Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 12/01/16: Stop Hiding Abigail

days-cf-12-01-16-2Rob Nicole and Blanca are still in Paris, Blanca is out shopping “Nicole i have an idea” declared Rob”  Blanca and i already told you no” went Nicole  smiling “not that ,i think the three of us should move here”

“Already said no to that too now’s not the time, besides you’d miss Salem”

“Nope if you and Blanca were with me i could live anywhere”

“well as long as I’m there you’ll never leave Salem so get used to it” Rob got sad Nicole noticed “I know, I know” she patted his shoulder “Trust me 2017 will be better” Nicole changed the subject obviously with us being here i have limited knowledge of what happening back home” Rob smiled and picked up the phone

“Hey Boss I’m ready”

“What do you have for me”
This week in Salem 


“Roman, Kayla and Kimberly, visited Bo’s grave on the anniversary of his death” Rob looked at the date and shook his head”

“Do you miss Bo ?”

“Ciara, Shawn and Rafe all visited Hope in Jail trying to do what they could for her”

“Why hasn’t Rafe married Hope so Hope could have some Conjugal visits?

“The discovery of Jade and joey soon being parents, didn’t stop Joey’s family from putting the hate on Jade”

“Love how nobody is blaming joey for any of this Sigh”

“”What will happen with the baby ?”
Julie started making some pro nick Anti Gaby comments Chad Stepped up and put Julie in her place

Bravo Chad

“Will Julie ever learn to accept the truth about “poor nick”

“Nope denial forever more”
Everyone in the Kirakis household is worried that Theresa less Brady has become a ticking time bomb

“Can you see Brady losing it and how would he when he does”

“JJ wanted to tell everyone that Abigail was alive Jennifer stopped him”

“How much longer will they drag this nonsense out ?”
Hate Adams came to Hope’s rescue in prison; Hope somehow thought she was Marlena at first looks like Hope has a bodyguard”

“Well ladie da for Hope”

“Are you surprised Hope hasn’t been freed yet ?”
days-cf-12-01-16Claire wants to take her relationship with Theo to the next level”

“Girl knows what she wants, is Theo aware of Claire’s real feelings”

“Doubt it”

“Ciara witnessed this conversation and of course got very jealous”

“Theo is so lucky being the only eligible teenager in Salem all the young  women have to fight over him”

“Is Theo/Claire going to go anywhere anytime soon ?”

“Theo’s birthday is coming up Claire asked Ciara for gift advice after some “you don’t know your own boyfriend” mocking from  a jealous Ciara, Ciara pointed Claire towards a baseball card

Claire sought out Paul for advice on how to get it”

“Will Theo inadvertently tear Ciara and Claire’s relationship apart ?”

“With Theo the only teenager in Salem that dateable they are toast”

“Edgardo, heaven knows why is showing interest in Kate”

“Well as long as him and Dario continue down the road they’re on he has a legitimate shot”

“Andre continues to be helpful and incite-full”

“SMH and you wonder why i want to stay here”

Adriane looked like she was going to choose Lucas but passed out and was taken to the hospital

“what’s wrong with Adriane ?”

“Hopefully nothing serious”

days-cf-12-01-16“Laura returned to Jennifer and told her some Abigail info Jennifer upon finding out Laura knew where Abigail was and didn’t tell Jennifer about it did not go over very well”

“LOL that must have been funny”

“How pissed would you be even if it was your mother?”

“i would understand”

“LOL yeah right, who do you think you’re trying to kid here”

“JJ started thinking about another woman while with Gabby”

“Sigh, what the heck is wrong with JJ, what happened ?”

“Gabby again let it go”

“SIGH Poor Gabby prison robbed her of her self-esteem”

“Will we ever find out who JJ cheated on gabby with”


“Don’t even go there”
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By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/18/16: Theresa Brady Donovan 2013-2016

cf-days-111-18-16-2Shane and kimberly are smuggling Theresa out of Salem they arrive at a private airfield

“Are you Sure you can trust the pilot “Theresa Asked her father

“Positive” he acknowledged

“Hello Theresa” Rob said turning around to greet her


I’m going to miss you Theresa, but come on let’s get going before the bad weather kicks in” after some more hard goodbyes Theresa boarded the plane
This week in Salem


days-cf-11-18-16-1After refusing Kayla’s EMT’s victor let his people in to help Kayla save Theresa

Were there “other” reasons for this?

Theresa told her parents that the plan failed and Brady would never stop loving her

I thought that line you told him about Kristen and the birth thing would break him but Nope

was there another way ?

JJ admitted to gabby that he cheated on her she immediately broke up with him

Will she taking the Habitual  cheater back ?

While Chad was away Andre let Abigail into see Thomas


Is it still too much to believe that Andre has changed

Speaking of former brothers..Theresa do you remember that time you Whacked john over the head with the fire poker?”

“Yes its not something I’m proud of ”

“why not That Was Hilarious LOL”

Edgardo tried to romance Kate, will it work this time?

Only if he goes to the dark side

Speaking of Dark side after overhearing a conversation Blanca told Dario she’s had it will “bad men” and dumped him

“That’s my girl”

Wont Blanca be upset if she finds out things about your past?

“Past being key word i won’t break my promise to Nicole or Blanca

“Where is Nicole?”

I’m meeting her in Paris after i drop you off you should call her before we get there ?

“Your taking me to Paris ?

“Nope i have a private island all ready and waiting for you

Hope got 25 years for Stefano’s murder

25 years that means she’ll be out of jail in time to do some black Friday shopping SMH

Knowing she’s not really going to jail was all this pointless?

“Nah its to reintroduce a character?


“You’ll see”

“How will i be able to?”

“Where you’re staying you’ll be able to watch everyone in Salem 24/7 just don’t go near the villa to the south that plays Opera music ?

“Why not?”

“Stefano may be there ?


“I may have said to much LOL..I’m kidding”

Philip told Chloe that as long as Damos and Nicole are together they can”t trust her with the Daniel Chloe Nicole baby thing?

“I’m surprised you haven’t told her ?”

“who says i haven’t ”

“Who will be the one to spill to Nicole Philip or Chloe ?”

“JJ sought out Chad’s help with Gabby, Chad avoided it as much as he could until Gabby stormed in and let him have it?

Gabby started to blame herself Chad put a stop to that nonsense

“How much longer until they both crack and will we ever find out WHO this mystery woman is?”

