Real Talk With Casey; As the World Turns, an Old Fave

Editor’s Note: Hello, readers! We’d like to introduce you to our newest regular contributing writer, Casey S. Hutchinson. He is 16-years-old, a BIG soap fan and has an encyclopedic knowledge of so many soaps’ history. On this, the anniversary of As the World Turns‘ premiere, we give you his first blog–a tribute to that fabulous soap! Proof that the younger generations are united with LTAS never to give up on As the World Turns–and soaps in general!

Your Editor-in-Chief,

Akbi Khan


ATWT-LogoWho remembers that 54-year-old soap opera, As The World Turns (ATWT)? You know, the one on CBS that ran for over 13,000 episodes! Well, ATWT will always be one of my all time favorites! I and millions of other enjoyed it because each day it left us thinking. ATWT could be dramatic, mysterious, sad, and, yes, even educational.

As The World Turns had a certain quality about it that was unlike any other soap opera. Yes, it had outrageous plot twist, like any other soap opera. However it was very real. ATWT was not afraid to keep its realism, no matter how many writers walked through the door. When Hogan Sheffer was head writer, we had several lead females go to an aging spa. But, we also had Rosanna suffering through her baby drama that same year. ATWT always kept a balance of juicy soap opera plot twists and realism.

As The World Turns had mainstay characters. That is another reason to love this soap opera. When viewers turned on their screens, we knew what we were going to get. We were going to get Carly, Jack, Lily, Holden, Bob, Lisa, and of course everyone’s favorite, Nancy!

Through the 60s and early 70s, ATWT golden years, it was a powerhouse. It pulled in millions of viewers each week, with its peak rating being 14.0 million viewers in a week. The reason that ATWT stayed in the number one spot of all daytime dramas for so long is because was its solid family roots. Sure, every soap opera has families it revolves around, but ATWT never let go of the Hughes family. Everything was about them, and who they knew in the 54 years ATWT was on.

In conclusion, As The World Turns brought us 54 years, and over 13,000+ episodes of catfights, love, shocking cliffhangers, deaths, marriages, and of course those great slaps. I will miss it for as long as I live on this Earth. But I also know fan support will bring it back! It was truly one of the best series to ever pass through our TV screens. And it will be again. And when one of our fave CBS soaps is back, others will soon follow!



By Casey S. Hutchison

Edited by Akbi Khan


  1. says

    Excellent , excellent blog…love it! I never watched ATWT , but I’ll support its return thru and thru! And welcome to the soap fold Casey , and keep doing what you’re doing! I myself am a fan of AMC and OLTL and fighting for their return…next to GH.

    • Blog Editor says

      Sweet of you to welcome Casey to the LTAS fold. He actually has worked with us in different positions previously. And he’s very familiar with the SOS community and soap community at large. Thanks for reading and commenting, Toure, as always, and all you do for soaps and the LTAS family.

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