Will History Repeat Itself In The World Of Soaps?

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Fans of Young & The Restless are growing increasingly anxious as Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps cements her position on the show. Already, fans have seen their favorite stars like Michelle Stafford fired the show among so many others and they have read of long time employees in costume design and musical score being shown the door and replaces with less expensive and less experienced staff. This makes fans of the show incredibly nervous, since Phelps has a reputation for coming in and taking actions that lead to the cancellation of the shows she works on. The soap world is littered with cancelled shows that have been touched by Phelps. The graveyard includes fan favorites like Santa Barbra, Another World, Guiding Light, not to mention the near death of General Hospital after an experience with Phelps. Now fans are asking if Young & The Restless, the top-rated soap for the past 25 years, is next. Although that may seem impossible, it is not when Jill Farren Phelps has her name attached to the show.

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