The Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 06/04/15: “Shade Throwing Results in TKO – You Will Never Be More Than Just a Memory, You Need to Accept That

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Bold and Beautiful fans, get out your cups and Ray Bans, because this week’s cliffhanger is full of sippin’ tea and throwin’ shade. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

In order to truly appreciate the Cliffhanger Friday, we must begin with Thursday. $, $, $, oh, how I love thee. Ridge called a board meeting for the shareholders to cast their votes to take over and cast out Rick. Ridge, Steffy, and Liam was feeling very confident; however, unbeknownst to them, Rickyboy threw an offer to $Bill that he just could not refuse.  $Bill gave Liam the voting rights. However, he did not give him ownership of the stock. Rick offered $Bill the opportunity to appoint the President of FC if he sided with him and with Eric.

Just as Ridge, Steffy, and Liam was set to sign the papers, $Bill arrived, and as you can guess, he did his usual grandstanding. $Bill told Rick that he would throw in with him BUT, there was one condition and that was that Maya be let go, because some customers felt that Maya was a disgrace. Well, Rickyboy wasn’t having none of that, so he punched $Bill and told him that he was a disgrace. Liam grabbed $Bill and Eric grabbed Rick; but Rick pulled away and left to call Maya and say he was on his way.

Let’s take a moment and examine here. On the surface it appears that $Bill supported Rick and betrayed Liam. However, for those that know $Bill know that $Bill doesn’t do anything without thinking it through. $Bill knew that Rick was a ticking time bomb and since Eric would not listen to anyone, $Bill wanted Eric to see for himself first hand exactly who Rick is. Whining Rick has blamed everyone, mainly Ridge, for his misfortunes. He brainwashed Eric into believing that he was the only one concerned about FC and its legacy. Eric made it perfectly clear to Rick that if $Bill didn’t side with them, there was nothing more he could do, and Rick understood. So when Rick clocked $Bill, he literally threw Eric under the bus along with his legacy and FC. RAYA fans are gushingly oohing that he did it for love. Well, there’s a difference between business and pleasure. Rick allowed his personal life to dictate his business decision as everyone has been saying all along. He did not have to clock $Bill, he could have tried to offer an alternative that MAYBE $Bill would have considered.

Secondly, $Bill knew that Ridge would not betray FC. And although he tried to get Ridge to compromise FC, he wouldn’t. Ridge continued to say that after all the things that $Bill has done to this family and the company that they went to him and are willing to work with him? Many newcomers don’t know and some old timers forget that $Bill was brought in by his father to destroy FC, and that is why he is CEO of SP.

Lastly, Rick is fortunate that Liam grabbed $Bill because he would have opened a can of whoop arse on Rick. He did the best thing by leaving and running to Maya, because $Bill would have wiped the floor with him, ROTFL.

I have to say that I am REJOICING that Ridge is CEO: that’s the way it should be. Rick maybe Eric’s biological son; however, Rick has always acted and been true to Logan. Most importantly the TRUE Forrester matriarch, Stephanie Forrester, is Ridge‘s mother. Her father’s money started the company, she dedicated her life to FC and wanted Ridge to be CEO. Also, Ridge and his children own half of the company–Rick owns nothing.

Now that Forrester is in order, for now, there appears to be trouble in paradise in Spencer land. Wyatt is feeling some kind of way about Liam being VP. Wyatt feels that he did all of the dirty work to make this happen, Liam knows absolutely nothing about fashion, Wyatt works there, and $Bill always rewards Liam whether he earns it or not.

Oh, my favorite couple, CaRidge, didn’t disappoint. Ridge immediately went to share the good news with Caroline. She’s ecstatic and is ready for him to get back to work–that’s most important. However, Ridge tells her that she’s first and that there’s nothing more important than her. She helped him when he couldn’t draw, and it’s now his turn to help her. They’re a team. Caroline is excited and ready to be by his side. Awwww, I just love those two.

Oliver was back and Aly couldn’t have been more excited, such a cute couple. It also appears that part of the old Aly is back, but we will get to that later.

