Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/22/16: Chopin Shopping

cf 07 25 p1

“Rob, do you have a minute?”

“Sure Bart! What’s up, I just want to tell you that while I’m with you if you do it, if your thinking about doing what I think you’re doing it’s not a good idea. It didn’t work for the boss and it won’t work for you and what I am thinking is  Bart subbing Helena, Nicole clone in for the real Nicole and leaving the town with Nicole. Oh that’s right.”

“there is no clone Bart, I just told Nicole that because I thought it was funny ”

“Oh good, good; I’m glad to hear it.”

“I am leaving the town for awhile, though during our ‘Olympic Vacation’ sadly, though I don’t think she’ll want to come along.”

Rob looked at his watch; Nicole was late in getting there.

“Excuse me Bart”

Rob picks up the phone.

“Sure sure” Bart starts to leave.”


“Yes, Rob”


Bart smiled and leaves

Robert talks into the phone

“Where is she? … the park with Dario sigh thanks.”

Rob hangs up and dials another number.

“Hey! its Robert, its Friday night so I know you’re not doing anything you want to get a drink at the pub ?”

Cool at the Brady Pub thanks for hanging out Roman; thanks for the invite.

This Week in Salem

CF 07 25 p2

“Blanca told Dario she was done with Rafe, someone from her past may be looking for her”

“Does she have a summer like situation or is this much worse”

“She should file a report we can check out the guy for her”

Andre after arguing with Aiden reminded him, who he was dealing with: “Do you see Aiden turning on Andre to get back into Hope’s good graces.”

“They can both go to hell”

Rob took a sip of his soda.

“Roman, do you remember that time, back in 84 after you temporarily escaped from Stefano while running on the beach, you decided to hide for a bit in a cave but some teenagers told the guards where you were and they caught you.”


“Sorry, my bad…ANY HOW” , Maggie yelled at Victor for playing with peoples’ lives. Brady, after talking to Summer suspected Victor of kidnapping Tate; Victor denied everything.

“Whoseoever  took Tate, is he setting Victor up and why?

“He’s too obvious and why would depend on Who”

“John, Steve & Paul found a lead something called ‘The Chopin group’ a group who uses code names of famous composers from the past”

“Damos plays the piano, so did Chopin… Is Damos involved in this ?”

“Can’t go just by that Rob”

“But why Chopin and not Bach Beethoven, Brahms Mendelson; those were composers.”

“No clue?”

“Rafe had a nightmare about Hope while trapped down under the house Rafe and Hope were rescued. What is next for these two?”

“Damn that Andre for this”

“It wasn’t Andre Roman, he was with me.”

“Sure, he was.”

“Have another drink”

Marlena hypnotized Theresa. It may have worked she ran to tell Brady what she discovered and accidentally scared away their phone contact”

“Does this mean they won’t ever find him?”


“Damos told Nicole it was all over with Kate and Pleaded with her to start over.”

“Roman, can you arrest Damos please?”

“On what charge?”

“Being a pig!”

“Sorry Rob, going to need more than that”

“Sure, if it’s not Stefano or Andre you can’t be bothered to do your job”

Rob laughed; Roman took another drink.

Kate asked Marlena why she’s always seeking out ‘wrong/evil men’

“Marlena offered her serious therapy to find out”

“Roman, do you have…”

“Nah, forget it sorry”

“What Rob spill it”

“Well you and Kate were married; you had thought you had two full grown children for a bit and then do you regret not trying to make it work?”

“Every day! Rob every day…”

Andre approached Kate and Offered his services in being kates the rapist sort of”who will Kate, chose to rehabilitate her”

“Not sure that’s the right word but hopefully she chooses Marlena”

“yeah! But this is Kate”

“Belle became jealous when she saw Philip and Chloe. Shawn actually caught the look for once”

“Should Shawn be worried?”

“Yes, he should.”

Jennifer is going through with her plans to sue for Thomas but didn’t much developed there this week. Jennifer is the right choice for Thomas.

Actually I agree. Thank you Roman, I Dario (most likely because he is interested in Nicole is trying to get Nicole to move on from Damos.

“What will Nicole do?”

“I’m going to order a drink.”

“Hey Nicole, Dario, Roman, Rob”

“Nicole, sorry I missed the office, Bart told us you came this way.”

“I understand, everyone is hungry; it’s on me.”

Time to Turn the Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/15/16: Best Wishes for Drake

13702281_10206272498321721_139528267_o (1)

Nicole was already at the pub. There was no sense for her to come to the office, so he went to meet her and of course Dario was with her AGAIN “Wish she would make up her mind already – sigh”

“Nicole, Dario”

“Hey Rob”


“Great news! Nicole”

“What?” Rob went to his bag and pulled out tickets “OUR tickets to RIO front row seats, to all the major Olympic events!”

“Oh!  Rob, I know I promised you but I just don’t think I can go now…”

“Why the @#$#@$ not?”

“It’s just not the right time to get away.”

“Are you serious? You promised me, we would go to back there during the 2016 Olympics right after Stefano had our plane turned around because you stupidly told him where we were going.”

