The Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 05/29/15 Rick Forrester Gets His Just Desert!

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Bold and Beautiful fans, another week, another Cliffhanger Friday; well actually we had 2 cliffhangers today. If they didn’t do so many flashbacks, we would have gotten more information; but that’s later. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

My girl Ivy was standing at the door and overheard Steffy professing her love to Liam. Well, Ivy is no pushover, so she decides to enter the room and ask, “What’s going on?” CRICKETS…… Then Steffy shares with Ivy that the takeover is back on and that Ridge will be CEO; Steffy, President; and Liam Vice-President. Now, I am happy, happy, happy about that and that’s the way it should be. Two thumbs up. Ridge enters and says so much for a secret, Liam lets him know that Ivy has known from the beginning.

Ridge and Steffy are really struggling to oust Eric because of their relationship. Rick–not so much. Good riddance. He’s the reason all of this is happening anyway.

Yesterday, Ridge had the most touching scene where he went to the guest house at the Forrester mansion, found Stephanie’s portrait, uncovered it and began confiding in it and seeking her approval for what he was going to do. That scene was a tear jerker.

Eric remains blinded by Rick, it’s sickening, it’s PAST TIME for Eric to retire if doesn’t have any better judgment than what he’s been displaying. Rick tells Eric that he has his support and no one can remove him. Mmmm, just wait.

Nicole arrives at Rick’s office, and needless to say the girl can’t keep her mouth shut. So fast forward, she tells Rick where Maya is, after he shares with her about the car accident. Amazing that Rick couldn’t find Maya on his own. I mean, it’s not like it’s rocket science.

Carter arrives at Maya’s apartment to find her packing and tries to convince her not to leave. I’m like, why are you concerned Carter? Why are you all up in their business? It’s just like yesterday when you were talking to Rick: you’re not BFFs, you should give a flying flip on what they do. I will say it again: it’s time for Carter to get a woman. Then maybe he will mind his own business.

Maya wants to know if Rick sent him and how did he find her (again, not rocket science). Carter continues to tell her about Rick’s undying love for her. Maya, being stubborn, says she loves Rick too much and that Rick doesn’t want to marry her.

Cliffhanger #1 After Nicole spills the beans, Rick smiles and leaves the office; however, not without reminiscing again. While Maya is doing, guess what? Reminiscing.  Now I have to admit, the scene was done beautifully, they both were reminiscing about the first time they met. Maya was sitting at the table and amazingly, she had the same hairstyle and outfit as she did the first day they met. Maya asks for the check and Rick says the exact same line, wearing the exact same outfit as when they met. It was lovely.

Cliffhanger #2 Eric walks in and is delighted to see Steffy and wants to know how long her visit will be. Steffy informs him that she’s staying for good. Eric says, “We can use your PR expertise right now.” Ridge informs him that Steffy will not be doing that. Still elated, Eric says, “Well, whatever you want to do, just make sure you run it by Rick. He’s the CEO now. He needs to approve of any changes that need to be made.”

Tears flowing from my eyes with laughter, Ridge says, “Not with this.” Eric gets agitated and tells Ridge, “You know where I stand with this.” Self-assured, Ridge says, “Yeah I do. You support Rick above everything and everyone else, we got it.” Neither Eric nor Ridge wants to fight about this. Ridge says that they were a team once, the best in the business. It’s killing him, the things that Rick is doing to the company, clouding Eric’s judgment and that he and Stephanie created FC and he doesn’t want Rick to destroy it.

Eric tells Ridge to stop it, to look at the reality of the situation and accept it. Meanwhile behind Rick, Steffy and Liam are in utter disbelief of Eric. Ridge says he doesn’t have to accept it. Eric tells him there’s nothing he can do. Ridge hangs his head and says, “That’s not true.” BOOM!!!! Ridge says, Thomas signed a proxy and he’ll control his 5%, Steffy is with me, and Liam, that’s 62.5%.

Eric says Liam is not a stockholder. Liam tells him that he controls the 12.5%. Then Eric says, I see. Ridge didn’t want it to come to this.

Eric says, “Ridge, you wouldn’t do this.” Steffy chimes in that they didn’t want to do this. Ridge says, “I asked you to terminate Rick because his behavior is getting worse and worse; and you refused.” Liam shares just a few of Rick’s indiscretions. Ridge says they own 62.5% of the company and they want to protect its future.

Eric doesn’t see how he is doing this. REALLY, ERIC? REALLY? Well, Ridge raises his voice and says, “I’m overruling you dad, Rick’s tenure has CEO just ended.” Eric still in disbelief says, “NO, I DECIDE WHO RUNS THIS COMPANY.” Ridge had to break it down for Eric some more, “You don’t decide dad, we decide.”

Eric screams, “YOU CAN’T DO THIS.” Ridge says, “You are making me do this! What am I suppose to do? You left me no choice. I’m grateful for everything you taught me and the legacy you left for this family…” Eric breaks in “NO, NO, NO…” Ridge continues, “You ran the company from then until just now. But now, we need a change in leadership. Rick Time is over” Ridge points his finger to Eric, “Your time is over.”

THANK YOU RIDGE, THANK YOU RIDGE, THANK YOU RIDGE, STEFFY, AND LIAM, for taking the trash out. Let it stay out.

What will happen next? Now that Napoleon cannot run to Daddy to make it all better, will he run to $Bill? If he does, how will that work since he told $Bill he was going to destroy him? Are you happy that Rick is OUT? Tell me what you think.

SofiaBryanBy Sofia A. Bryan


  1. margaretames says

    Ridge is a wonderful compassionate man and on top of that, he is HOT to boot! Send Ricky to Paris and run the company with Steffy and Thomas. That’s the way it should be.

  2. Pam Braxton says

    I have mixed feelings about Ridge and Rick. Ridge is the one who always gets what he wants, go back to his past. If Rick apologizes to all his bullied and Maya goes away it “may” work. Don’t think Ridge needs to be both, artist he should stay. Bring Thorn in for CEO if anything. Just my thoughts.

    • Sofia A. Bryan says

      Understand what you are saying, so yes, let’s go back to the past. Rick has ALWAYS blamed others for his actions. No, an apology will not work because he’s already did that 2x since he’s been CEO and went right back to his evil ways. Rick needs to be gone and stay gone. Stephanie’s father funded FC, so Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, etc should be next in line, NOT crybaby Rickyboy. jmo

      • Melinda says

        For sure. I was disgusted when Rick was talking to Eric about how Ridge “stole” Caroline from him. News flash Rick, YOU DUMPED Caroline for Maya!
        He also played with Caroline and Eric by pretending to “work on your marriage” with Caroline, all the while you were sleeping with Maya!! Caroline tried so hard to make the married age work but he wanted nothing to do with her and treared her like garbage, so she turned to Ridge because he was there for her.
        He’s not mad at Maya and her secret because she always ” intended” to tell him. Really, because Caroline always intended to tell Rick about the kiss, but Maya told it first!

  3. Linda says

    Rick and Maya needs to go. Rick may know how to make money off his employee talents. Rick only knows how to bully, humiliate and shame his staff. Together, he and Maya are poison.

    • Sofia A. Bryan says

      Rick and the entire Logan clan needs to leave. This is FC, not LC. Let them go get their own and stop stealing from others

  4. says

    please fire rick I cant stand him rick used to be on all my children he shot his foot & ridge same show please let ridge have CEO or liam don’t care who it is

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