“are we sure it wasn’t EVE”

days-cf-11-18-16“Yes I’m Sure” went Theresa before letting out a little laugh she started to cry again, Rob put the plane on auto pilot and gave her a hug after some crying he resumed flying

“hey, it’s going to be okay, Shane will handle this and you’ll be back in no time ”

“But what if it’s too late for me and Brady ?

“It won’t be Theresa trust me it won’t be”

Abigail reunited with her mom and Jennifer agreed to continue to hide Abigail from everyone?”

“shouldn’t Abigail be returned to the hospital ?”

“How long can Jennifer and Abigail keep up this Charade with Supercop JJ under the same roof ?

Joey accused Jade of using the pregnancy to not break up with her

Well she wouldn’t be the first but i think he’s just being a dumb ass

“Is joey  the father ? Where does it go if he is..or isn’t ?

“if he’s not its over so im sure he is”

“Brady tried one last time to stop Theresa he obviously failed”

“Brady was crying in victors arms who also seemed upset?”

Is it still possible victor had a hand in this?”

“No i know Mateo this is all him and him alone when she said alone she started to cry again

“it’s going to be okay Theresa this won’t last forever” started to cry but stopped himself

“Now come on let’s focus on how where going to settle you in once we land”
TimeTo Turn The Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann






Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/11/16: Rabbit Breakdown

cf-days-11-11-16Rob was in his office wondering if Nicole was going to show up the situations with Chloe and Damos have both limited their time together or cancelled it outright that’s life and he was happy for her he was going to call her when Blanca came in


“Yes” Rob said with a smile

Chad and Gabby are here to see you

Send them in

Chad, BRO, Gabby nice to see you, what can i do for you? Rob motioned them to sit

I would like you to reinvest in Dimera Enterprises “Chad said while sitting down

Rob burst out laughing
This week in Salem 


Kate convinced Chad to let Gabby help entertain and sway potential client investors Brad and Vicky, Vicky made several attempts to come on to chad

Gabby shut it all down by kissing Chad, Vicky convinced brad to make the deal

Will we see more joint ventures between chad and gabby and what did you think of that kiss between them?

JJ told Jennifer he cheated on Gabby but not with who is the woman known to Salem?
Damos found out he’s not the father of Chloe’s baby and asked Nicole for another chance to trust him

Will Nicole give him one?

HOPE NOT went rob

AHEM went Blanca

Nothing to do with us Blanca he said

Chloe tells and promises Philip not to tell Nicole that she is having Daniel and Chloe’s baby

Is this the right thing to do?

YES went Robert

NO IT ISNT went Chad and Gabby together

Why tell Nicole now when so many things can go wrong shouldn’t they wait until Chloe’s in labor or close to it should Nicole be told this early into the pregnancy?

Theresa’s plan of pushing Brady away is underway she is drinking popping pills and acting reckless
Shane and Kimberly have returned to help he, Brady is at a loss and victor telling Brady some people are beyond help didn’t help either

Matteo told her now that he found her he couldn’t let her go again

I smell a rat I think Victor is up to his eyeballs in this Matteo business

is Victor the mastermind of all this ?

Gabby and Blanca could see that Chad was getting nowhere trying to convince Robert to make a deal knowing Rob from what she’s seen and heard from him and  from Nicole and knowing a good deal when she heard one she whispered in Gaby’s ear Gabby laughed and took off with her

“Wonder what that’s about” Chad asked

“Oh i think i know” went Rob Chad’s phone went off he excused himself

cf-days-11-11-16-3Rob alone again almost sort of  regretted  that he heard from Andre that Laura lost Abigail and that she has been seen around town carrying a bunny and was even back at the mansion part of him wanted to but Anyway after getting talking to Laura  about Abigail’s disappearance he agreed to help find her

Chad returned Andre and Steve traded viewpoints on Stefano’s murder

Steve proposed to Kayla she said yes

Are you happy for this couple and how many times is it for them at the alter

I think this will be the third ?

Shane met up with Steve with a plan to help hope

Kate convinced Andre to be more forgiving a deal was reached with hope Rafe, Roman and the other conspirators are off the hook.


Chad nodded  Rob drifted off remembering a time when Villains were allowed to be real Villains instead of what the current climate has turned them into

Sonny asked for Paul’s help on some work he’s doing for Eduardo and Dario

the guys had a game night, Jennifer ruined the MALE buzz by overseeing a party of 20 something’s


How much longer do we have to wait for Paul and sonny to re couple

Hope found out she could face the death penalty

Stupid we all know it won’t happen

Why are we subjected to long dragged out scenarios when we know the outcome months in advance?

Theo continued to be rude to Valerie hearing her lie on the phone didn’t help matters

Valerie turned down Kayla’s job offer saying she has a life to return to

Are Valerie’s days limited and why didn’t Abe ever tell Theo its rude to eardrop
Theresa and JJ met in church and had a heart to heart Theresa told JJ to tell Gaby asap

Will Theresa listen to her own words? Apparently not because when Brady found her in the church and told her that he would never give up she slapped him.

Did you feel the emotion during that scene it was very powerful

cf-day-11-11-16-2JJ told Gabby she was devastated to say the least

Why can’t JJ keep it in his pants ?

Claire tried to get Jade to back off, jade would have none of it

Joey told Steve that he didn’t want to be tied down with a girlfriend

schmuck should have thought about that BEFORE sleeping with her SMH

Jade told Joey she was pregnant

ROTFLMAO That will teach him!!!
Theresa took a dark turn as she popped a pill and started cutting cocaine as the credits rolled

Poor Theresa i wish i could interfere went Rob.
That’s about it for this…Blanca and Gabby returned to the office Gabby was wearing a beautiful Red Dress she smiled at rob

BLANCA THAT’S CHEATING Rob snarked  Blanca laughed  Chad put a big smile on his face

alright Chad we can work something out
Time To Turn The Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann


Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/04/16: Welcome Home Shane and Kimberly


In Salem square, Robert and Blanca were eating diner. Rob was looking at Blanca with a smile on his face like he was waiting for her to say something.“What? Did I spill something?”


“Then what?”

“Dario, really? Are you jealous?”“YES!”

“GOOD, I thought Nicole would be here by now.”

As on cue, Rob got a text, “she’s with Chloe at the hospital and can’t make it.”

