The Bold and Beautiful: Cliffhanger Friday 02/06/15

CaRidge bb cf 02 06 15OMgoodness, this week’s Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday was unbelievable.

First, Liam and his quest to takeover Forrester Creations (FC). Last week I addressed Liam‘s inability to add. He continued down that path all week long, and it was not until Bill pointed out to him on Friday that even with his, Steffy’s, and Thomas‘ stock, they would not have the majority. WOW! And this dude wants to takeover a major fashion house in the U.S. and internationally. Sad. Just plain sad. I will also note that there is a consensus of posters on the “Bold and Beautiful” message boards that is not in favor of Liam taking over FC. It makes absolutely no sense. Steff, Thomas, and Ridge own 50% of the stock. Bill hates Ridge and the feeling is mutual, so it’s unlikely they will get Ridge to go along. Eric, who owns 37.5% (questionable) definitely is not going to sell his shares to Bill. The best that Liam could and SHOULD do is agree to vote Bill’s stock in favor of an ouster of Rick with Steffy, Thomas, and Ridge. But ANY stockholding Forrester that sells is a fool.

Wyatt is back and boy-oh-boy did he give Rick a piece of his mind. He reminded Rick that he made major contributions to FC and that he better remember that. Then ol’ boy quit—yes, he quit. But, that will be short lived because Liam and Bill want him to get his job back and be a “double agent” for them. ROTFL! Wyatt can’t believe that Liam wants to take over FC. Liam says it’s to “protect the women we love.” Oh, yeah…Bill just questioned Liam about his motives: “was it because he lost the girl that he’s trying to have the line.” Liam couldn’t answer and later when Wyatt returned, he let them know that his marriage to Hope is over.

Now for my girl Steffy. WOW! Just WOW is all I can say. Who is she now? She sounds just like a hypocritical Logan this week. First, she goes ballistic on Caroline for dating Ridge and tells her that it’s not going to happen and that she’s her age and it’s sick. EXCUSE ME??????? Steffy #byegirl. You chased Bill, and I must say, you and Bill had off-the-charts chemistry. StIll (Steffy and Bill) fans are still holding out hope for this couple’s reunion after many years. So, girlfriend, how about backing up that smack you are talking about CaRidge.

Caroline just isn’t taking any smack from the haters, Steffy and Brooke. Caroline told Steffy to be careful because she knows more about her than she thinks she does. Booyah! But back it up. Earlier in the week Brooke tells Caroline that she could have Ridge back “just like that” and snaps her fingers. She kept telling Caroline that and snapping her fingers. My girl Caroline told her to STOP IT and she was not going to allow Brooke to tell her that she can’t have a relationship with Ridge. Two points goes to Caroline for the double-smackdown this week.

 Ridge has moved out of the office, lol, and gotten his own place. He’s invited Caroline over. I’m going to save this for later in this column because CaRidge deserves my FULL attention.

 Brooke visits Deacon and is glad that Quinn is not home. “Ms. Overconfident Brooke” shares with Deacon her plans for Caroline and to “teach that little girl” a lesson by getting Ridge back. Holla! Deacon told Brooke that he understands the attraction that CaRidge has for each other and she should understand given her past relationship with Eric. Holla, pick me up off the floor now. Two points for Deacon bringing it home to Brooke.

 Quinn arrives home and sees Brooke and Deacon and hears Deacon tell Brooke that he has no doubt that she can get any man she wants. After Deacon leaves, Quinn tells Brooke to stay away from Deacon. Brooke snarls that she doesn’t want Deacon. Well, she better not, because when Quinn tells you to stay away from someone, you better, or her claws will come out.

At the Forrester Mansion RAYA is having a drink, and Maya inquires if Rick shot into the office because he still has feelings for Caroline. Rick quickly denies it and says he only wants to be with Maya and goes on to say he never knew loyalty before her. He states that Caroline and Amber (Rick’s first wife) both betrayed him. Maya wants to know more about Amber and he flashback to Amber and singer “Raymond,” aka Usher. Nice flashbacks.