“I know I did and I’m sorry but…”

“You know I had nothing to do with what Anna and EJ did after that” Rob calmed down and chose a different tact.

“I know you didn’t but still now…” Nicole looked at the tickets.

“Dario would you like to go to RIO with us?”


“Fine, Dario can go with you and I’ll bring Blanca ”

“WHAT NO?” Nicole went.

“Blanca!” Dario wondered aloud.

This week in Salem


Gabi and Blanca bonded. They may be sharing an apartment soon

How will their friendship affect the Hernandez Family?

Hope told Ciara, Aiden was out of their lives.

How much longer until Chase is out of Ciara’s?

Aiden’s dark side manifested and it told him to take control of everyone.

“Is Stefano possessing Aiden?”


Claire chose a singing career over college which upset her parents.

Will this work out for Claire?

“Belle accused Philip of manipulating Claire to get close to her, do you think that’s the case?”

“Nope! All Philip has to do is ignore Belle and she will come running… like always.”

“You and Dario went to the shooting range and used an image of Kate as target practice”

“She’s a natural” went Dario proudly.

“I taught her a long time ago. She was just pretending to not know because she likes you Dario. This is what women do.”


“I knew you were too good for a first timer.”

“Will Nicole snap and murder Kate?”

“LOL! I don’t think so.”

“But you’ll help me if I do right Robert.”

“Of course.”

Damos blackmailed a doctor into helping Maggie.

Will this help mend fences with Maggie and victor?”

“Maggie, maybe Victor. Nope!”

Steve and Edgardo bonded during Steve’s new job as Bartender in his club

“Will this finally get Kayla to stop nagging him?”


“Fynn made a move on Kayla. He was obviously rejected; Steve a witness did nothing.”

“Why didn’t “Patch” beat Fynn’s lights out.”

“Theresa told Brady about her hypnotic vision, Brady doubted her; Theresa went to confront summer and ended up being knocked out.”

“Summer said goodbye to Maggie via phone and left.”

“Maggie was devastated.”

“Are you sad that such a potential character was wasted AGAIN.”

“Damos, in order to show more good faith, gave Victor back everything but the house and Basic Black.”

“Victor still hates him.”

“What more will it take for these brothers to bond.”

“Black patch found a connection between “the Chopin’ group” and Damos; Damos denied any wrong doing and offered his help.”

“Is Damos apart of this group?”

“Too early to tell.”

“Nicole spent some time with Parker.”

“He’s a cute kid!”

“Will we see Parker  soon?”

“I hope not.”

“Soared?” wondered Dario.

“Theresa and Brady found proof that Tate was in Summer’s room but now that Summer is gone.”

“I just hope they find Tate soon.”

“We all do.”

“That’s all about it.”

“Great! Now Dario, what can I do/say to get Blanca to go with us to Rio?” Rob smiled at Nicole who wondered what Rob could be up to.

stefano and robert 9 14 07Time To Turn The Hourglass

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/24/16: When I’m Unhappy, I Like to Make Other People Unhappy

13535720_10206130591494139_1781036116_nRob had plenty of time to kill before Nicole met up with him at the office, so he decided to walk around Salem, encounter some people, and have some fun. He was in a good mood. His first encounter was unexpected and it made him smile even more as he saw a young woman he recognized.

“Hello Abigail!” he said

“I know you…Robert, right? Have you seen Ben?”

“No, Ben’s not here, your safe. But you wont be safe, out woman coming out of the woods here in those clothes! So here, take some money to that taxi over there and have him take you anywhere you want to go.”

“Thank you.”

Abigail takes the money and heads for the taxi.

“Ive done a good thing,”  he continues on. His phone rings.

13514436_10206130590494114_386014374_nThis week in salem:

Chloe told Deimos about Parker. Deimos offered Parker some guy time. Is Damos being a good guy or does he have an ulterior motive?

At Shady Hills Jennifer learns that Abgail set the fire to protect herself from Ben. She and Chad start arguing about what;s best for Abigail. Chad wants her transferred. Jennifer insists she stays put .Chad yelled at the doctors, claiming she is getting worse. Is Chad being fair in his accusations?

“No, but he’s upset. Cant blame him.”

Abigail is visited by Jack. He tells her it is not her time. After seeing Jack, Abigail worried she couldnt tell what was real anymore. What was jack talking about?

Deimos told Chloe that his war with Victor was over: being almost dead put things in perspective. Do you believe Damos? Should Chloe believe Damos?

Dario wants to discuss the kiss with Nicole. Nicole says not now. Is it getting easier or harder to see them as a couple?

Aiden visited Andre in jail, and Andre made him a deal: freedom for Rafe out of Hope’s life.

Theo told Ciara he wouldn’t be there for her when her heart breaks over Chad. Would Chad do such a horrible thing?

Claire sang her new song for Theo. Could you see Theo and Claire as a couple?

Ciara told Aiden that he and mom were okay, but she would be watching. Aiden apologized for the Chase denials. Ciara said she understood his feelings for his son. She told Chase that she was strong and may be able to start trying to forgive him. He complimented her, and she walked away smiling. Is Ciara getting a job where chase resides all a ploy to finish him off?