“May we join you?” asked Dario and Edgardo.

“Sure,” went Rob and Blanca. Dario sat next to Blanca.


“My name is Edgardo.” Rob shook his hand.

“Pleased to finally meet you,” went Robert.

“Finally?” went a puzzled Edgardo.
This week in Salem 



Everyone at the Halloween party heard about Hope’s murder confession. Andre called Hope a Hypocrite and demanded her arrest.

Rafe destroyed the tape. Andre said that he had many more copies, longer copies that implicated many others.

“Can there possibly be more twists or is all this finally coming to an end?”

Hope tried to make excuses. Andre would have none of it. Hope asked him how this could be settled.

“How would you like to see it settled?”

Chad got in Hope’s face demanding answers, hopefully remembering. Hope denying it to him months earlier, focusing more on the framing of Andre more than the actual murder.

Ciara also hearing the tape freaked out, she ended up with Theo.

Will what happened to Abe and Hope FINALLY bring them together.

And how much more does Chad need to WAKE UP and see what’s right in front of him?

John and Steve tracked down Orpheus.

Orpheus showed a little heart by not setting off a fire that could have hurt some kids outside his hideout that were playing with fireworks. Unfortunately, that cost him as John and Steve found him and after a struggle, Orpheus lay dead AGAIN.

“Are you going to miss Orpheus?”

Adriane and Jennifer agreed jointly but the Spectator jacks old paper that hasn’t been able to keep up with the times.

Can they save the struggling paper, Justin wasn’t happy spouting Kirakis’ interest and he was able to point out that because she was unaware of a Kirakis’ interest. She wasn’t ready because it’s been in the papers for weeks.

I’m sure they will succeed.
Nicole told Brady it was over with Damos and she regretted the way it ended.

“Could you see them together again if Theresa wasn’t around?”
Maggie tried to talk to Damos about Chloe-Nicole baby situation.

“Will Damos take her advice to heart?”

Matteo returned for Theresa; she feared for Brady and Tate’s safety, Theresa came clean about Matteo to Victor. Victor told Theresa that Matteo was out of his league and he couldn’t help her that she had to leave Salem?

“Do you believe Victor or is Victor lying just to see Theresa gone?”

I believe Victor actually, he’s devolved.
There were some flashbacks between Daniel, Chloe and Nicole. Is it possible that Chloe is carrying Daniel and Nicole’s baby? And if this is the case, what are your thoughts on that?

Theresa to protect Brady and Tate agreed to help take Matteo down.

Ari,Madison,Kristen… Is Theresa’s number finally up?
Hope told Ciara she would face the music.

Will Rafe admit his parts to help Hope? Will Ciara need even more therapy now? Can anyone help Hope avoid her 5 days in jail?

“It’s not jail, she has to worry about Andre afterwards.”
I heard that you two have decided to offer your services to Team Kirakis because you think they are weaker and easier to exploit later?

“How did you hear that?”

Nevermind! Is this a good move for Team Hernandez? Or are they backing the wrong Horse?
Damos followed Nicole to meet Chloe again; she agreed to another test so that he would finally leave her alone.

Chloe again shared her disappointment with Nicole over the whole Damos thing. Nicole insisted it will all work out. She reminded Chloe that Chloe had something to tell Nicole.

What is it? Will she tell and what will happen if she does, and what will happen if she doesn’t?

That’s a cool way to end out a week? Next rounds on me, “Rob asked the waitress to come over.”

Oh guys! You made the right choice… A NEW ERA is rising next year and it is going to be AMAZING.
Time to turn the Hourglass


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by:

Pallav Mittal

The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday, 09/09/16: Throwin’ Shade and Sippin’ Tea


#BoldandBeautiful fans Cliffhanger Friday has ended with gushing love the past couple of weeks; but not so this week. On Friday, there was plenty of throwin’ shade and sippin’ tea. No need to hesitate, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Well RJ has arisen from the ashes of boarding school and he’s back with a vengeance. It’s evident that he took a course in Throwin’ Shade and I can guarantee you, he received an A. He walked in to see BRIDGE in each other’s arms only to find out it was a farce. He started out telling Brooke that her engagement ring was the most HIDEOUS ring he’s ever seen, ROTFL.

He told BRIDGE they belong together and whatever Brooke is feeling for $Bill, it needs to stop. WOW, RJ thinks you can turn on and off your emotions like a faucet. Ridge says just because BRILL is getting married doesn’t mean they are not a family. RJ evokes Stephanie and reminds them how they fought for each other when she tried to keep them apart.

RJ is buying none of it; he wants his family. He could care less about the company. He tells BRIDGE “if they don’t do anything to stop this he will” and leaves. Well ok, lil’ Ridge, go do your thang.

Brooke didn’t realize how important it was to RJ and feels she is letting him down. Ridge assures her that all kids want their parents together and she’s not letting him down. After unsuccessfully being able to reach RJ, Brooke goes over the Spencer.

Alison is back and she’s also a treasure chest. She’s throwin’ shade in her own special way. Delivering to $Bill the wedding bands; divorce papers, signed and executed; and marriage license. $Bill pulls out the contract that gives Brooke his 12 1/2% shares of FC to Brooke; Alison is none too thrilled and continue to interrogate him on if he’s positive he wants to give up his shares.

She reminds him that he’s giving up all his rights as a shareholder and the ability to hold it over Ridge’s head. $Bill says he doesn’t care as long as he can have Brooke. WHAT? What happened to my ruthless $Bill? He would NEVER make a business decision based on emotions, ESPECIALLY if it was going to benefit Ridge. My $Bill has left the building, someone, please go get him. Ever since he’s hooked up with Brooke he was ruined. It took a long time to get the skank off of him; but here we are again. The ONLY reason I’m going to pull for BRILL is I’m a CaRidge fan, so if I have to sacrifice the already tainted $Bill, so be it.

Then this whip arse $Bill says that the Forresters are in this predicment because of him; he created a child with “that psychopath” (repeating that same BS Steffy told him). WOW how insensitive, so basically he’s saying he regrets Wyatt being born.

Elsewhere, Steffy is elated to share the news with Thomas that $Bill might be whisking Brooke away to get married today. They could get the shares today and its “bye bye Quinn.” Thomas is picking up a “vibe” from Steffy and questions if she’s still onboard. She shares that she is but questions Ridge. Although he didn’t say anything, she sensed he was torn.

