit too, as a matter of fact, threw Eric under the bus when he punched $Bill. I say Ridge should not have succumb to Maya’s blackmail and said “thanks, but no thanks,” called a press conference, released Maya’s letter of resignation and a statement from the company, and let the chips fall where they may. Had Maya not pulled this trick, I’d say rehire her. However, that was a “no deal” proposition. Maya can say all she wants about how fabulous Rick is; however, history has proven that Rick has NEVER EARNED it: Amber and her designs put Rick on the map; Caroline is the reason he became president; and Maya aided in Rick’s trickery to become CEO, and now got him rehired, by blackmail. So, NO, Rick hasn’t earned anything. Rick deserves to go to the basement like Thorne and let him work his way out. Pretty much RAYA was all about their lovefest, and Maya displaying her insecurities about their relationship. After Jacob and Karla killed this storyline with wonderful acting, I truly hope that going forward their talent will continue to shine with excellent writing and not have RAYA’s relationship be all about Maya’s insecurities.

Meanwhile back at FC, Caroline thanks Ridge for being there for her and being her support. Caroline tries to draw and becomes frustrated; she says it’s different being back to work and that nothing is working right. Ok, here’s the tearjerker moment: Ridge steps back and tells her to walk to him. Caroline takes the walker and goes to him. Then Ridge takes the walker and asks her to come to him. AND, Caroline walks for the first time without her walker. Crying here. Then Caroline playfully pushes him back further and walks to him. They embrace and Ridge picks her up, swings her around, gently places her back in her seat, and Caroline begins to draw. Ok, it can’t get too much more perfect than CaRidge. This is a couple that needs to stay together. Their chemistry is off the charts. Quinn is still trying to convince Ivy not to tell Liam about her dual citizenship. Ivy is having none of it, she let’s Quinn know that she is going to tell Liam, and that she does not want to be with Liam like that, and that she’s going to set him free. Ivy says it’s time for action, “honest action.”

Yes, thank you Ivy, you are a woman of integrity who is not willing to compromise herself to keep a man. Loving Ivy. She leaves to find Liam. Liam tries to convince Steffy that the marriage is temporary and that they can still be together. Steffy tells him that Immigration will be watching them like a hawk, and that it could take years before everything is settled. She says anything they had together was destroyed when he married Ivy. Waffleboy tells Steffy that he knows he made a mistake, but they have too much together for them to loose it all. Ivy comes in and tells Liam they need to talk, Steffy says “Yes, talk to your wife.” Liam now apologizes to Ivy, and she tells him that she knows he has feelings for Steffy, and if he wants her, he can have her. Ivy lets him know that it wasn’t necessary for them to get married. Liam says it was because everything is here for her. Ivy says his feelings for Steffy complicate matters and Liam says it’s not all Steffy’s fault. Ivy knows that, and they have history together. Liam wants to stay married until she gets her citizenship. Ivy tells Liam that they don’t need to stay married because she just found out that she’s a US citizen. Yes, you go Ivy, tell the truth, and set that Waffleboy free. Now here’s a display of class, dignity, and elegance. Ivy tells Liam that she loves him and hoped one day that she would be his wife, BUT NOT LIKE THIS. Not with this constant need and desire for someone else. Liam tells Ivy that she didn’t have to tell him this. Ivy says that she’s not going to trap him in a relationship. It’s not fair to you or any of us. “You deserved the truth and now you have it.” Ivy goes on to say that Carter can draw up the annulment papers. Ivy goes to leave, and Liam grabs her. She tells him that she knows he cares about her, or else he wouldn’t have made the sacrifice. She loves him, but she is not going to stop him from being with Steffy if that’s what he wants.

Say what you want, Ivy is a class act. She is not willing to play second fiddle to anyone and she deserves not to. Her actions backed up her words. She’s not this begging, needy woman whose entire existence is predicated on a man. She was right by telling Liam, and that she’s not going to stop him from being with her. Goodbye, good riddance, she doesn’t need rescuing. Liam goes to tell Steffy in the Sky Lounge that she’s going through the motions of not being willing to play second fiddle, and that he is married to Ivy. When Liam finally gets a word in, he’s able to tell her that Ivy is not getting deported and apologizes and asks for forgiveness. Steffy is shocked, then excited and she hugs him.

Ok Steffy, what happened to “marrying Ivy destroyed anything that we had,” which you said seconds ago? I know that Liam is free to date you now, but after all that “I am woman hear me roar,” I’m done with you. You changed your mind quick, fast, and in a hurry. Well B&B fans it looks like we are going to have a STEAM summer.

What will happen next? Will Ridge send Rick to the basement? Will RAYA continue to be a couple? Will there be a STEAM summer? You tell me.

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