“Doubt it.” Will Aiden and Hope have a better chance now that Aiden has her blessing?

With Mami Hernandez’s approval, Bianca is either teasing Rafe bad or throwing herself at him. Are you surprised that Mami lets Bianca walk around the house dressing like she does? She told Dario not to stare. He told her it’s impossible, as he was only human.

Eduardo bought club TBD. Dario accused him of buying love. Eduardo said it was a good investment.

Ciara told Marlena she was interesting in psychotherapy Marlena offered to get her a job at Shady Hills.

Is this a good career choice for young Ciara. Years of training, but wait, its salem, lol she’ll have her degree in a week.

Jennifer and Chad argued about whats best for Abigail whose side are you on Mommie’s or husband’s? Chad made a phone call he had a rescue van ready to remove Abigail from there ? Could he really kidnap Abigail who legally belongs to the state? Does he know that escaping could end her up in someplace worse?

Blanca asked Rafe if she should move out. Mami interupted them. Rafe told her to put out Bianca. He said any feelings for him were irrelevant because of Hope. Bianca needs to see Andre. Can you see Blanca doing something crazy?

Aiden told hope he had Chase committed.

Monihan, whoever he is, went to the cops and admitted to killing Stefano . The cops, knowing it was all baloney, had no choice but to let Andre go.

Brady told Victor that HE would raise Thomas his way not Victor’s. Would Victors way be better?


John offered to train Paul to be a PI. Paul said he was up to the challenge. Can you see paul as a private detective?

Andre returned to the mansion and reclaimed the phoenix ring. After doing that, Chad caught him removing money from the safe, some of which is probably his anyway. And after some discussion Chad gave him some of the money and told him to leave. When will Chad keep his promise to ghost Stefano about Andre?

I think this was a good first step.

Dario told Nicole about his running TDB and is trying to enlist her help.

Chloe found out about Deimos, Nicole, and Kate and kicked him out, declaring that a guy got in between them once before, and she wouldnt let it happen again. Deimos and Chloe, Deimos and nicole. Which couple is better?

Opps i see nicole gotta run Chow for now.


Nicole how are you

good you know dario

Dario of course

Robert ready to eat

starved ..who was that on the phone Helena i presume


sure it was

time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

stefano and robert 9 14 07

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/03/16: Naughty or Nice

13384717_10205989615209820_2078060497_nAfter Nicole kisses Deimos her watch goes off.

“Wow. It’s that time already, Deimos. I have to be somewhere.”

“What? You cant leave now.”

“Come with me, then. It won’t take long. Promise.”

“Sure.” Nicole takes Deimos to Robert’s office. Marco sees Nicole and Deimos and calls Robert. “Robert—Nicole’s bringing a Kirakis with her!”

“Which one?”


“Let him come up…Okay, places everyone.”

“This guy is just your part time boss?” Deimos asks Nicole.

“And my lifelong friend…he’s harmless. Relax.” They enter the office.

“SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” the office sings.

“You didn’t tell me it’s your birthday!” went Deimos

“You didn’t ask,” responded Nicole. Robert walks over. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICOLE!” Rob gave her a hug. “Deimos—heard a lot about you.”

“Yes, well, I’ve heard nothing about you.” Nicole was wished a happy birthday by her coworkers.

“We should talk,” went Robert.



Hope told Aiden that she was sorry for what happened to Chase but wants him to stay away from Ciara. What parent wouldn’t feel exactly the same way?

Aiden wants Chase to get psychiatric care, which would include Chase changing his plea to temporary insanity. Chase would have none of it. Does Chase need that kind of help?

“Wouldn’t hurt.”

Ciara told Hope that because of her session with Marlena and her new job ,she was starting to feel better. Hope was relieved at the hospital. She overheard Chase and Aiden discussing some of his legal consequences. She heard Chase say he deserved what ever he had gotten so far and anything else he was going to get.

Joey was not on board with Jade’s being free ideas when it came to stealing and so forth, Aunt Simone sent commune goons to get rid of Steve. Is Steve in real danger?

“Maybe cultists are crazy, but seeing jades ‘family,’ I feel sorry for her. But, nope. This has to be wrapped up.”

Kayla continued to complain about Steve to Fynn. They hugged and kissed. But both of them stopped it from going any further.

Henry shared his coming out to his parents story with Paul, then asked Paul out. Paul said no there was someone else. Henry seemed cool with it and wished Paul well. It’s obviously Sonny, who is rumored to be returning to Salem very soon. Can you not wait to see this couple, or will the memory of Will block their road?

Police raided the commune and arrested those wearing Scorpion tattoos


After everything, Joey took the rap for Jade.


How can Steve get joey out of this?

“Deimos, come here. Meet my friends,” went Nicole. Deimos went over to the group. Rob called Bart over.

“Make sure he doesn’t go anywhere but this and the bathroom.”

“Sure, boss. By the way, Dario accused Nicole of falling for Deimos. Nicole denied it.” Rob looked over at Nicole.” Nope. I know that look—she’s falling in love with him.

“Isn’t he like 70, though?”