Thomas and Steffy goes to the office to get an update. Thomas asks if the rumors are true that BRILL will be married soon. Ridge says he doesn’t know. Steffy insist they move quickly to get Quinn out of their lives. Ridge thanks her and says that might not be happening right now. She wants to know what’s wrong. He tells them their brother is back and isn’t happy that BRILL is getting married and neither is he.

Now, I see that Steffy and RJ are going to have a problem with each other. This right here should be interesting how this unfolds. Because Steffy is used to getting her way, she’s a TRIDGE kid and RJ don’t take no ch*t either, he’s a BRIDGE kid. So this should be fun to watch…..

Over at the Forrester mansion, Quinn gushes to Ivy about her 8-carat engagement ring. Ivy is excited for QURIC, which Quinn is glad to hear and says she’s changed. Quinn notes the changes in Ivy, which she orchestrated. Now there’s nothing wrong with a makeover, although she didn’t need it because she’s drop dead gorgeous. I’m still HIGHLY pissed about the change in Ivy’s accent. That’s an assassination of someone’s culture to demand, criticize, and bully someone into changing. It’s insults all Australians, the notion that for an Australian, or anyone from another country, that in order for them to be “perfect, excited, beautiful, and interesting” they must have an American accent is ludicrious.

After all the changes, Ivy states she’s beginning to believe its impossible. I can only hope it’s impossible for a LIVY reunion. After Liam dumped Ivy at Aly’s memorial service, I’m done and done with LIVY. Yes, call me petty, tell me I hold a grudge; whatever, but I don’t want Lame Liam anywhere near Queen Ivy.

Ivy said she reached out; called him, texted him, but she still doesn’t see much of him. Quinn press her to continue. Then my girl Ivy quickly lets her know that she’s NOT going to throw herself at Liam. She can’t control who Liam wants to spend the rest of his life with. She said she kissed him the other day; Quinn thinks that’s fantastic; but Ivy is even more sure that Liam is in love with Steffy.

Quinn appreciates Ivy as an ally, her helping protect STATT’s marriage. Ivy says she’s doing this because she’s interested in Liam and if there’s a future for them. Quinn assures her there’s no manipulation. I love you Ivy, but I’m hoping there no future for you and Liam. I’m hoping while you are “sippin’ tea” with Quinn that you are really playing her because you want to get back with Wyatt. Although your mouth says you want Liam, your nonchalant attitude about it makes be believe you are doing some reverse psychology on Quinn and we will soon see WIVY.

Quinn goes in on Steffy that she has it out for her and tries to convince Ivy that she has it out for her too. Quinn is sure if Steffy keeps it up, Eric will side with her. Quinn says if she wasn’t so important to Wyatt she would let it go, but Steffy is his wife; she should be concentrating on her marriage, not this mission to destroy her. Well Quinn, I agree with that, Steffy has been way too off focused and blaming you is totally wrong. Steffy needs to just admit she doesn’t want to be married to Wyatt and go back to Liam.

Ivy says that Steffy is just protecting Eric. Quinn says Eric doesn’t need protection from her, she’s a changed woman. Steffy needs to get over it because she is marrying Eric and she’s going to be the next Forrester matriarch. LOL, she stands in front of Stephanie’s portrait and looks off afar.

Oh, the sun is shining so bright in $Bill’s office; enters RJ to throw some shade. Sarcastic $Bill tells RJ that he’s obviously lost and interns are on the 12th floor, run along. RJ laughs that $Bill doesn’t remember him. Clueless $Bill thinks he’s the intern that messed up his lunch order by ordering mayo on his sandwich; he hates mayo. RJ tells him to take a good look. $Bill barfs “do I look like someone who enjoys guessing games? Get out of my office.” RJ goes and closes the door leaving $Bill even more confused. RJ, “You are marrying my mother and you don’t even recognize her son?” BOOM, let the shade begin.

BAHAAAA, $Bill tries to act all friendly now, it’s been so long, are you home from school, have you seen your mom? Lol, RJ is standing there staring at him like he’s getting ready to snatch that sword off his neck. Oh, boy $Bill thinks he came to congratulate him in person and he appreciates that.

$Bill tells RJ they are going to elope. RJ **eyeroll** “wait? run away?” An excited $Bill says afterwards, he wants RJ to meet them on his yacht and shows him the wedding bands. He didn’t want them to be over the top. RJ **eyeroll** “no, you wouldn’t want to be inappropriate.”

$Bill wants RJ know how much he cares about Brooke. RJ (((shade throwing))) “Yeah? How could you? You have a son with her sister.” Ok, I’m crying from laughter about now, $Bill pick up your face, you will need it because RJ isn’t done yet.

“The divorce has been worked out and everybody is happy,” says the Dolla. RJ **eyeroll** (((shade throwing))) “Really?” Dolla says they will fill him in on the details. WOOOOOOOO, RJ, **eyeroll** (((shade throwing))) **eyeroll** “Let me fill you in on the details. I came back here to see my parents and I found this HIDEOUS ring on my mom’s finger.” $Bill is insulted that RJ thought the ring was HIDEOUS and says “clearly you are upset about something.” YOU THINK DOLLA? WOW, after all that shade throwing RJ has been throwing you JUST figured it out?

Ok, bow down, get the Visine, Lipton Tea or whatever you need because RJ, tells Dolla he and Brooke marrying “ain’t gonna happen.” ROTFL There’s a staredown between RJ and Dolla; then RJ does a neck move. BOOM…..

$Bill tries to reason with RJ and lets him know they are in love. Nope, don’t care RJ is having none of that. “All my life, my mom needed a little guidance. I’m glad I came back when I did, she needs it now more than ever.”

$Bill says he’s not the enemy. RJ tells him he saw BRIDGE in each others arms when he returned. They have been in love all of their lives. “Do you really want to get into the middle of that?” $Bill says it’s natural for a kid to want their parents together. He says it’s not about him, they belong together. $Bill can’t agree, but he can say they raised a bright and ‘spunky’ son; but there is no future there. Ridge will agree with that. RJ wants to know how he knows. $Bill decides not to drop the bomb, but says Ridge’s interest lies elsewhere, on the company and Brooke wants this as much as he does.

