The Bold and Beautiful: Cliffhanger Friday 02/20/15

B&B CF 022015More unbelievable drama unfolded on The Bold and The Beautiful this week. Friday was filled with shock, dismay, utter disbelief and STEAM. So, Let’s Talk About Soaps.

_____________________________. That is the blank for the lack of words I have for Eric‘s response to Rick’s behavior. Words cannot express my utter disbelief of the pass that he gave Rick for treating Ivy, Aly, Pam, and others like dirt; moving into the mansion and taking down Stephanie’s portrait without permission; and the most shocking, shooting at CaRidge. Eric doesn’t deserve to be a part of Forrester Creations (FC), he doesn’t deserve to own stock in the company, and he doesn’t deserve to have family other than Rick and his low down Logans. Eric simply disgust me.

After all of the things that Rick has done, including tricking him into signing the papers to become CEO with irrevocable control for a year, Eric had the audacity to tell Rick he forgives him for EVERYTHING and that he has his FULL SUPPORT. This senile man actually moved out of the mansion for RAYA and said that he would take Stephanie’s portrait with him to the guesthouse. Eric is an old fool and as far as I’m concerned, he’s DONE. I have nothing else to say on this because it doesn’t deserve my time, as I have NEVER been so disappointed in a character.

I love CaRidge and they gave Maya a run for her money. I feel so sorry for Ridge, he had trust in his dad that upon his return, he would right MANY wrongs; but that was not to be. It’s time for Ridge face the hard truth that Eric is no longer his dad. When Stephanie died, Eric was free to show his true colors that he tried to hide and those colors were Logan. Today spoke volumes when Eric once again said that Rick was his flesh and blood and Rick has his full support. I’m done. Can’t talk about this either. So sad. I’m done.

In the past, Ivy and Wyatt had very few interactions on camera. Friday we got an opportunity to see them together, and was it jam packed! Ivy tells Wyatt she knows why he is back at FC. He is surprised that Liam told her. Ivy says Liam would have to lie to her about Steffy if he didn’t, and that you don’t lie to people that you love. This opened the door wide opened for Wyatt to drop some real truths on Ivy about STEAM.

Wyatt tells Ivy that Steffy can drive a hard bargain. When Wyatt reaches for his phone to call $Bill to find out what’s going on, Ivy tells him they are not at the office, but at the house. WOOO-BAM-SLAM! Wyatt stares at Ivy in disbelief, drops his phone and asks the, “Same house they use to cohabit?” Still in shock, he tells Ivy he knows this is none of his business, but “Dso you think that is a good idea?” ROTFL! My Wyatt is back, laying those cards on the table.

When Ivy says that it’s not like Liam is going to ask Steffy to move back in. Wyatt tells Ivy that he sees a quality in Steffy that his mother has. “They don’t wait for an invitation, they just charge on in.” Ivy wants to know if she should distrust Liam. Wyatt says he didn’t say that. Ivy says what is Steffy going to do “steam roll herself in there.” (YES, Ivy she will). Wyatt drops another bomb on Ivy and tells her that its Steffy‘s MO.  Ivy wants to know if Liam can’t resist Steffy. She’s going to move back in, Liam is going to dump her for Steffy, and they are probably in bed right now. (Love you Ivy, but that’s Liam’s MO). Wyatt says he wouldn’t go that far. Ivy can’t imagine Liam lying to her and Wyatt says he didn’t go that far. Ivy tells him that Liam would have to be a liar if he tells Steffy one thing and tells her another. Wyatt shares with Ivy that Liam has a “weakness for Steffy. Ivy is pissed now. She says that Liam doesn’t have a weakness for lying. She knows it’s complicated, but it will be less complicated if you don’t lie to the people that you love. Ivy is STEAMing mad and leaves. LOL.

STEAM is at the Liam’s beach house just coming in from a cold swim in the ocean. Steffy is on a mission to get Liam back at all costs. Liam tells Steffy that he made her a business proposition and that she keeps changing the subject. Steffy counters and says, “I think I made you a simpler one. You get what you want, I get what I want. Isn’t that fair?” Steffy please, Liam is a human being (maybe arguably to some, but still a human being) not a pair of pants. You cannot trade your stock for a human. Mmmmmm.

Steffy wants to know if Liam is disappointed in her. He says “How can you be disappointed to be loved?” WOW—Liam has lines! Steffy tells him he always knows what to say. He wants to know if this is going to be a contingency. She let’s him know there might not be a deal to be made. When Eric returns, he can kick Rick to the curb.

Now this it the part that I have to give Liam a standing ovation, he says “Rick always knows how to talk himself out of it.” Yes, Liam, yes, so true.

Liam wants to know whom Eric would put in charge. Steffy tells him Ridge, as he was there first. Liam says, “Yeah, but he walked away.” Steffy moves in and says that’s what she did to him.

Steffy purrs, “You don’t remember how good we were.” Liam says, when we were, “you broke my heart.” She says she did what she thought what was best. He tells her that she’s not his mother or his doctor, that he didn’t need her to improve him he “needed her to love him and to stay.” WOWOWOOWOWOWOW!

Steffy reassures Liam that this time she can do both of those things and he says that it’s too late, and “I’m in love with someone else.” Ok Steffy, although it was the past, this is would be a great opportunity for you to save face, pick up your sarong, and sashay out of the beach house, but NOOOOOOOOO!

Steffy doesn’t understand what he sees in Ivy and thinks that he’s settling. He says he’s learned some things since then and that he has his own mind. He tells Steffy that she’s a force and any man would fall in love with her on command.

Steffy tells him that he’s afraid, Liam says no, and Steffy she will not bail on him this time. She is telling him yes, they can take over FC together and kick Rick out—not just as business partners, but as lovers. Liam hangs his head and says, “So we’re back at non-negotiable contingencies now.”

Steffy goes in for the kill, she leans in and says, “The way you look at me, I know you want to.” She kisses him. Liam tells her that her kisses are as sweet ever, but he’s not as easily lead by them as he was before. She asks him, “You want to bet?” She pushes him down on the couch, lays on top of him and begins kissing him.

Cliffhanger Moment, as Steffy is having her way with Liam, Ivy walks in the door and catches them. What will happen next???????

Ivy is definitely not a pushover, as some misguided people think. Will she fight for her man? Will Eric regain his senses and kick Rick out? What will CaRidge do now that Eric has given Rick his full support? Now that RAYA is in control, will things get worse?

SofiaBryanBy Sofia A. Bryan


  1. nancyBrighteyes KeislingMiller says

    omg ,yes , i am so glad someone agrees with me , i lov e them together , that would be cool for them to be the next Stephanie and Eric , thank you , thank you thank you for your comment , i love it

  2. SteamySteffyfan says

    Ivy may fight for Liam but the love and history that Steam have shared is too strong. Steam is the best couple of all time in daytime ‘s history. Bradley Bell would be foolish not to go with the magic Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Scott Clifton create as Steam on the show both Jacqueline and Scott are so exceptional talented and they make fans fall in love with their characters. I think it is time Brad made Liam and Steffy the next Eric and Stephanie to run FC together with the exception of Liam being a serial cheater. Days of our Lives has been on forty years because they keep the most popular couples together Steam should be Bold and beautiful forever SUPERCOUPLE and I love Jacqueline and Scott together on screen they are magic.

  3. nancyBrighteyes KeislingMiller says

    i hope that Liam and steffy get back together this time and stay together , i love them , as long as Hope ( Kim Matula is no longer on the show then Let steffy Stay and be with Liam

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