Anyway, Kate made marriage demands. Deimos seemed to be on board, then met Nicole in the park. Kate followed them and saw them kiss.”

“If Kate physically hurts Nicole, I want you to send her to me in pieces, Bart. Do you understand.”

“Sure, sure.”

Jen Lilly (Theresa) has announced she is leaving Days.

“That stinks. When she does, make sure she gets a job here.”

“Done. Marci Miller will appear in Salem soon as the new Abigail.”


Will she arrive BEFORE Chad and Ciara become a couple?

“I’m sure of it.”

“Thanks, Bart. Let’s join the others, and remember, only this room and the bathroom. Got it?

Robert goes back to Nicole and Deimos.

“Thanks for the party, Rob.”

“You’re welcome.”


Time to turn the hourglass.


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by Akbi Khan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/27/16: Cult of the Scorpion

days cf 05 28

Nicole was feeling stressed. The pressure of Kate, her kissing Deimos, her deal with Victor…It was all bumming her out. She arrived at Rob’s office. She scanned the room looking for his new assistant “Helena,” and didn’t see her. Not knowing what to expect, she entered.

“Hello, Nicole.”

“It’s good to see you. Where is she?”

“‘She’ who?”

“Your new assistant, Helena!”

“Oh, her right. She has Fridays off, that way..well you know.”

“Of course, of course. am i going to start seeing her around town the way John use to see phony Marlena’s.” “She doesn’t really look like you, Nicole. That was just a gag.”

“Why don’t i believe you?”

“I would never lie to you. She doesn’t really look like you.”

“Okay, well then..good.”

“She is you!”


“I took a strand of your hair and some DNA from your desk and had you cloned!”

Nicole stood up, took an umbrella out of its stand, and started hitting Rob with it.

“OW! OW! OW!”

Rob fell off his chair. The noise brought in a co-worker.


She screamed, as she continued to him him. The co-worked tried not to laugh while leaving, shutting the door behind her.

This week in Salem…

Belle and Shawn reunited romantically. Claire is obviously happy about it. Do you think that its for good this time?

“Hard to tell. Ow!”

Hope told Aiden not to try to get Chase out of jail and for him to leave her and Rafe alone. Do you think Aiden will be able to do so?

“The latter yes, but he won’t stop helping his son…Hope wouldn’t stop helping one of her kids.”

“Kate slapped Deimos for kissing me. Deimos offered to take me up to his bedroom. I told him not without a commitment.” She stopped hitting Rob.

“Good for you.” Rob started to get up.

“STAY!” Nicole hit him again.

“After I left, I called Victor and told him that our plan was working.” Whose plans are moving forward more, Deimos’ or Victor’s?

“I’d say Victors, but…”

“Jennifer’s pills made her hallucinate that Jack was there. After going down memory lane, she admitted she was an addict and agreed to get help. Lucas and Julie were there to support her.”

“Will she get help for real this time?”

“I hope not. I want to see more of Jack”

“Philip hit on a woman during a job interview.”

“SMH. Did she threaten to sue him?”

“No.” What was your first impression of this woman?

“Ciara vowed to hunt down Chase and hurt him if/when he gets out of jail.”

“Ciara agreed to see Marlena AFTER she was done babysitting Thomas”

“Hope wondered if Ciara was developing a crush on Chad. Ciara told Theo that he wasn’t what she was looking for.”

“Poor Theo.”

“Theo talk to Claire about how Ciara confused him with her mixed signals.”

“ROTFL! Welcome to the world of dating, Theo. It’s only going to get worse.”

“Will Theo move on with Claire, maybe?”

“Ciara told Marlena she was dangerous and couldn’t be with a normal guy.”

“Hope had a thing for bad boys too.”

“That’s right, she did.”

“Was i a bad boy, Nicole?”

Instead of answering she hit him again.


“Chase told Aiden not to get him released, that he was afraid of his inner dark side, the monster inside him.”

“Aiden refused. Chase was attacked in prison, probably shived (stabbed) and rushed to the hospital.”

“I bet Hope got a cop to do it.”

“I wish i could say that wasn’t possible, but sadly, it is.”

“Do you think Chase’s stabbing was related to anything going on with Hope, Rafe, and Aiden?”

“Doubt it.”

JJ’s old friend Rory was arrested carrying major league weight in drugs. He could go away for a long time. Rafe decided to play bad cop with him, JJ tried to play good cop, using their friendship. Roman then yelled at JJ for not having the authority, calling the rookie a rookie.”

“LOL super cop got yelled at!”

“Will this affect JJ’s Career?”

“Doubt it.”

“Eduardo is getting texts from an unknown person about someone he killed as an assassin.”

“That can’t be good, but it is interesting.”

“Eduardo tried to warn Gabby that being involved with a cop could be dangerous. Gabby threw that back in his face, because being an assassin he would know all about that.”

“What will be JJ and Gabby’s first roadblock, JJ’s or Edgardo’s work?”

“Jade and Joey got scorpion tattoos.”

“Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.”

“Don’t think so.”

“A fellow commune member mouthed off to Joey. Joey started a fight.”