WOOOOOOOOOOOO, RJ tells $Bill that he’s not going to let Brooke marry another loser like Deacon Sharpe. $Bill laughs about the comparison and says he’s far from Deacon. RJ brings him to reality, “you’re the concided, tough guy she always falls for.”

$Bill reiterates as he sees RJ is having a problem with this, but it’s happening and they are leaving on a plane today. RJ tells him to cancel the trip. $Bill tells him he’s not going to do that and he needs to learn his place, ‘son.’ He and Brooke have been through h*ll and back to get here and they are not going to be told by a teenager what to do, even her own son……

Brooke walks in $Bill tells him that RJ is not his number one fan; but he explained to him they have a plane to catch. RJ pleads with Brooke not to do this. $Bill raises his voice and says enough, have a little respect for your mother. RJ continues to plead with Brooke not to do it.

Well, well, what will happen next? Will RJ, stand down, and let the nuptials proceed or will he throw himself in front of the plane? If RJ is successful in stopping the wedding, will Steffy show him some special “big sister” love by taking him down and seeking revenge on RJ? What about QURIC, will their wedding go off without a hitch? You tell me…..

SofiaBryanBy Sofia A. Bryan

Edited by: Pallav Mittal

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/16/16: Salem vs the Three Stoogies


Damos and Nicole headed for Nicole’s place to prepare everything of her’s that was going to be moved into the mansion. “I’m having some men who will meet us there; it wont take long.,” went Damos.

“Oh i’m sure, its already done,” went Nicole with a playful smile. Damos took his eyes off the road to see the smile and when turning his eyes back on the road he saw why Nicole was smiling.

Robert was standing in the driveway with boxes and bags all packed and ready to go, “I don’t believe it!!” went Damos “Oh relax. Think of all the work he saved you.” Nicole chuckled as she went out to greet him.

This week in Salem


This week in Salem

Victor summoned Brady to the hospital to show him Titus Drews dead body and to explain that he was killed AFTER he confessed to taking Tate.

Is Brady right to believe Brady and let it all go or will he remain doubtful?

Roman continued following up connections between the dead woman Tate and the Chopin Group.

Did you forget about the Chopin group? Will we ever see their members in Salem?

Theresa apologized to Victor and they all agreed to live in Kirakis mansion.

“Which means there’s no room for you Robert; sorry,” half joked Damos “Forgive me for not giving you a key” obviously trying to send a message.

“Oh I don’t need a key, I know where all the secret tunnels and entrances are,” Rob joked back.

“Tunnels, entrances?”  Damos looked at Nicole who smiled.

“Nicole, remember when Jan killed Victor in the bathtub and when you both got him out of there. I had him shipped to Melsawen Island. Great Times…

“Victor killed? What is he talking about Nicole?”  Rob just laughed.

Victor assured Kate that everything went the way they wanted it to.

How soon until the tables get turned on Kate this time?

Belle said goodbye to her family.

Will you miss Belle? Will Belle and Mr Chin make a good couple?

“I know Mr. Chin; Belle could fall for him.”

Edgardo was in a prison van and attacked the man he said was after his family causing it to crash and its prisoners escape.

“Did Edgardo do this deliberately???”

Orpheus Zander and Clyde are all on the loose.

“OFFICE JJ will Catch them,” Rob said assuredly.

Well, he hasn’t yet.

If Zander gets too close to you again, I will murder him!”

“Why don’t you leave protecting Nicole up to me Robert?” Rob looked at Nicole. Nicole shook her head so Rob nodded in agreement.

Despite being told of the escape and who escaped, the salemites decided to go on with the wedding.

Orpheus showed up with a gun to Eve’s head, Clyde went to visit Kate and Xander went after Theresa.

I offered Theresa the island I bought but there wasn’t enough time.

Brady arrived in time to save Theresa.

Clyde beat up chad.

ROTFLMAO!!! Thats too funny…

Aren’t you suppose to care about all the dimeras.

NAH! It’s a case by case basis.

What will Clyde’s next move be? Will he summon Jerimah and his popular bluff goon squad?”

“Its surprising; he hasn’t already.”

Damos you should prepare the mansion for an end of the movie scarface like confrontation.

Don’t worry about the mansion, we will all be fine.

Victor tried to bribe Orpheus with a blank check and a cayman island, it didn’t work. Then Paul tried to disarm Orpheus; john got shot in the arm. Orpheus took off john’s going to be fine.

That’s good to hear.

Aiden told Chase had him transferred out of salem and that he hope and Ciara will all be joining him there soon.

Even Chase could see that Aiden has become delusional.

Poor Aiden, he’s never going to shake the reckell effect.

“Does Aiden’s plan have any chance of succeeding?”

“Nope not even an ioda,” Damos’s phone rang; he excused himself to take the call.

“Damos still thinks he’s Chloe’s baby. Daddy he is trying to get her tested and move her into the mansion with you and him.”

“Sigh, thanks for the heads up but let me worry about it for now.”

Kate pondered getting some security from Rafe and hope but decided better on it.

Kate doesn’t need Hope and Rafe. Kate needs OFFICER JJ.

Stop that.The Soras bunch talked about College.

kayla is still nagging and manipulating Steve.

JJ decided not to throw more warnings about Chad to Gabby to focus on apprehending the stooges.

See OFFICER JJ is on the job, he will round them up inside a week.

Said Stooges regrouped and went over their initial encounters. They acknowledged their mistakes and will from now on try to Act as a solid team.

“Salem has become a fascinating place to be.”

“Not the word I would use but…” Damos returned.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes,” Nicole smiled.

“Whose hungry, I’ll cook something,” offered Robert.

“Why don’t you let me do that Robert,” went Damos heading for the kitchen.

“Lol look at him trying to show you I’m not needed around here anymore.”

“Don’t let it bother you.”

“It would only bother me if he wasn’t bothered by me; PLEASE be careful with Zander around.”

“I will do my best to be on guard at all times.”

Time To Turn The Hour Glass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann


Edited by: Pallav Mittal


Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/02/16: Chad and Jennifer compromise ??