Wyatt’s jealousy of Liam spills over to Ivy and questions how she feels about STEAM working so closely together. Ivy says she’s not crazy about their working so closely together, but she trusts Liam. Wyatt says he doesn’t know about that. Ivy tells him that earlier his money was on her. Then Wyatt says he only said that to make her feel better. It’s easy for Liam to be committed to her when Steffy isn’t around. He goes on to say that Steffy is a force, she’s intelligent, extremely beautiful, she knows it and guys just don’t say no to that. Ivy then asks him to say no to Steffy; he says no. Ivy tells him to ask her out then.

Meanwhile, although Steffy says her love is not a condition to the takeover, no sooner than the papers are signed is she caressing Liam’s face and kissing him. As we know, EVERYBODY stands at the doorways at FC, and Aly overhears and sees Steffy kiss Liam.

Liam finds Wyatt and Ivy and inquires about what they are discussing. Ivy shares that Steffy doesn’t respect her or their relationship. Liam says he’s committed to Ivy, that she has no reason to be concerned about Steffy. And she feels that Steffy needs more time, and she will realize that there are more available men out there. Ivy tells him that she encouraged Wyatt to ask Steffy out. When Wyatt asks Liam if he has a problem with that. Liam hesitates but says no.

Hold up right here. First, Liam is lying. He would hit the roof if STATT got hot and heavy. No way would he be “ok” with it. Secondly, Liam is waffling and lying to Ivy. The FIRST thing out of his mouth to Ivy should have been that Steffy kissed him. Liam can’t be trusted–dump him NOW, Ivy, before you get hurt. Liam brings a world of hurt to any woman that is with him. I don’t even want him with Steffy, he did her soooooo wrong and in so many ways. Liam is not good enough for Ivy or Steffy–both would do better without him.

Cup and Ray-Ban Cliffhanger Time:

Aly walks in and lets Steffy know that she saw her throw herself at Liam and she’s wasting her tim. Liam is loyal and committed. Now Aly I love your tenacity, but Waffleboy is not committed to NOBODY and he ONLY loves HIMSELF. Aly tells Steffy that she still thinks it’s ok to kiss him. She’s not his wife or girlfriend, they just work together and that’s it. Aly says that he’s with Ivy, she’s more suitable, and Ivy is the kind of woman Liam should be with, not you. Steffy looks her up and down. BOOM!!! My old crazy Aly is surfacing.

Well, Steffy, if you don’t know, you better ask Wyatt: when Aly is on the relationship support bandwagon, she will do anything to make it happen. However, Steffy is no pushover either. Steffy grew up with Aly and I will bet she knows a little about this side of Aly.

First Steffy tries to shrug it off by saying it’s no big deal, that they were celebrating. Nope, Aly isn’t buying that. She says, “Yeah, right! I know all the signs!” When Steffy asks her what signs she is talking about, Aly tells her: the way you used to behave when Liam was with Hope.

#TeamB&B tea has been served and now it’s time to put the Ray-Bans on. Steffy shushes her and says, just because you are a member of the Hope Logan fan club, don’t hate on her. Steffy says what she does or doesn’t do with Liam is none of her business. Aly is persistent and says Ivy is her friend and the company is her legacy too. Good for Aly for recognizing that FC is part of her legacy.

Steffy acts confused and wants to know what that has to do with a friendly congratulatory kiss. Aly shares that this is an opportunity to restore the company, partly because of her, to the way it was when Stephanie, her grandmother, was alive. Aly continues to talk about the morals and values of the company.

Well, Steffy has just about had enough and says okay, I get it and I have none. Wow, you really embraced the HFTF propaganda, didn’t you? One kiss with Liam doesn’t make me morally corrupt and won’t interfere with our company’s image.

Aly’s backbone is strong. She warns Steffy that she doesn’t want her interfering with LIVY and to have a little respect. Aly feels that LIVY is an example of what FC could show to the world. Aly brags that Ivy is traditional, understated, and classy. Steffy says, as opposed to me.

Aly may be young, but she’s grown up and no longer naïve. She tells Steffy, I’m sure you were a lot of fun, and that Liam has some great memories but, that’s all you’ll ever be, just a memory, you need to accept that. BOOYAH, the tea is finished and the shade has been thrown. This fight goes to Aly with a TKO of Steffy, ROTFL.

So what will happen next? Will Liam fess up to Ivy that Steffy kissed him? Will Wyatt ask Steffy out? Will Liam get pissed that STATT is together? Will Steffy not heed Aly’s warning and Aly go craycray on Steffy? You tell me


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