The Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 05/15/15

cf bb 051515Hi Bold and Beautiful fans this is Sofia, today I have a special treat. I invited my very good friend Jimmy August to write this week’s Cliffhanger Friday column. So, let’s let Jimmy “Talk About Soaps.” –Sofia Bryan

Bill Wants to Avenge Rick’s Wrongdoing? Will He Be Able To?

By: Jimmy August

Today’s show was very special, Maya’s being the center of this whole story brings a new dimension to this show. Karla Mosley’s perfect acting brought a new level of emotions to many viewers watching this authentic storyline that could change the life of many people in real life that find themselves in the same situation.

The way Maya explained how she became her true self as Maya Avant was heartbreaking and delivered beautifully. Sure, Rick seemed very confused by what his future wife was telling him, but clearly it was important for Maya to tell him all about herself before confirming a future for the two of them.

Now on the other hand, we see that Bill Spencer aka Stallion or Dollar Bill was all about revenge for Rick’s tyranny at Forrester and the way he has been treating his niece. Using Maya in his scheme to get what he wants, isn’t the first time in Bill’s history he’s done tyrannical things. 2013, Maya’s first introduction to Rick’s life prove it, when a beautiful sexy conniving Caroline was more than jealous that Rick would fall for someone in a different social class with a future uncertain. Her uncle Bill used Maya’s past to get her away from Rick. But in the end, the couple survived and became stronger than ever.

Now is a whole new level. Because Maya has been keeping this huge secret that could not only impact her relationship with Rick but also her environment and the people she interacts with. She hopes that Rick will understand that her parents “raised her as a boy,” which is in part why she needed to come to L.A. to become her true self and to transition finally to the woman she was meant to be.

Brooke, Ridge, & Eric was actually interesting, although quite awkward. Knowing the history between the three of them, it seems like they throw some insults to each other without their being taken too seriously. It seems like for Ridge it’s all about protecting FC—but is that really the case? What if Maya is actually what could boost FC creations to a new level. We know that in real life, in our society right now transgender people are seen more and more in different careers such as acting, singing, modeling, and so on. This could be a good thing for FC and that could backfire on Bill knowing his intention and how Spencer Publications could be seen by the LGBT community as being bullies and ignorant people who would use someone’s transgender identity to gain profits. You know what they say about revenge, its plate you eat cold. And that’s exactly what will happen to Bill. However, this time he might not survive it. Until next time, stay Bold and Beautiful, and have faith that Karla Mosley & Jacob Young as supercouple Rick & Maya could change the world for a better place with this story.

Jimmy AugustJimmy August,

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