Days cf 09 02 16 3Nicole and Damos entered Rob’s office and nicole was thrown for a loop

Nicole and Damos entered Rob’s office and Nicole was thrown for a loop when she saw an ‘old friend.’
“Oh! You’re back.”
Yup, Tuesday I started.
Great! Well my life just went down the tubes AGAIN. Come on Damos, it’s suddenly very crowded.”
“Nice to see you, Nicole.”
Come on Damos, Rob’s over there.” They walked away.
“Who was she?”
“That’s Dena; her and I don’t get along.”
“Yeah I can see that.”
“HEY GUYS!!!” Robert walks over to them and sees Nicole glaring towards Dena, “I’m sorry Nicole, it wasn’t my idea. She had a contract; I had to take her back. She promises to be nicer to you this time around.”
“Right and I’m the Queen of England.”
“I have some good news of my own, Nicole.”
“What did you do now?” went Nicole looking back towards Dena.
“I JUST BOUGHT Stefano’s private Island!”

days cf 09 02 16 2This week in Salem
Paul is having doubts on being an investigator because he sees people in ways that make him uncomfortable and guilty; John tried to get him to hang in there. He was doing a good job.
“is it the downside of being a PI or Sonny’s telling him he has changed, taken away his focus.”
“Dario is pleased that his plan worked and Edgardo is leaving Salem, he is the only one that is happy about it however.”
“Will Edgardo return or is this his last good bye?”
“Dario paid off Gabby’s actor attacker who liked most low of the lows in Salem and demands to stick around for more money?”
“I’ll say Nicole, it happened to you what four times? Dr. Baker, Mia, Crystal, Trentrobbins.”
“Who are all these people?” asked curious Damos.
“Later…” went Nicole.
Chad in his continued grief trashed the den and vowed to get Dimera enterprises back on its feet again.
“Not going there!”
Kayla still blames Steve for all their problems and demands therapy or else.
“How much more groveling is she going to make Steve do?”
“Kate purchased Doug and Julies B@b and immediately kicked out all the guests.”
“No surprises there. Do you see how lucky you are Damos?” went Rob.
“Indeed I do,” he responded.
“I can’t! I can’t!” Nicole turned around and went over towards Dena.
“Damos, I heard that Kate told you about Chloe’s pregnancy.”
“Yes, she did. Chloe claims it’s Philips.”
“It most likely is Philip and Chloe have a long history, really long.”
“Brady apologized to Theresa for everything Victor, who maintains his innocence.”
“Victor no longer believes, I framed him,” went Damos.
“Don’t worry about Victor, he deserves this and he knows it, he will be fine.”
“Is there any part of this, where Victor is still guilty?”
“Hope resigned from the police force to avoid working with Aiden.”
“Finally, time to get some REAL COPS.”
“How long will this last?”
“Not long enough, I’m afraid.”
“More back and forth with Chad and Jennifer and Thomas; Chad hired Belle as his attorney.”
Rob held in his laughter.” Jennifer asked Lucas and Adrianne not to stop the wedding because of the Abigail situation.”
“Are you happy for this couple?”
“I am.”
“Damos did you ever meet your nephew Zander?”
“KNEW IT,” Rob laughed.
“Heard you hired Dario to watch Chloe?”
“I think, she’s up to something.”
“Everyone always is, can you see Dario and Chloe as a couple?”
Nicole came back over her face, was red with anger.
“Would you like a drink to calm down Nicole?” Rob offered.
“Maybe later. “
“Damos apologized to Justin for forcing him to free those people.”
“Justin went on about not trusting him because criminals don’t change.
“And yet he trusts Victor? SMH Damos asked Justin to have Sonny stop harassing him.”
“CSI specialist Shawn uncovered connection with a pill he found, matching one of Theresa’s and I believe Brady apologized to Victor.”
“Was this the ending of the Tate takers story or will his real captors come after everyone another way?”
“Excuse me,” Damos walked off to the water fountain.
“Robert, I agreed to keep quiet about the Damos and Chloe baby.”
“Do you know what will happen now?”
“I know but I have this need to do good by her.”
“You want to do good by someone Nicole Take off Daniel’s ring while sleeping with Damos” Nicole held the ring and Damos returned.
Philip in a moment of stupidity was going to ask Kate for money but when she brought up Chloe, he decided to just leave.
“Good for him.”
Jennifer and Chad agreed to let Lucas and Adriane take care of Thomas for a bit until things calm down.
Bad Move, Chad! Bad move. Lucas can’t be trusted.
“Why not?”
“He’s a Horton?”
“What do you think about Lucas and Adriane taking care of Thomas?
“Belle got jealous when seeing Philip and Chloe together”
“Same as it ever was.”
“Claire doesn’t really get the whole intern concept yet but she’s hanging in there; will Claire’s career solidify them further?”
“Rory returned and asked Ciara to go to a party with him, she declined but kept the door open.”
“Can you see Rory and Ciara as a couple?”
“Is Rory still a pothead?”
“No, apparently he cleaned himself up.”
“Then, sure. Why not?”
“then sure why not”
Days cf 04 18 16 1

“Laura Horton returned for her daughter.”
“Excellent news! I cannot wait for her to meet Chad, so Chad can learn about his brother Peter.”
“That would be entertaining,” Nicole admitted.
“It’s all set up, Robert.”
“Great, well let’s all go & eat.”
“What’s all set up?” wondered Nicole.
“Later, let’s all eat.”

Time To Turn The Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldman

Edited by: Pallav Mittal


The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday, 09/03/16: Backstabbing

bb 3 3 16 cf Sword Ring

Well, #BoldandBeautiful fans I am finally back. I took a hiatus from all of the painstaking story lines. I have quite a bit to say about this Cliff hanger Friday, so #LetsTalkAboutSoaps.

Well, $Bill wastes no time pouncing on Brooke. Three seconds after he signed the divorce papers, he was on the phone, calling Brooke. She did not hesitate to rush right on over either. After Brooke just about sucked the life out of $Bill with their kiss, she reverted back to her old game of “Wouldn’t it devastate Katie to see us together,” #HookerBye you don’t give a flying pig about Katie’s feelings.

$Bill whips out this box and gets on bended knee. Brooke acts like she’s surprised and innocent, “What are you doing.” $Bill says you know what I’m doing. She protests, “It’s too soon.” #GirlPlease.

$Bill tells her it’s more than a ring; it’s an entry to my family. He goes on this spill about the sword and what it represents; “My sons wear it, it’s a symbol of strength and power; it’s a reminder of what it means to be a Spencer. Since you are the strongest woman I know, it only seems right.” Brooke gushes with tears in her eyes, “Did you get me a sword?”