“Jade seemed to enjoy it.”

“Jade wouldn’t be the first girl to enjoy men fighting over her. .Sami, Belle, Marlena, Abigail…the list goes on.”

“Joey wanted to leave. Jade agreed to go with him. Before she could say goodbye, Steve found them, and they ran off.”

“I bet they ran off to the same hotel that either Steve or Kayla checked into.”

“Too soon to tell, but wouldn’t surprise me.”

“Kayla and Fynn for some reason followed Steve to California. Will Kayla catch up to them before her and Fynn can do something stupid?”

“Hope so.”

“JJ and Gabby made love. Rory tracked them down and decked JJ.”

“How did Rory get out? Is he in serious danger?”

“Aiden, I think, called Hope about Chase and actually joined him at the hospital to support him. Rafe wasn’t thrilled, but i hope he can understand.”

“Are you team Aiden or Team Rafe? Thats about it.”

“Can i get up now?”

“Yes. Rob got up. Nicole hit him again.

“Dinner! The most expensive restaurant in town and of course your buying!”


“Helena better not be there.”

“She won’t be, I promise.”

Time to turn the hourglass.

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by Akbi Khan

Real Talk With Casey III: A Tribute to Another World, Part I

Aw6781Another World premiered on NBC on May 4th, 1964. The new daytime drama premiered to an audience of approximately six million. It was soap created by daytime legends, Irna Phillips and William J. Bell. Irna Phillips originally wanted Another World to be a spin off of then popular As The World Turns. However, CBS did not have any room in the schedule. So, Irna got a hold of NBC and William J. Bell, they wrote the first scripts—and the rest is history.

The pilot of Another World focused on the death of extremely wealthy William Matthews. The first episode was the aftermath of the funeral of wealthy William Matthews. His widow Liz did not like the company of William’s working class brother, Jim. The fights between upper class Liz, and her middle class in-laws started the stories for the show.

As the 1960’s continued, the lives of Jim’s children, Russ, Alice, and Pat took over the show. Jim’s wife, Mary, usually intervened in the the children’s lives when crisis occurred. Which was most of time, considering this was a soap opera.In the first year of the show, Irna Phillips and William J Bell began some controversial storytelling, in an effort to bring up ratings.

One such story involved the character of Pat having an illegal abortion after becoming pregnant. This was the first time that an American television series covered the hot button issue. As the story played out, it was revealed that Pat had become sterile. The shock of the news caused her to shoot and kill her boyfriend, Tom Baxter. She then fell in love with, and married her lawyer, John Randolph.

Another notable story revolved around the super couple Bill Matthews and Melissa Palmer. Liz did not consider Melissa to be well-suited for her son, and she was constantly in the middle of the two. After several trials and tribulations, Bill and Melissa finally married. However, their happiness was cut short, when Bill drowned in a boating accident.

After a one year run on NBC, the soap opera was expected to get cancelled due to failing ratings. James Lipton came on as a writer. His ideas included pushing the Matthews family to the backburner, and introducing the newly created family with the last name of Gregory. Agnes Nixon, then the head writer of Irna Phillip’s popular CBS soap opera, The Guiding Light, was hired to help write the program. Beverly Penberthy replaced Susan Trustman as Pat Randolph, under Agnes’ tenure. As Agnes Nixon’s tenure as head writer progressed, Trustman had been on nearly every episode, and she became terribly exhausted.

In 1967 Agnes created the most popular roles that Another World would ever have. They were the roles of hairdresser Ada Davis, and her daughter Rachel. Down-to-earth Ada could sit in her kitchen, and be perfectly content with life. Rachel was a schemer who hated her much-lower-class background. Rachel would always fight to become wealthy, in the characters early years. Ada would provide Rachel solace when Rachel’s plans would not work out. Rachel trusted her mother, because she was the only one who could get through to her.

In 1968, wealthy Steve Frame was introduced into Bay City life. Steve was a highly intelligent yet brusque businessman. He and Rachel had an instant attraction to one another. They bonded closely, because both of them fought to get out of the poor backgrounds they had come from. However, Alice Matthews stepped in, and stole Steve’s heart. Alice was extremely sophisticated, shy, and demure—everything Rachel was not.

Steve and Alice courted one another, and were engaged in 1969. However, the wedding was called off, when Rachel, who was married to Alice’s brother, Dr. Russ Matthews, crashed the engagement party. Rachel made everyone aware that she was carrying Steve’s soon-to-be child. She gave birth to a son by the name of James Gerald. James would later be referred to as Jamie.


By Casey Hutchinson

Edited by Akbi Khan

Real Talk With Casey II–Let’s Talk Jill Foster Abott

Jill_Foster_AbbottOne of the most influential and popular characters to ever grace daytime television, is Jill Foster Brooks Abott Abott Atkinson Fenmore from CBS’ hit soap opera, “The Young and the Restless” (Y&R). She has been married into all major Genoa City families (except Newman), but is barely shown on our screens anymore. Jill is also the only original character left. The character of Jill was in the original 1973 Y&R bible. So, viewers expect to see her more.