Steffy rails Ridge about Caroline and says it’s not “technically incest” but he was married to Caroline’s aunt and it makes the average person’s stomach turn. OMgoodness, #byeFelicia. Steffy, are you having a bout of amnesia? Don’t you remember dating Rick, your step-brother? No matter how much Ridge, Stephanie, and Brooke objected, you weren’t hearing it. Girlfriend, you are Ridge‘s DAUGHTER, NOT HIS MOTHER. Take that cray-cray and go somewhere and sit down. Then you go to Liam’s office and have the AUDACITY to say that “you sympathize with Rick” because of CaRidge. Chil’ PUH-LEASE, your fans wanted you back to take down Rick and Maya, NOT to come in being this hypocritical pseudo-Logan.

We have two Cliffhanger moments this week and since I enjoyed CaRidge much more, I’m going to save that for last.

 Cliffhanger Moment #1

Liam begans pulling on Steffy’s heartstrings and tells her that he wants her to run FC. Liam tells her that with the two of them working together, they are unstoppable. He tells her he wants this, he needs this. Steffy is way excited and THEN…Liam drops the bomb, he says, “I want to make this place better for Ivy.” ROTFL! Booyah! It’s ALL ABOUT IVY for Liam. Yes, Steffy thought she would swoosh back in and take Liam. Now don’t get me wrong, Steffy is my girl; but I love Ivy. I am glad waffling Liam said it, so there’s no mistake.

 Steffy says, oh, it’s about Ivy. Liam knows Steffy all too well and realizes that Steffy still loves him, and that if he doesn’t clean it up, he’s not getting anything from Steffy. Then he says, it’s for Caroline, her, and for everyone, to make it better. Too late, Steffy is jealous and mad, and tells him she can’t do this; she can’t watch him fight for another woman, to protect her and to keep her safe. Steffy tells him that she WAS the one, she can’t do it. He says it benefits her too. Steffy is adamant and can’t do it, watching and working with him day in and day out. He wants to know why not. She says she moved half way around the world for one reason: because it was difficult to see him. He says, “even now after all this time.” Steffy reminds him that they lost their child and no amount of time will make her forget that. He says it doesn’t mean they can’t “work” together. Steffy says, “Not if you are with Ivy we can’t.” Liam in disbelief says, “What?” She tells him he calls her up and wants to run FC with her. Liam is still baffled. She asks him if he’s dense? “She still loves him.” Liam has the confused face and is speechless.

 Cliffhanger Moment #2

Ridge tells Caroline that he comes to his apartment to sketch and paint. When she inquires if he did all of the work in the apartment, he says yes, “See what you inspired me to do?” Ridge in his awesomely sexy voice tells Caroline that he wants her to sit for him to paint her, so he can show her what his hands can do. Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, oozing sensuality, this scene. The music “Mad Chemistry” by Elsie is playing in the background. Caroline returns with only a sheet wrapped around her. Ridge gently runs his hands over her shoulders to position her so he can paint her. Caroline places her hands on top of his and glides them over his. She gazes into his eyes and they kiss. She purrs, “Now I can sit still.” Help me! This is the most exotic, electrifying scene.

Ridge goes to the easel to paint and the scene shoots to Caroline looking over her shoulder gazing at him, then down to her lower back and slowly up to the nape of her neck with lit candles in the background. The camera pans back to Ridge painting her. Caroline bites her lower lip and flirtingly looks at Ridge, as he has a paintbrush in his mouth. Inquisitive, she goes over to Ridge to see the painting. Laser-beam-intense eyes speak the unspoken. She embraces him, running her hands over his chest. Sensual, exotic excitement fills the room and Ridge closes his eyes and turns around to greet her lips. They left if up to our imagination as to where this went from here.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! I don’t have an older man, but mercy, if it’s like this, give me one, sign me up, I want to be first in line. I have to honestly admit that I looked at this love scene at least 10 times, I just can’t get enough of CaRidge! Give me more please.

After Friday do you honestly believe that Brooke can take Ridge away from Caroline? Does Liam want FC so bad that he’s willing to dump Ivy for it? What are your thoughts? Talk to me…

By Sofia Bryan ,

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