The Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 04/17/15 Will the DeQuinn Wedding Go On?

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My fellow Bold and Beautiful fans, today was ONE of the days that many have been awaiting. Did B&B fail to deliver to your level of expectation? Let’s Talk About Soaps.

Today was the big day for DeQuinn, but let’s save that for last.

Nicole might not have grown up with Maya, but one thing is for sure, she’s definitely her sister. While Wyatt is digging for information out of Nicole, she is digging for gold out of him. First thing at FC, Nicole began grilling Maya about Wyatt’s whereabouts. Maya at first is oblivious and tells her that his mother is getting married today so he’s probably at the wedding. After more pressing questions from Nicole, especially about his being a Spencer, Maya quickly gets a clue because game recognizes game. Gleefully, Maya tells Nicole about the Spencer riches and who are the heirs to $Bill’s throne. Nicole goes deep and inquires about Wyatt’s and $Bill’s relationship. The two “golddiggerettes” giggle and chitter-chatter about the Spencer’s, the Avants wants the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Meanwhile, LIVY, is snuggling it up in the other office. Liam tells Ivy if she moves in, then they can do this every morning. Ivy, being loving and supportive, does not want to leave her cousin Aly to fend for herself against RAYA at the Forrester mansion. Liam is sharing with Ivy that Wyatt overheard Nicole and Maya talking about this “secret” that could bring Rick and FC down. Ivy presses him for more details and Liam tells her that Wyatt is working on it and plans to woo Nicole to find out what this monumental “secret” is. Being logical as always, Ivy asks Wyatt what if he can’t find out? Liam says it’s to plan B then.

Then Liam has an epiphany, he kisses Ivy and tells her he loves her; again and again. I have to say, that was ultra-sweet. Then he leaves and hangs around Rick‘s door where the “golddiggerettes” are talking. But by this time they have changed to topic of conversation to the “secret.” Maya is stressing and with great emphasis continues to tell Nicole over and over again that no one can find out. Liam is now intrigued as to what this might be.

Brooke is at SP talking to Katie and is upset about the DeQuinn wedding. Katie wants to know if Brooke is still getting help at AA. Brooke assures her that she is and it helps, but the urgent matter right now is stopping the wedding.

Katie is a little confused as to why Brooke is so involved. Of course Brooke goes into her speech about how Deacon has helped her, he’s the father of her child, and at the top of the pyramid is “Qrazy Quinn.” After a little debate, Katie states that Brooke might be too late and they might be married already. Did Katie forget that Brooke is the “master wedding stopper?” Brooke has stopped so many weddings that she has it down to an art form. Brooke says, no, I still have a little time. Katie wants to go with her and turns her back to get her purse and Brooke bolts outta there, ball out of the park, gone.

Still with reservations, Wyatt shares with Quinn that he is willing to put those aside and support their wedding. Well, he better, or there would not be any witnesses since he was the only guest.

Carter who is officiating even questions Deacon if he’s sure that he knows Quinn as well as he think he does. Smitten, Deacon is sure that Quinn is the one, the love of his life.

And the wedding proceeds. As “qrazy” as Quinn is, she made a beautiful bride, absolutely stunning. DeQuinn is so excited that they are saying their personal vows before Carter starts. Hold up, the “master wedding blocker” has not arrived yet; she needs a wee bit more time.

Carter begins and when he gets to those famous words “if anyone knows why this couple should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.” Well, Wyatt is the only guest, so DeQuinn give a sigh of relief. But WAIT! Brooke may not be riding on a horse, but she still knows how to bust that door down. In comes Brooke, the Calvary with her tablet with Hope hot on the line for a message for Deacon.

Hope asks Deacon not to marry Quinn. Clueless as usual, Deacon says that when he invited her to the wedding she didn’t say anything. Hope said that she didn’t think he would go through with it.

Now it’s NO secret that I’m not a Hope fan. However, I understand where she’s coming from. In no shape, form, or fashion would i want Quinn as a stepmother after her fiasco prior to and after becoming her mother-in-law. I don’t blame Qrazy Quinn for Hope losing the baby—that was Hope and her foolishness for following Qrazy Quinn outside and her high heels. But Qrazy Quinn did enough prior to Hope—that I can completely understand.

Practically in tears, Hope tells Deacon that they are rebuilding their relationship, but that can’t happen if he marries Qrazy Quinn.

What will Deacon do? Will Brooke and Hope‘s plan work? Will he marry Qrazy Quinn? Will Nicole and Maya realize that Liam is at the door before the “secret” comes out? Or, will Wyatt woo Nicole into spilling the beans?

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