The Bold and Beautiful: Cliffhanger Friday 02/13/15

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Well, it’s me again, Sofia. This Bold and Beautiful week came in with a passionate love-making scene that none is soon to forget with CaRidge. After the “finger snapping” episode Brooke ended up saying “bottoms up” to her vodka after being slam dunk rejected by Ridge. So, let’s get to it…

Deacon is over at Brooke’s while she’s having her drunken pity party. Crying that she’s here alone, she doesn’t want to be alone.

Brooke almost sloppy-drunk tells Deacon “All the men, all the years, I never thought I’d be alone.” Well, girlfriend you have had enough men that a day without one won’t kill you. Deacon offers himself as someone Brooke can always lean on.

Anyone that has watched B&B for some time can tell you that when Deacon says you have had too much to drink, you have definitely had too much to drink. Tears of laughter began to flow out of my eyes. Brooke, though in her drunken stupor, let Deacon know that, “BATIE is getting married again.” He says, “That’s what you wanted.” She’s like, “Yeah, (lie).” He encourages her to continue her pursuit for Ridge, that’s when the bottom fell out for me, and I was on the floor laughing, because Brooke wiggled around and told Deacon that Ridge turned her down flat and wants to be with Caroline. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with this family. Two thumbs up to Sean in his portrayal of Deacon, because I don’t see how he kept a straight face. He tells her to forget about Ridge and that he’s a fool.

Brooke says that she didn’t realize that she needed a man, she doesn’t want to need a man, but she’s just so lonely. #BrookeBye, Stephanie told you for years that you always needed to be with a man—nothing has changed. So why are you acting all surprised? “One tear Brooke wonder,” let that tear fall out of her right eye as usual, crying, “I’m lonely.”

Deacon appeases Brooke by giving her aspirin and water. She tells him that’s what she needs and he leaves. She waits, put down the aspirin, drinks the rest of her drink and when it’s empty, she stumbles over to the bar with her one tear flowing out of her right eye and pours her another. After she quenches her thirst, she is in ecstasy as the alcohol burns down her throat.

 Quinn stops by Wyatt’s and brings chocolates for Valentine’s Day, but Wyatt is still suspicious of the reason for her visit. When she tells him she didn’t want him to be alone, he says “Somebody shoot me.” Quinn says that she doesn’t trust Brooke, just a little side note: earlier, Quinn was flipping through her iPad of pictures of Brooke in her “bedroom line.” Now Brooke better beware and not mess with Deacon. Wyatt, recognizing that things could go wrong quickly—and fast—asks if she trusts Deacon. She tells him she does and that Deacon has stood by her.

 Liam is ACTUALLY AT WORK, but as you know he’s NOT working, lol, he’s writing a poem for Ivy for Valentine’s Day. $Bill quickly tells him that all women say they want poetry, but really want jewelry—diamonds, to be specific. $Bill questions him as to which Forrester brunette he will be spending Valentine’s Day with, since Steffy is in town.

 $Bill told Liam and Wyatt earlier in the week not to let anyone in on their plan, especially the Logan women, as they talk. WOW! Well Liam sure told Ivy, and $Bill was pissed that he told. When Liam is unsure that his plan is going to work, $Bill tells him he must stick to the plan. When Liam let’s $Bill know that Steffy still loves him, the devious mind of $Bill turns and he inquires that if the two of them were together, that Steffy would sign. Liam says yes, and immediately, $Bill wants Liam to dump Ivy and reunite with Steffy so that all the Spencers could profit. $Bill says that Liam will be with the woman that he’s always been meant to be with. When Liam says Ivy, $Bill says it’s a new relationship, so what if she loses a new boyfriend that he will be doing her a favor. Not only will Ivy understand, but she will thank him for not giving up on taking over FC.