Jill is probably the most valuable player in Genoa City. This is a woman who fought and loved Katherine Chancellor for 40 years. This is a woman who stabbed John Abbott in the back, by sleeping with his son, Jack. This is a woman who has bedded more men than I have fingers and toes. This is a woman who should be center stage everyday. Right now we should see her hatching a plan to get back at Victor, and Noah, for that matter.

So, why isn’t Jill being shown more? The bottom line is this: the actor who portrays her, Jess Walton, decided to put Y&R on a lower list of needs about four years ago. But she has said in three interviews, that since Jeanne Cooper passed on, she wanted to take on more of a leading role. Now, that leaves it to the writers. In the beginning of this year (January and February) we saw Jill back in the drama. She was crying and screaming at Billy’s bedside. So, where is she now? Billy needs her just as much now that he recovered from coma as he did when he lay comatose in a hospital bed. There is so much left for Jill. Jess Walton wants a bigger role, so come on writers!

Now, this is not the work of Jill Farren Phelps, or Charles Pratt, Jr. This is the work of every writer since Kay Alden and William J. Bell left the show. Jill has always taken a backseat since those two amazing writers left. But just because writers come and go, doesn’t mean one of the most important characters in Y&R history should be placed on the back burner.

In my eyes, Jill is just as important as Nikki and Victor. She should be front and center just like they are. Maybe Jill could go after Victoria to get Newman. Jill could go after Noah for hitting Billy with his car, accident or not. Billy might have forgiven Noah, but Jill protects her own, and it would be in line with her character to exact some sort of revenge for Bily. Jill could always find out Brock died. I mean, my goodness, Beau played Brock since day one. He dies, and nothing. We dedicate two seconds of an episode to him. Brock was in Jill’s life long after they got divorced in 1975. She should have a whole funeral in Chancellor Park. Brock should get a plaque next to Katherine.

In conclusion, Jess Walton is so important to Y&R. The character is currently the most important on the series. We either need new writers, or Jill needs to step in and kick some butt.

By Casey Hutchison

Edited by Akbi Khan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/13/16: Cult or Commune?

13219918_10205855810304781_1708825476_nAfter a pleasant evening with Deimos, Nicole entered Rob’s office in a good mood. The atmosphere was different. People weren’t as upbeat as they normally were. She went to a coworkers desk.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Rob doesn’t seem himself today. He’s detached. He got some of our names mixed up. I think something may be wrong with him. And it may have to do with whatever’s going on at the hospital.’

“Thanks for letting me know,” Nicole said and walked into Rob’s office. “Hey, Rob.”

“Huh…oh, hi Nikkie. How are you today?”

Nikkie??? Something was off, and now Nicole was suspicious. She went into her pocket book and pulled out a pen but dropped it on the floor. “Oops,” Nicole bent over slowly to pick it up, giving Rob a deliberate cheap peep show. Rob didn’t even look over his desk.

“Not looking at me when I bend over?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ROB?” she screamed

“Okay, that’s enough,” came a voice from behind the closet door. Rob came out. “Thank you. Please leave that way.” The first rob smiled at Nicole and left the way Robert came in.

“What the heck are you up to?”

“Nothing. I decided to get my own duplicate to have him do the not so interesting or fun things I’m forced to do as boss.”

“A duplicate you?”


“From Andre, I suppose?”

“Of course…what gave him away?”

“Besides the little things? As much as you respect me, and I know you do you, you can’t help looking at me when I bend over like that, and he didn’t look.”

“Sigh. He needs more training.”


This week in Salem…

Flashback to Aiden and Hope’s wedding night. Andre subdues Aiden, not convinced he would go along with the plan. He sent in a phony Aiden who tried to kill hope and was stopped by Bo.

Back in the present we see Aiden in a cell, talking to a bird, aka Wilson in the movie “Castaway.” He escaped and made it back home, entering Hope’s house via hidden key knowledge.

Hope caught him and had him immediately arrested.

“Who leaves a spare key under the mat like that?”

“That’s what you got out of that?

“No, but I’m sure there’s more. And I’m waiting to hear more.”

“An epidemic has hit Salem. Gabby, Ari, and Paul have been affected. John suspected Yo Ling. Will they find a cure before people start dying?


Hope, Rafe, and Roman questioned Aiden. Aiden told Hope everything. Nobody believes him.


“What, ‘what’?”
“How could Roman not believe Aiden? Roman’s come back from the dead TWICE, Rafe was switched with a phony, and Hope thought she was a bloody princess!”

“Beats me.”

“Speaking of duplicates, how’s the Helena/Deimos project?”

“It’s coming along well. Deimos is quite the piano player. Kate is jealous of me AND Helena. Deimos gave me control of Basic Black.”

“Cool, cool.”

“Victor ran into Kate. Victor mocked Kate for whoring herself out. Kate shrugged it off and told victor she controlled Titan.”

“Is it true? Is Kate a whore, or is she just lonely?”


Steve got bad vibes from Jade’s father. He seems a bit on the bully/mean side. We also met her aunt, Simone who apparently is the leader of a cult or hippie commune. How will their arrival affect Joey, Jade, Steve, and Kayla?

