The Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 05/22/15: More Fallout From Maya’s Revelation

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Bold and the Beautiful fans, I’m back. And this has been one heck of a week. Seems like there was a cliffhanger just about every day. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

This week, my man, the REAL $Bill was back. Oh, how I love that ruthless, take no prisoners, run-over-you-with-a-train $Bill. I REALLY was hating on $Bill when he became infested with Brooke Logan. He was “Logan whipped” and I detested him. But now, my $Bill is back. He showed Katie that he was back too when she insisted that he did not run the Maya story because “Rick was family and it’s their personal life.” #GirlBye.

$Bill quickly told her that this was business and that she NEVER complained about stories they ran on everyone else. He told her that she was letting her emotions rule her decisions.

My $Dolla’ being my Dolla’, had enough of her ear bending nagging and led her to believe that all was well in Spencerville. ROTFL, Dolla’ ran those articles in EVERY publication. The headlines were filled with smut. Get mad if you must, but $Bill was handling his business.

After Maya FINALLY told Rick, his phone (which was set for notifications) lit up like the sky on the 4th of July. Rickyboy became Freakyboy, he flipped and freaked out. Calling Eric to reassure him and $Bill to threaten him that if he didn’t take down the stories he would “destroy him.” ROTFL! Yeah, right.

RickyFreakyboy you CAN’T destroy $Bill. Maya, being selfish, wanted CONSTANT reassurance, when Rick asked for time to process all of this, she fled. Now Maya, let’s get real here. You just told the man that you were born a male. $Bill told the world, and you want him to just hold your hand and swaddle you? #ByeJustBye.

Although I want Rick to find himself under the FC building, Maya was just being selfish, foolish, and immature. Rick chased her in the car, constantly calling, she’s hanging up. Then when she did answer, he asked her to pull over several times, but NOOOOOOOOOOO, she wanted to know if he still loved her and wanted to get married.

Well, as fate would have it Rick crashed and the phone hung up leading Maya to believe that he hung up on her.

Now, let’s fast forward to Friday, Caroline is back and CaRidge did not disappoint by steaming up my screen with a kiss. She told Ridge the reason she was away was that she was hit by a car. It was so sweet, Ridge told her that he was going to return the favor, that she helped him use his hands to draw again; and that he was going to help her use her feet to walk again.

But at one point, I wanted to reach through the screen and slap Caroline when Ridge told her there was a morality clause in Rick’s contract and Caroline said, “Has he done enough to violate the morality clause?” REALLY CAROLINE, REALLY? Not only has he treated you and everyone else like the scumb on the bottom of his shoe, he SHOT at you and Ridge. I dare you to ask that question.

Nicole playing the victim game blamed Wyatt for telling $Bill about Maya. Let’s take a moment here and examine. Nicole, Maya is YOUR sister, not Wyatt’s. If you weren’t so busy trying to dig for gold, you would have never thrown YOUR sister under the bus and run over her with it. You have been on two—count them, two—dates with Wyatt and he’s supposed to keep some grand secret of yours? He’s suppose to have loyalty to YOU and not HIS FAMILY.

Then I got peeved at Wyatt for even trying to explain to this chick. Lesson learned. Nicole, remember that. Here’s a bit of advice for you going forward, Nicole: $$$$$ signs in your eyes will blind you. Stop digging for gold and remove those cobwebs out of your brain and think about your decisions. Check and checkmate.

#MamaBearBrooke told “Rickyboy” to stay home from work. All week #MamaBearBrooke has been nursing her cub and insisting that he leave Maya alone. Crybaby Rick has whined and complained to Brooke and Eric about Ridge and woe is me.

Ridge tore Rick a new one when he told Rick that he knew about Maya before he did. Ridge questioned him and asked him if he “freaked out when she told him because Rick can’t take pressure and is that why she left him.” Rick got steaming hot and lunged at Ridge. Now they didn’t show exactly what happened after that, but Ridge should have flattened him.

Rick whined and complained when Eric came to see him and told him that Ridge “needs to go.” Well Eric told Rick that Ridge was going nowhere and if anyone left it would be him. What???? Did I hear that right? UNBELIEVABLE, Eric ACTUALLY told Rick that? Did the scales FINALLY fall off Eric’s eyes?

You know it, Rick blamed Ridge for his problems and even stooped so low as to say that Ridge stole Brooke from Eric. Rick wants Eric to “believe in him.” BAM, Eric wasn’t biting and told Rick that he has treated everybody cruelly and that his decisions are questionable and he needed to STEP DOWN AND THAT IT’S TIME.

Is this a temporary Eric? Will Eric revert back to playing the fool to Rick? Will RAYA get back together? Will Ridge become the new CEO? Tell me what is going to happen next on The Bold and The Beautiful.


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