Over at Forrester Creations (FC), Ivy walks in Rick’s office (he summoned her there after hours to do some work) and Steffy was in his office. Ivy initially told Liam that she did not want to go against her family when he told her that he wanted to take over FC. Ivy had to do the math for him, lol. However, after rethinking and being summoned by Rick, Ivy told Steffy that Liam shared with her his plan, and she supports it. Steffy could not believe that Liam told her. Ivy told her that if she had the power to change things she would.

Now, I’m a big Steffy fan, but I love Ivy. Steffy is a boss, but Ivy is a REAL BOSS (I’ll get to that later).

 Ivy is ALWAYS above the madness, jealousy, and pettiness; Ivy told Steffy that her and Liam’s being in charge of FC is what is needed. Ivy explains how it could happen and I must give Steffy credit, she does say that she has to think about her father Ridge, that he might still wants to be CEO. However, when Ivy mentions the CaRidge design collaboration, Steffy reverts back to this judgmental unrecognizable person and says they sicken her, Caroline is her age, and that’s one of the reasons she’s considering the takeover. I have beat this STILL (Steffy and Bill) horse to death, but since Steffy won’t let it die, I have to beat this horse some more. Steffy, you were dating $Bill, a man your daddy’s age, might I mention he was married at the time. So, back that smack back up into your mouth and DON’T REPEAT IT AGAIN, #girlbye, #byeFelicia.

Ivy is nobody’s fool, she’s just not buying that CaRidge is a reason that Steffy is considering the takeover and that she’s being held back because Ridge might want to be CEO. Ivy asks Steffy if there is another reason for her trepidation. Steffy asks what, “Because I’m still in love with Liam.” (Liam told Steffy that they could be business partners, not personal, because he was in a relationship with Ivy).

Now the difference between a Boss and a REAL BOSS…Steffy, the boss, asks Ivy if she came back and she was working long hours with Liam, knowing that she was still in love with him, wouldn’t she feel threatened by that? REAL BOSS IVY, says NO, she trust Liam and his feelings for her. Here’s the caveat: Steffy is and has always been defined as a woman that needs a man for existence although she’s a strong woman and a boss. She is still exhibiting that now with her inability to go through a BUSINESS deal because of her PERSONAL feelings for Liam. Whereas, Ivy, who owns her own company with employees, has NOT needed her existence, confidence, and career defined by a man. Ivy is looking at the big picture—like a REAL BOSS does—she steps out of her personal feelings and is catapulted to a different level. Ivy tells Steffy that she will not flaunt her relationship with Liam in front of her and reiterate for Steffy to run FC with Liam.

Steffy says that she’s impressed with Ivy’s confidence, but that she doesn’t understand the extent of her relationship with Liam, the depth of their feelings. REAL BOSS IVY, says you are probably right, I will not know the depth of your relationship with Liam and what you HAD, but I know what we HAVE, so it might be YOU who does not know the depth of feelings (Sting! Burn to Steffy. two points to Ivy).

 Steffy tells Ivy that she will not sit front row to her and Liam. She will not run this company, work with him, the man that she loves, and watch him go home with her. If she comes back, she comes back to ALL of it.

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, Steffy, Ivy is NOT Hope. Ivy maybe soft-spoken with a lovely Aussie accent, but she has put the Aussie Smackdown on Hope, Rick, and yes, even Quinn. If I were you, Steffy, I wouldn’t underestimate Ivy. Steffy has her plan, but I think that Ivy is developing a secret plan of her own.

Now I don’t want Ivy and Steffy fighting over a man, I’d much rather see them pull together, with ONLY Forresters to take Rick down and kick Liam to the curve, because he’s really not needed. However, I’m not the one spinning this web, so we all know that Steffy will fight tooth and nail to get what she wants, Liam. Ivy better buckle up and get ready for this ride, but Steffy shouldn’t underestimate Ivy as a pushover.

What will Steffy pull out of her bag of tricks to get Liam back? If Liam goes back to Steffy, will he just be using her to gain control of FC for himself and the Spencers? What do you think Ivy’s plan will be?


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