Abigail is worried she will never get better. Chad told her to be patient. Abigail told Chad that she doesn’t want to see him or any other family members. She started therapy with Dr. Robinson. Do you think Abigail is in good hands?

Chad accused Jennifer of being a drug addict.

“Thats harsh and disrespectful.”

“And true.”

“LOL. Yeah.”

Ciara and Theo spent time alone in a bedroom. Do you think they did anything?


Chad and Ciara continued to negotiate her babysitting duties. There may have been a moment between them.

“LOL. This could be funny!”

Are you starting to get the feel for Chiara?

Hope Visited Andre and told him Aiden’s story. Andre called it science fiction. blaming anything that may have happened on Stefano.

“LOL. Andre’s funny.”

Hope snapped that it was easy to blame things on the dead.

Andre countered with, “You should know—you killed him.”

“Sure she did.”



“Whatever. Rafe is jealous of Aiden’s return and the possibility of Andre’s involvement in all this.

“Shame Rafe doesn’t remember EJ taking him and replacing him with a duplicate.”

Aiden went to see Andre. Are they in on something together, or is one of them willing to make a deal?”

“Can’t wait to find out. Ready to eat?”


“Can I bring my clone?”


“Works for me.”

Nicole smiled.


Time to turn the hourglass…


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Rob Feldmann

Edited by Akbi Khan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/6/16: Aiden, Where Have You Been?

daniel-cosgrove-01Nicole entered Rob’s office in a jovial mood.

“How was Canada jail AA?” she smirked

“Horrible! You know they only have basic cable! Savages…Listen, I’m sorry about the whole—,” Nicole cut him off.

“Forget it. You spent a night in jail? Where even? Why were you there a week before coming trying to come home anyway? You were missed around here.”

“Sightseeing. You know what I found while walking around?”

“No clue.” Nicole helped herself to coffee and sat down.

“An actual VHS video rental store! And look what the store had?” Rob put a box on the table. Nicole leaned up, pulled the box toward, her saw the box was full of Misty Circle Adult Tapes and spit out her coffee.

This week in Salem

Deimos fired all of Victor’s staff that hadn’t previously quit upon Victor’s exit. Deimos deemed them untrustworthy. Was this a smart movie on Deimos’ part or an overreaction?

“Smart move, actually, sad to say.”

Justin threatened Deimos with legal action. Deimos laughed at Victor’s obvious desperation.

“Like you, Brady tried to lure me out of town until the Deimos conflict is over.”

“We would have had a great life, Nicole.”

“I believe you…Deimos offered me Basic Black. Kate was livid.”

“That must have been funny.”

“It was. I’m considering the job…as part of Victor and my plans.”

“Deimos also offered to Buy DJ Wear. Theresa was not happy.”

“I don’t blame her.” What will happen to Theresa should her lose her company?

Theresa called Brady out on his hero complex.

“Did she get through to him?”

“Doubt it.”

New arrival, Clark, blackmailed Summer. She told Brady. Brady paid him off with threats. Theresa laid into Brady about his hero complex again.

“After finding a picture of Helena, Kate started putting pieces together and showing her jealousy of, me. I laid into Deimos. Deimos replied with an easier-to-watch-me type of response.”

“Please be careful, Nicole.”

“Don’t worry, Rob. Everything will be fine.”

Kate and I traded banter and insults over everything going on.”

“I bet you gave it to her good.” Kate or Nicole: whose side are you on?

Jade and Joey prepared for their L.A. road trip. How far will they get before they are stopped—or worse?

“Aww, it’s just like Bo and Hope.”

“It most certainly is not.”

Ciara told Hope she was moving out and wondered if Claire wanted to be her roommate. She told Chad she was quitting school. Chad made her an offer—to keep her babysitting job without leaving school. Will she take Chad up on his offer?

“I think I see a future couple.”

“I seriously doubt it?” What are your thoughts on Ciara?

Theo told Ciara he loved her. How soon until they are real couple?

Chad went to see Abigail. Abigail told Chad that Ben wont let her go home. How will this affect Abigail’s recovery?

“Too soon to have any impact, I imagine.”

Brady and Theresa continued to fight about Summer and second chances. How soon until their relationship cracks.

“They will weather it out.”

John and Paul planned out a baseball stadium road trip. Brady somehow got himself invited. Will he go? Do you see him as a third wheel in this situation?

Marlena went to see Belle. Marlena informed everyone about Belle and Shawn’s pending divorce. Everyone was saddened.


Theresa warned Brady again.

Paul got sick while talking to John do you think this has anything to do with Yo Ling?

Family diner at the Hernandez house, plus JJ, had your typical for or against Papa fireworks. Dario seemed to realized he carried things too far as Gabby stopped him. Will Dario be open to having a full family reunion?

Back to Clark and Summer: one thing led to another, she hit him over the head, he, died she called Dario to help get rid of him, telling her to hurry up with their plans before Rafe figures them out.

“Rafe—HA! They needn’t worry about Rafe. They need to worry about Victor,

now that someone has died. How far are Summer and Dario willing to go with all those involved with them?

