The Bold and Beautiful: Cliffhanger Friday 03/20/15

bb cf 031315Well, “Bold and Beautiful” fans, B&B’s cliffhanger happened on Wednesday, as episodes will not be aired Thursday and Friday due to the NCAA Basketball March Madness. So Let’s Talk About Soaps.

The “big Maya secret” was revealed on Wednesday and it was a doozie. Nicole proudly announced to Maya that she had done her research and was not her sister Maya at all, but her brother Myron. Now let’s examine the problem with this storyline.

  1. Maya was brought onto Bold and Beautiful as an ex-con looking for her daughter. Dayzee had Maya sign papers giving the baby up for adoption when Maya was about to be sentenced to ten years in prison. Dayzee later informed Maya that her daughter and the adoptive parents were killed in a car accident.
  2. When Maya was dating Rick, $Bill had her thoroughly investigated to keep her away from Caroline’s boyfriend. As we all know Caroline is $Bill’s niece. Well anywhoooo, $Bill confronted Maya to blackmail her with her jail time information. Maya shared with $Bill that she was pregnant and could not leave the criminal baby daddy because she did not have any money and didn’t know anyone in the area to seek help from. $Bill agreed with this information.
  3. We know $Bill as the tycoon, he would have readily used the information about Maya being born a male. He would have called her out on that even before she said that she was pregnant. Science has advanced in many ways; however, it has not advance to the point where a male can become pregnant. $Bill is nothing but complete when gathering dirt on someone to blackmail them, just consider when he got Deacon out of jail to stop LOPE’s wedding. He had the most sensitive information on the warden.
  4. Additionally, there are videos of Maya telling $Bill about being pregnant and carrying the baby on numerous fan pages since this “revelation” happened.
  5. Maya has always said that her family was not rich, so how did she pay for this surgery? It takes years of therapy and hormone therapy before gender reassignment surgery can be performed. Maya went to jail young, so when did this happen?

While the “big secret” took everyone by surprise, it left viewers in amazement that the history of Maya is being whitewashed to make this storyline happen. Viewers are not buying it, at least not long-time viewers. Now there are plenty of those that strongly dislike Maya and want her to get what’s coming to her and Rick. They are not on board with this because the Maya’s history was already established.

If “Bold and Beautiful” wanted to address the social issue of gender identity, then bringing in a totally new character would work better. Not one that has already been introduced. All of the current characters have had their history established. Since the character Hope is away and has suffered such a loss and tragedy, maybe Bell could reintroduce her as discovering that she has secretly struggled with her identity and is really transgender. They could take her through the entire process to encourage discussion and evolve the storyline properly and respectfully.

So, what do you think? Is Nicole right about Maya? Will Bell rewrite history? Can the return of Hope as a transgender be a possibility? Or should a totally new character be brought in to tell this story?

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