He opens the box to a sword engagement ring. Now, although the ring is unique; what I read into this was. “H*LL NO, the ONLY woman I gave a Spencer Sword to, is Steffy and I’m not giving you one. Take this ring, it will do,” ROTFL. I have always been #TeamSTILL, the other Spencer men are too weak and don’t have the chemistry STILL has.

Now, here comes Katie being all NON-transparent, trying to get Ridge to make a play on Brooke. #GirlBye you are a bitter reject who is trying to mask your feelings by throwing Ridge in the mix. She told him to say those “three little words” and that he is the “love of Brooke’s life.” Man, I fell out laughing when she said that. Let’s see here, EVERY man is the “love of Brooke’s life.”Eric, Nick, Ridge, $Bill; to name a few. After wiping the tears away, I had a Bell flashback moment and remembered Brooke telling $Bill that he was the “love of her life,” after their courtship.

I can only hope that he doesn’t fall for it; but we know Bell. When those BRIDGE flashbacks happened, after I got up off the floor of how #BoldandBeautiful edited out ole’ Ridge Ronn Moss; I was like NOOOOOO!!! not a Brooke/Ridge/Bill triangle. NUBRIDGE has no chemistry, I hope it doesn’t happen, I need my Carige back. I want BRILL to get married and run off to Never…, Neverland.

I just don’t have enough room or time to share my disgust with the STEAM/STATT scenario. Steffy has been crying for months that she needs to be “protected” from Quinn because she’s ‘afraid.’  I’ve said it before and I will say it a thousand times, Quinn has done NOTHING to Steffy. I personally think that Steffy is pissed that Liam and Quinn “knocked boots,” “did the nasty,” “did the grind.” She can’t get over that, so she plays victim just like she did with Hope and Ivy. ANY woman that has been physically involved with, Rob Steffy goes into motion and must seek and destroy.

Liam is equally disturbing and disgusting with all of his begging and pleading, I want to upchuck. I know he had amnesia, but instead of him taking time to seek out treatment and get his memory back. He’s made it his life’s mission to get Steffy back. The woman he dumped prior to collapsing. I’m so sick of him, I just don’t know what to do.

Now for Wyatt, dude please; I’ve always given you the credit for being the smart one. His behaviour now makes me retract my credit. It is painfully obvious that Steffy don’t want you and she’s only doing this to get back with Liam. All of this begging Steffy and turning his back on his mother is disheartening. I want to slap him 50 Shades of Dumb; boy wise up and set yourself free from the madness. It’ like he loves to be abused, I can’t even blame Steffy because he’s too smart to fall for this craziness and right now he gets what he deserves. Steffy is going to walk on him like he’s the bottom of her stiletto heels.

The ONE and ONLY thing that Liam said that made sense was when he told Wyatt that his marriage is OVER and he would know it too if her looked into Steffy’s eyes. Then Wyatt asks Steffy, if he’s right. She tells him, “There is no way I can answer that right now.” #BoyBye her non-answer IS your answer. Dude it’s OVER, EXPIRED, FINISHED, DONE.

Still being an idiot, Wyatt listens to Steffy spin her tale, “It’s all Quinn’s fault.” Wyatt, GET SOME PRIDE, tell her bye and MOVE ON!!!!!

Now, I’m standing up cheering here, my girl Ivy is back. Mmmmm, a little secret here, that’s the ONLY reason I’m back. I make no bones about it; I’m #TeamIvy all the way. I’m down with my girl from down under.

Quinn is trying to be sly with her game. She starts off with how much she can “use” Ivy. Yes, “use” being the operative word. However, I think my girl has a trick for her and a whole lot of other people. Ivy is being a little too cooperative with Quinn; not questioning her relationship with Eric, weighing in on STEAM/STATT situation, and the gut buster of Ivy hugging Quinn. Yeah, Ivy has some game with her.

What’s suspect to me is why is Ivy going to Quinn if she doesn’t have another agenda? Yes, Quinn is in charge of the department; but Ivy is a Forrester, Eric is her uncle, what gives here? Even Quinn said she would have to run it by Eric.

When Quinn went in on Ivy’s accent, I definitely was not down with that under NO circumstances is it cool to bash anyone’s culture. My girl checked her back and said Quinn has an accent too. Quinn went in on EVERYTHING that makes Ivy who she is, not feeling it. Then asked if she wanted to work with her or not?, putting Ivy in a peculiar position. Quinn then takes her downstairs for a “makeover.”

Ivy questions Quinn “What does my look have to do with my design ability?” Yes Ivy, what? Quinn doubled down and said it’s not JUST her accent, it’s ALL of her “strange Aussie phrases as well, you’re Eric Forrester’s niece, not his crocodile hunter.” WOW how demeaning, insulting, and disrespectful.

Now here comes the triple-down by Quinn; when Ivy says she doesn’t understand about this “upgrade;” she says that Ivy isn’t even trying to lose the accent, EVERYTHING has to change, you have a new look and an AMERICAN accent.

Ivy says, “She looks so different, I almost look like Steffy.” Quinn says, “Yes, you kinda do.” That’s when it hits her; Quinn is trying to change her into Steffy. Ivy asks, “You have something in mind for me, what is it? What are you up to?”

So, what will happen next? Will Wyatt EVER get a clue and realize that his faux marriage to Steffy is OVER? Will Ridge stay focused on his quest to get Quinn out or will he waiver and fall back into the #BermudaBrookeTriangle? Will $Bill and his second-hand sword be enough for Brooke, or will $Bill remember the one and only woman he gave a sword to and pursue Steffy? What about Ivy, will she play Quinn’s game or does Ivy have a game of her own? You tell me…..

SofiaBryanBy Sofia Bryan,

Edited by: Pallav Mittal

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/26/16: Taters For Toters

days cf 08 26 16

Wanting to show gratitude for the free two week Rio vacation,Damos wanted to surprise Robert with a free thank you dinner.So, he went to the office with Nicole but not noticing Marco missing, they were grabbed by armed men and secured next to Bart, Marco and Blanca.
“Whats going on this time?” Nicole asked Bart.
“Well, apparently these men work for Zander Kirakis and they came here looking for you?
“Zander Kirakis…My Nephew?”
“The same.”
“So, where’s Robert?”
“They have him somewhere and were waiting for you to “start the show” as they called it.”
“Is this for real?” Nicole asked suspiciously.
“QUIET!!!,” a gunman came over and smacked Bart.