Brady tried to make peace with Theresa with chocolate.

“Would you take Brady and chocolate, or 50,000 dollars?”

“I’d take the money, but if it were you, I’d choose you over all the money in the world,” Rob said while looking through the box.

“Aww, so sweet…stop looking at those!” Nicole snapped.

Anne resurfaced out of thin air and chatted with Theresa. Are you happy to see her again?

“I like her.”

Rafe prepared a surprise evening for Hope. Hope said it would be wrong in Bo’s bed.

“Bo’s bed after all that time away and Aiden??? That makes no sense at all.”

“It seemed weird to me too.”

“They decided to go somewhere special and the—.”

“Then what???”

“AIDEN returned.”


“Lol! Yup. Sparks are going to fly on Monday.”

“Cant wait…you hungry?”

“Yes, but first we are disposing of all these movies?”

“Awww…” Nicole caught a look.

“You made copies, didn’t you?”

“Who, me? Naaaah.

“We’ll discuss that at dinner.” Nicole gave Rob the box to carry.

“Should we give the one about babysitters to Chad and Ciara?”

“Not now, not ever!”

“Yeah, bad idea.”


Time to turn the hourglass…

By Robert Feldmann

stefano and robert 9 14 07






Edited by Akbi Khan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 04/29/16: Prom Week

rp_13077238_10205760360518596_1804188382_n-300x223-1-300x223.jpgLate Friday Nicole went to Rob’s office with the recaps feeling a combination of guilt and pride after the events of last weekend.

He wasn’t in his office. He went to her office and there were flowers and an apology note.

“BART!” she called out

“Hey, Nicole.”

“Rob?” Bart handed Nicole a paper. “Aw, crap. That’s why I didn’t hear from him…why didn’t you do anything, Bart?”

“Andre’s still in jail. What could we do?”

Nicole left the office and ran straight to Victor in the hospital. Justin and Brady were still there.

“What is it, Nicole?”

“Last week Robert tried to get me out of Deimos-Danger by hiding me in Canada.” Victor and Brady chuckled. “Long story short, to get back at him, after he fell asleep I stole his car and his passport. He must have been arrested at the border for not having it upon re-entry

“Dear ME!” Victor said

“I don’t know what happened with his phone call, but apparently he’s still there!” “I’ll make some phone calls, get him out, bring him back.”

“Thank you, Justin.” Justin excused himself and left the room.


This Week In Salem…

Henry stopped Theo from pummeling Mark further.

Marlena was not allowed to see Eric. Belle said it would take time before visitations could start.

Abe asked Theo to stay away from Ciara. Theo, declaring Ciara his girlfriend, refused. Are Abe’s fears founded, and what exactly are his fears?

Hope decided to focus on Ciara, not on murdering Deimos. What do you think about Hopes sudden cowardly retreat from Deimos?

Hope needs to stay out of this,” went Victor.

Rafe and Hope had movie night.

Chad had Abigail committed. Abigail continued to see Ben. There was sadness everywhere. How soon until Abigail starts to get better?

After Jade and Joey made love they, went to the prom. Claire sang a song. Mark played a video making fun of Ciara using Chase as his means of attack.

The SORAS bunch retaliated by trashing his car. Everyone was arrested.

We met Mark’s father, a judge that wants to see them face real punishment.

“Which judge?”

“Haven’t a clue.”

“I’ll see what I can find out,” offered Brady.

Summer wants to help with Maggie’s recovery. Can we trust Summer? How soon until she is gone?

Nicole and Victor negotiated a price for her role in the Deimos scheme. Apparently Nicole enlisted Dario and will be included in the payoff. Will this lead to a Dario-Nicole pairing?

Brady is upset that Victor involved Nicole in his plans. Justin says he has a better plan to get Deimos. Will Victor hear it, or will he stick with his and Nicole’s? Deimos dreamed that Helena called Kate a whore.

“The one thing my brother and I agree on,” Victor chuckled.

Does Deimos trust Nicole? Will he ever, and what will happen if he doesn’t?

Hope wants Rafe to stay away from Bo’s bed, and they searched for hotels?

Didn’t Aiden use Bo’s bed and why didn’t she change it when she was with Aiden? There was PLENTY of Time.

Shawn again rejected Lani’s advances. They worked a case together.

“Forensics does stakes out now?” mumbled Victor with a giggle.

What is the deal with Shawn? Why is he afraid of women who know what they want and go after it?

“Belle asked Philip to marry her.” Victor and Brady were stunned

“He didn’t say yes…will he?”

“Unbelievable,” went Victor.

Hope gave Ciara a lecture about life, not being lured into doing stupid things, and seeing Marlena for the Chase rape.

Is Hope really going to try being a mom? Will Ciara see Marlena for real now?”

Ciara and Chad talked babysitting. Ciara wanted to quit school. Chad made her a deal for her not to drop out.

Can Chad afford the babysitting? Going by last few weeks, it doesn’t seem so.

Justin came back into the room. “He’ll be released tomorrow. I’ll have him flown home.”

“Thank you, Justin,” went Nicole.


Time to turn the hourglass…


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by Akbi Khan