The Bold and Beautiful: Cliffhanger Friday 03/27/15

bb cf 3 27 15Well, Bold and Beautiful fans, here we are again yet another week. A lot has happened, so “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

First I want to address Katie, Omgoodness, am I overtired of her over concern for Brooke. Now Katie, Brooke stole your man, was going to marry your man, but you are INSISTENT on bringing your man around her, crying on his shoulder about your concern for her, having her in your wedding, talking about her on your honeymoon. Let’s not forget the time you get back from your honeymoon you bring your man to her house to check up on her, have dinner with her, and on Cliffhanger Friday, beside talking about her you want her to come over to your house. Your man is trying to get some loving from you, but you want to go into the office since Brooke is not available. Lawd have mercy, I just can’t take it. #*$(@*(&@@_#(*&@&&@)))^@&@* #girlbye #GirlBye #GIRLBYE, why don’t you just give her your man since you are concerned about her being alone, especially since you are putting them before each other as a constant reminder of the past. Even $Bill told you that you should be concerned about Will, but noooooooooooooooooo you are insistent. YES, this is hate, YES, this is me tired of your constant, never ending, talking about Brooke. Take a seat and zip your lips.

Now I’m for addressing social concerns in a dignified manner, but two-minute wannabe alcoholic Brooke did not meet the standard. I would love to see Brooke given the opportunity to dive into that deeper, but hey, I’m not the writer. Ok, off to the AA meeting, Brooke gives this endearing speech about her resisting drinking due to a “friend.” However, she talked more about her loneliness which give Deacon this bright idea to head on over to Brooke’s house even though he just got engaged to Quinn.

Speaking of Quinn, Rick did the unthinkable again and asked Quinn to come back to work at her old job. Rick hates Ivy just that much that he would allow the certifiable “Qrazy Quinn” to return. Forget about her trying to kill Liam, pushing Ivy into the Seine, multiple confrontations with Hope, slapping your mama, and multiple infractions. He wants to do “what’s best for the company.” Even Wyatt had to ask how he was going to handle the employee backlash. Don’t matter, I’m CEO, but Rick did want to know how much of a liability her crazy was going to be. Quinn assured him that she has changed due to Deacon.

Well Deacon is trying to change you Quinn for Brooke because the Cliffhanger Moment was Deacon asking Brooke if they had a chance.

Will there be a reprise of BREACON? If so, will “Qrazy Quinn” make a special dagger for Brooke? Although Rick brought Quinn in because of his hate for Ivy, will Ivy and Quinn team up and bring Rick down? What will happen?


 By Sofia Bryan,

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