Genoa the_downfall_of_phratt bookCity, Wisconsin is under attack and troops are needed now to save it! Not the real Genoa City, of course, but the Genoa City that is located on a sound stage at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, California. Saving Genoa City is a job that not even our wonderful military can accomplish. No, only loyal and devoted soap fans can save Genoa City and the soap that is based there, “Young & the Restless.”

This petition will go directly to the executives at Sony and CBS, the companies that own “Y&R.” Even if you are not a fan of “Y&R” and have no history watching it, please sign this petition! When you do, you are not just working to save this one soap, you are working to save all the remaining soaps!

Just take a moment and think about this: There are now only FOUR soaps on the air!

Over the past 15 year, television executives have been cancelling our beloved soaps, one by one. To them, they are just profit and loss centers and when the ratings fell and profits declined, they were no longer viable. To us they are parts of our history. They have offered comfort when times were bad and validated our lives when nothing else could. Their characters were our families and now we are left to wonder, what would Erica think of this, or how would Reva react to that, what you think Katherine Chancellor would say? Below is the sad list of what we have lost:

  • Another World – Disney – 1999
  • Guiding Light – Procter & Gamble – 2009
  • As The World Turns – Procter & Gamble – 2010
  • All My Children – Disney – 2011
  • One Life To Live – Disney – 2013

If you have ever loved any of these soaps, please sign this petition now! The fate of “Young & the Restless” depends on it. As the number one soap in America since 1987, one would think it is in no danger, but storm clouds are gathering. First, CBS and Sony executives hired Jill Farren Phelps as Executive Producer. Phelps has been in the soap business for decades and has worked on the following soaps:

  • Another World
  • Guiding Light
  • One Life to Live
  • Santa Barbara

Does this list look familiar? It should because it is almost an exact copy of the list showing the soaps that have died! This is not a coincidence! Jill Farren Phelps kills soaps! Now, she is in charge of “Young & the Restless.” Worse, she has hired her longtime friend and accomplice Charles Pratt as co-Executive Producer and Head Writer. Pratt is widely believed to have destroyed “All My Children.” He is known for ignoring long time soap history and writing outrageous storylines that involve murder, explosions and any other number of silly and stupid plots that drive long term fans away in droves. Has anyone watched “Young & the Restless” lately? In just the past two months there has been three explosions, four murders and character acting in ways they never would have before. Sound familiar? Friends, we are walking down the same path, and it’s a path to death. “Young and the Restless” is dead man walking and only we can issue the pardon!

How sad this is. “Y&R” was created by the amazing Bill Bell, who was a master soap story teller. He learned his craft under the guidance of the inventor of soaps Erna Phillips. Together they created the soaps we all loved so much. “Young & the Restless” was a labor of love for Bell. He set the soap in the small town of Genoa City, Wisconsin, since he drove through there on his many trips to his summer home on Lake Geneva. From 1973 until 1998 he was Head Writer and he remained active with the show until just before his death in 2005. Over that time he made “Y&R” the standard in soaps. His characters were fully developed and his storylines were steeped in “Y&R” history and tradition. He is rolling over in his grave at the current state of his masterpiece.

By signing this petition you will be joining he fight to save all the remaining soaps and helping us bring soaps back to their glory days. In 2009, CBS and Procter & Gamble decided that if they could get rid of “Guiding Light” which had been on the air for 75 years(!) they could easily cancel all the rest. Now, CBS and Sony are making a similar calculation. If they can kill the top rated soap, the others will be easy to kill. WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN!!!

This petition makes the following demands:

  • We demand that CBS and Sony immediately fire Jill Farren Phelps and Chares Pratt JR!
  • We demand that CBS and Sony hire an Executive Producer and Head Writer who understands “Y&R” and who will respect this history of the show and respect the soap genre.
  • We demand that CBS and Sony allow those who love soaps to make the decisions at “Y&R” and make sure that the input from fans is respected and listened to!
  • We demand the return of soap opera production to New York City. Bringing the soaps back

Please sign this petition:

Thank you for your support! Together we can save our soaps and make sure they are around for generations to come!

David Arwood

David Arwood


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  1. Vanessa Hardee says

    I have watched Y & R since high school and now I am retired. I agree the story lines are outlandish and way too many characters are being introduced with essential core characters being ignored. I implore you the execs to use writers that have some knowledge of the show’s history and characters and will write sensible plots that do not take a year to unfold. Don’t discard the soaps as a waste of time, they are just as entertaining as the reality shows as on at night ( but I am not a fan of those) and have a huge fan base.
    Y & R needs a captain to lead the show and it does not have it at the moment.

  2. Virginia Patchel says

    What awful story lines going on in Y&R. This was my moms favorite soap and more recently mine. This lousy writing would not have grabbed me. I am glad i was able to start watching before the onslaught of Phelps and Pratt. I would never miss miss a day before and now not so much. Sad!

    • Blog Editor says

      Very sad, it’s true, Virginia. And now is definitely not the time for soaps to be losing viewers! They are endangered as it is.

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