General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 08/21/15: An Engagement and a Shocking Revelation

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The week started with an engagement and ended with the reveal that Ava and Denise are the same person! What will happen in the coming weeks now that Ava’s cover is blown? Port Charles is in for a week of surprises and changes. Stay tuned.

Franco’s trial began this week. Here are all the juicy tidbits from the witnesses called to the stand. Rick and Scott take turns and give us some exciting information into the details of Silas Clay’s murder.

Attorney arguments begin with Rick talking about Franco murdering Silas, and saying Franco should be found guilty. Scott states his son is innocent of murder. Rick puts Mrs. Shipley on the stand first and asks her about Silas and Franco’s argument. Scott then determines that she is having hearing problems and could not have heard anything about the argument. Rick then puts Dante on the stand and he says he found a partial print of Franco on the knife that Franco had in the bag. Scott asks Dante if Franco told him that he stabbed Silas with the knife. Dante went on to talk about the calls on Silas‘ phone from Denise and his daughter. Rick then calls Kiki to the stand. She says that her father left her a voicemail, so she came home. She went on to tell how she found her father and how Franco tried to get her to leave him. Scott asked Kiki if she saw someone stab her father. He then asks if she thinks Franco killed him. After Kiki left the stand, Franco thanks his dad for his help.

Rick calls Morgan to the stand. He asks Morgan how often he was in Silas’ apartment, Morgan goes on to say that Franco threatened him with a butcher knife. He fails to mention why Franco threatened him. Scott asks Morgan why he waited so long to come forward. He said it dealt with Franco threatening him. The prosecution rests. Scott calls Denise to the stand. After Scott calls Denise, she taunts Franco with her phone. The judge asks her to put her phone away and come to the stand. Scott asks why she was calling Silas. She states that she was inviting him to a party for her niece Kiki. Scott goes on to ask her why she didn’t ask him when he was at the penthouse earlier in the day. She denies being there while she is remembering Silas finding her and Morgan in bed and threatens to tell Kiki about them. She tries to get Scott to ask her again after she says she doesn’t understand the question. Scott then gets a folder off of his desk. He states that it is a DNA test and asks her if she ever had one done. Denise tells him yes when she first came to town. Scott reveals that Denise and Ava are the same person!

Franco speaks with Scott prior to going into the trial. Nina calls Scott’s phone and asks to speak with Franco. Scott first refuses, but Franco wants to talk to her. They say they love each other. The trial begins afterward.

This week finds Jake giving Elizabeth an engagement ring. She is happy to at last have Jason all to herself. Will it last? She worries that when Jake finds out who he is that he will leave her. Jake tells her that he loves her and nothing will ever make him leave her.

Elizabeth tells Nicholas that she is engaged, but he senses that she is unsure of herself. She tells him that Jake and Sam are investigating him and Hayden. Nicholas tells her that Hayden will be at Windermere where he can keep her from remembering anything. Meanwhile, Hayden is remembering breaking a vase and wonders who the woman is with her and Nicholas. Hayden questions him about the vase, why they quarreled and who the other woman is. Nicholas tells her that she and he were in to each other.

Lucas and Brad see each other at GH, when Rosalie comes in. Brad tells Lucas that Rosalie is his wife. Lucas cannot believe that he was married to a woman. He always thought he was married to a man. Rosalie and Brad tell Lucas the story of their meeting, becoming best friends and eventually marrying so they do not have to testify against each other. Brad cannot tell Lucas anything about the truth without endangering his life. They agree that they still love each other and will work it out until Lucas can find a way for them to be married.

Dillon drops by to see Lulu about using the Haunted Star for his movie. She was to meet him but had to cancel due to Dante going to work, leaving Rocco to be watched. She signs the contract and tells him that this would help them get their second child. They talk about Dillon’s future without children and his past without a father.

Jordan comes to see Sonny‘s house to talk about the dead man and the missing man. They talk about Shawn and TJ and why TJ is living there with Sonny.

Olivia returns to Port Charles and goes to see Dante. Dante and Lulu are so happy to see her, and she tells them about her baby son Leonardo. She is keeping him in hiding until she can trust that Julian is no longer involved with the mob. She questions whether she can now tell him about his son being alive. She will go see him and she will be able to tell once and for all if it is safe to bring the child back to Port Charles. After she comes from Julian’s penthouse, Olivia tells Dante she believes Julian is still in the mob. She decides she has no other choice for her son except to keep him away from Julian.

Julian tells Alexis about Lucas and Brad breaking up because Brad is already married. They also talk about his deceased son and how he wishes he had more time with him while he holds his hospital identification band in his hand. At that time while he holds the band, a knock comes on the door.