“…and you don’t need to hear this,” the gunman said putting something over Damos’ ears.


days 08 26 16

Philip agreed to keep the Damos paternity a secret with Chloe. They will try and pass the baby off as his.
Do you see this ruse working and for how long?
“After agreeing to return to Basic, Black Nicole told Damos about why until now, she has been unable to bear children.”
Robert told me about that he’s so very sorry Nicole.
“Thank you, can you see Nicole and Damos adopting a baby?”
“Chad decided not to fight for Thomas.”
“The Boss is rolling over in his bed.”
“Don’t you mean grave?”
“Grave? Oh! Yeah right, sure.”
Jennifer found herself in a seedy motel with pills booze and ghost jack.
Belle found Jennifer in a compromising position but betrayed her client by agreeing not to tell Chad.
“Is it wrong not to tell Chad?”
Claire tried to take things to the next level with Theo but he couldn’t stop talking about Ciara.
“Is there any sort of hope for this young couple?”
“After a fiery weak moment, Ciara told Chad that she loved him after some yelling and screaming and crying. I think Ciara still has her babysitting job.
“Is it right to keep Ciara around, could Ciara use her rejection as motive to help Jennifer.”
“Bell yelled at Chad to stop feeling sorry for himself; to MAN UP and Fight,” but she did tell him about the Jennifer relapse.”
“What will Chad do with this information?”
“I know what the boss would do,” went Bart.
“Tate was Found!”
“Great news.”
“Victor was arrested for kidnapping,” Bart couldn’t hold on laughing.
“The question of Victor responsible or not has made the family rounds with Sonny, the only one saying Victor didn’t do it.”
He called Maggie from Jail and told her not to worry, side note Victor found Maggie’s old red shoes. ”Was this romantic or did it burn you for rehashing one of her and Mickey’s Greatest moments?”
“Kate was seen in the square with a look that said she was going to unleash a bomb on everyone and anyone around her.”
A gunman came around and undid Damos’ earplugs.

“What did I miss?”
“Nothing.” The gunman went over to Blanca.
“Leave her alone,” he yelled trying to be chivalrous.

“Okay, you; your turn, come on.”
“ROBERT?”,  screamed Blanca.
“UNHAND THAT WOMAN,” came from the ceiling as they saw Robert come down wearing a cape and cowl.
“IT’S DIMERA MAN, RUN!!!”, all the goons took off.
“MY HERO,” yelled Blanca as Robert grabbed and kissed her.
“I KNEW IT,” yelled Nicole.

“You’re something special Robert,” went Damos laughing while Marco untied him.
“He’s a special idiot, let’s go and Damos after this, Roberts buying.
“Of course.”
“That was fun,” went Robert smiling with Blanca.
They all went out for dinner.


Time to Turn The Hourglass


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by: Pallav Mittal


Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/05/16: At the end of Summer, Theresa takes a fall 

days cf 07-31Nicole was already at the pub no sense for her to come to the office so he went to meet her and of course Dario was with her AGAIN “wish she would make up her mind already sigh”

“Nicole, Dario”

“Hey Rob”


“Great news Nicole”

“what?” Rob went into his bag and pulled out tickets “OUR tickets  to RIO front row seats to all the major Olympic events !”

“Oh gee Rob I know I promised you but i ..just don’t think i can go now”

“why the @#$#@$ not”

“Its just not the right time to get away”

“Are you serious you promised me we would go to back there during the 2016 Olympics right after Stefano had our plane turned around because you Stupidly told him where we were going”

“I know I did and im sorry but”

“You know i had nothing to do with what Anna and EJ did after that” Rob calmed down and chose a different tact

“I know you didn’t but still now…”Nicole looked at the tickets

“Dario would you like to go to RIO with us?”


“Fine Dario can go with you and I’ll bring Blanca ”

“WHAT NO ?” went Nicole

“Blanca ?!” Dario wondered aloud
This week in Salem
days cf 07-31-16Gabi and Blanca bonded they may be sharing an apartment soon

How will their friendship affect the Hernandez Family ?

Hope told Ciara, Aiden was out of their lives

How much longer until Chase is out of Ciara’s

Aiden’s dark side manifested and it told him to take control of everyone

“is Stefano possessing Aiden ?”

“NO !”

Claire chose a singing career over college which upset her parents

Will this work out for Claire?

“Belle accused Philip of manipulating Claire to get close to her, do you think that’s the case”

“Nope all Philip has to do is ignore Belle and she will come running always”

You and Dario went to the shooting range and used an image of Kate as target practice”

“She’s a natural” went Dario proudly”

“i taught her a long time ago she was just pretending to not know because she likes you Dario its what women do”


“i knew you were too good for a first timer”

“Will Nicole snap and murder Kate”

“LOL i don’t think so”

“But you’ll help me if i do right Robert”

“Of course”

Damos blackmailed a doctor into helping Maggie

Will this help mend fences with Maggie and victor?”

“Maggie maybe Victor Nope”

Steve and Edgardo bonded during Steve’s new job as Bartender in his club”

“Will this finally get Kayla to stop nagging him ?”


“Fynn made a move on Kayla he was obviously rejected Steve a witness did nothing”

“Why didn’t “Patch” beat fynns lights out”

“Theresa told Brady about her hypnotic vision, Brady doubted her, Theresa went to confront summer and ended up being knocked out”

“Summer said goodbye to Maggie via phone and left

“Maggie was devastated”

“Are you saddened that such a potential character was wasted AGAIN ”

“Damos to show more good faith gave victor back everything but the house and Basic Black”

“Victor still hates him”

“What more will it take for these brothers to bond”

“Black patch found a connection between “the Chopin group” and Damos, Damos denied any wrong doing and offered his help”

“Is Damos apart of this group”

“Too early to tell”

“Nicole spent sometime with parker”

“He’s a cute kid”

“Will we see Parker Sorased soon”

“I hope not”

“soared ?” wondered Dario

“Theresa and Brady found proof that Tate was in summer’s room but now that summer is gone is this part of the cover up was summer lying”

“i just hope they find Tate soon”

“We all do”

“that’s about it”

“Great now Dario what can i do/say to get Blanca to go with us to Rio” Rob smiled at Nicole who wondered what Rob could be up to

Time To Turn The Hourglass