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Soap opera enthusiasts are very familiar with the lovely and talented Karla Mosely, who starred in The Guiding Light, and currently portrays Maya Avant on The Bold and The Beautiful. Mosley, no stranger to television and the big screen, also stars in The Hart of DixieGossip Girl, the movie Burn After Reading, with George Clooney, Knights of Prosperity and Red Hook, Additionally she has starred in several theatre roles and is a member of Ammunition Theater Company.

Not only is Mosley an extraordinary actress, she is also an accomplished singer, writer, and dancer. CBS recognized her and her talent when they asked her to write, produce, and star in the The Bold and The Beautiful’s web series Room 8.

In her spare time, Mosley sits on the board of Covenant House, the largest privately funded agency in the U.S. that provides shelter and other services to homeless, runaway and throwaway youth. She is also a celebrity ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association and is active in many other charities.

Mosley splits her time between Los Angeles and New York with her husband, Jeremiah Frei-Pearson.

Her birthday is August 27.  Follow her on Twitter at @karlamosley.

On behalf of (LTAS), I, Sofia Bryan (writer of LTAS’ weekly B&B Cliffhanger Friday column) was fortunate enough to secure an exclusive interview with Mosely, which you can find below.


Sofia Bryan (SB): You are a phenomenal actress with such a broad range. How do you prepare for your role on The Bold and The Beautiful and the many other projects you have done and do?

Karla Mosely (KM): A morning routine/warm up is a vital part of my preparation. Before I work, I like to do some kind of exercise and meditation so that I start from the most open place possible. I also love researching my characters and people like them, so I can give the most honest and authentic portrayal.


SB: On The Bold and The Beautiful you play Maya, a transgender woman. Is this the most difficult role you have played? If so, why? And if not, what role is, and why?

KM: It’s definitely the most gratifying role I’ve played. It has meant the most to me because of the opportunity to tell a story that has never been told in this way before. And also because of the vital need for awareness around trans history and people. I feel a great responsibility to Maya, her story, and the trans community. I’m grateful for the opportunity and also excited to see more opportunities opening up for trans people to be able to tell their own stories.


SB: When “the secret” was revealed that Maya was transgender, the story told of her plight, challenges, and victories. Now, the story line is switching gears and telling the other side of Maya’s story. Are you excited and what can we expect?

KM: Yes, I’m excited to tell stories about Maya that aren’t completely centered around her disclosure. Rick and Maya are now looking to start a family. That is something that can challenge all kinds of families. I’m excited to explore how this family handles the challenges and the joys.


SB: Maya’s character has evolved from a young woman fresh out of prison, to a sophisticated lead model of one of L.A.’s most coveted fashion houses, Forrester Creations. And now she is newly wed to an heir to Forrester Creations. Maya is multi-faceted, what evolution would you like Maya to experience next and why?

KM: Great question! I think Maya has spent much of her life thinking she was a victim—relating with people from a place of desperation or fear. I’d like to see more of what she can do as a businesswoman. She is smart and has a tenacity that could rock Forrester Creations or Spencer Publications –or maybe even a fashion house of her own!


SB: RAYA fans are excited to see the pair back on their screens, and your chemistry with Jacob Young is off the charts! What do you like most about working with Jacob? And what is your favorite RAYA scene?

KM: I have been so lucky to work with Jacob for three years now. He is a fabulous actor—first and foremost—but beyond that he is also kind, an amazing husband and father, a savvy businessman, and he has a great sense of humor. What more could you ask for in a colleague?! As for a favorite scene, I still love that iconic shot of Rick and Maya running through the streets of Beverly Hills—so romantic!


SB: How did you get your big break? Did you always want to be an actress? Who are your acting role models?

KM: My first show was a children’s program called Hi-5. It was a great first job, because it incorporated acting, music, dance and children! And I got to be a puppeteer! It was a great time. Oh, AND it shot in Australia.

I have wanted to be an actress and performer since I was a little girl. I also love producing. I was always putting on shows as a kid.

I recently had the great honor of meeting Sydney Poitier. He is a role model as both an actor, an activist, and a human being. What a treasure!


SB: What do you do to relax and unwind?

KM: I do yoga, and I recently have started watching Empire—I’m totally obsessed!


SB: Besides The Bold and The Beautiful, do you have any upcoming projects?

KM: My theater company, Ammunition Theatre Company, will be doing two play readings this fall and a full-length production this winter. I will also be performing original music in November—more to come on that!


SB: It has been an honor to get to ask you these questions. Thank you again for your time.

Mosely is definitely a star that continues to rise and shine brightly. Stay tuned for more upcoming projects by her and catch her each week on The Bold and The Beautiful. is dedicated to keeping soap enthusiasts up to date on the goings-on in “Soapland” and committed to keeping soap operas on the air. Visit our website (, like us on Facebook (Let’s Talk About Soaps), and follow us on Twitter (@LTASoaps). And remember to read my B&B  Cliffhanger Friday column every weekend for my take on the week’s events on B&B!


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