Olivia enters and asks to talk with him so she can see if he is truly out of the mob. Olivia talks with Julian to see if he is out of the mob. She asks Alexis if she believes him. Julian tells her that he wishes he could know more about his son. Olivia tells him the baby’s name. A knock on the door is from Dante and Nathan, there to to arrest him.

Alexis represents Julian in court. The judge sets bail at $500,000, and Julian is released on bail.  hey talk about Olivia’s visit and why she came to see him before he was arrested. He asks Alexis if she believes he is telling her the truth about leaving the mob and she says yes.

Sonny tells Carly that Julian made bail. Carly tells Sonny that Morgan is still upset, and she doubts his innocence. She questions if he is bi-polar like Sonny.  Sonny wants to believe he is just a hot head and impulsive.

Jordan meets with Dante after seeing Sonny. They talk about the dead high jacker and the missing one. They need to find who hired the men. Just then, Nathan enters with Charlie, who tried to leave town on the bus.

TJ and Sonny talk about their relationships with their mothers. Sonny tells him the story of when he lost his mother and broke her heart. Sonny tells him not to lose time with his mother.

TJ goes to see his mother at the station.  They talk and she asks him to come home. He says he can’t do that for now. Jordan asks for a hug and TJ hugs his mother.

Maxie and Carly come home after shopping. They talk about Brad and Lucas‘ relationship, and Valerie comes down the stairs. Bobbie invited her to stay with Carly since she left Nicholas. Carly says it is okay since she has a big house and she spends most of her time with Sonny. Carly leaves to go see Sonny, so Valerie and Maxie talk over deciding what jewelry matches her wedding dress. Valerie tells Maxie that she is seeing Dillon. They discuss their losses (Valerie’s mom and Maxie’s sister). They talk and decide to be friends.

Sonny and Carly decide on September 2nd for their wedding. They are only having a small wedding and need to let everyone know the date.

Obrecht goes to see Denise. She tells Denise she will call her daughter and tell her that she is alive and sleeping with her boyfriend. Denise tells Obrecht that she needs the recording in order to help Franco and Nina. She won’t give up the picture of Nina holding the knife over Silas’ body for anything else. Julian comes in the door and questions Denise after they are alone. Denise tells Julian that she is really Ava. Julian is happy that she is there. She asks him to help her by getting the incriminating tape so she can resume her life as Ava, and she and Julian can run Port Charles’ underworld together.

Molly and TJ are at Sonny’s house. She asks him if he really likes living there. Molly also asks about dorm life. TJ tells her he is going to be staying at the mansion and not go back to the dorm. Molly worries that he may become involved in the mob war.

Carly comes home and finds Morgan concerned about Franco’s trial. She tells him that she and Sonny are getting married on September 2nd. She asks him to be there, but he says he feels they don’t want him there because they believe he had something to do with Silas‘ death.

Carly worries about Morgan and talks to Sonny about it when Michael comes to see them. He tells them that the clinic is up and running. Carly asks him to reconsider attending their wedding. He turns her down. Sonny leaves, so Carly and Michael can talk. Carly and Michael talk about Morgan being bi-polar and discuss that he needs to be tested and treated. Carly asks him to look out for any behavior issues.

Nina is worried about Franco. She draws a picture of her catatonic patient friend, but tears it up. She says she needs to see and talk with Franco since he is protecting her. She is afraid he will pay for a crime he did not commit. She attempts to go to the courthouse, but Madeline stops her. Madeline brings papers so she and Rick can take care of her finances. Nina refuses to sign them until she reads them. Madeline leaves and goes to Metro Court. Carly is the bartender and gives Madeline a martini the way she likes them. They talk about their children’s problems.

Nathan goes to see Nina. She gives him the legal papers that Madeline gave her. Nathan tells her not to sign them. He feels that Rick and Madeline are working together to steal her money. She goes on to tell Nathan that Silas kidnapped Avery. Nathan asks her some more questions and wants to know why Silas kidnapped Avery. She tells him that she can’t tell him, because Franco told her not to tell anyone.

Michael goes back to the Quartermaine mansion and kisses Sabrina on the shoulder. He tells her the date of Carly and Sonny’s wedding. Michael tells her that he never suspected that Sonny killed AJ because he said he would never hurt his father. He goes on to tell her that Morgan may have a behavior issue. Sabrina tells him that Morgan needs to be tested and treated if he has behavioral issues. He says he will talk to Morgan after the wedding.

Olivia visits Sonny and they talk about her baby son. She tells Sonny that her son is now away from Julian. She asks Sonny if he feels that Julian is sincere this time. They talk about Avery and Ava. Olivia tells Sonny that she resents Ava killing Connie.

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